[Challenge:Future] "Travel & Tourism (T&T) 4 Future"


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[Challenge:Future] "Travel & Tourism (T&T) 4 Future"

  1. 1. Macro Strategic consulting Mr. Neel Patel, India Mr. Jatin Kataria, IndiaTravel & Tourism (T&T) 4 future
  2. 2. Globe / Europe / EE - Sector 4 future– In terms of GDP & Employment generation we focused on 3 sectors especially in EE region 1. Energy 2. IT & Communication 3. Tourism– After Intense research we found out that Tourism industry has enormous potential especially for ‘EE’ and decided to explore more into it and develop business model at micro & macro level which we can execute in ‘real’ after marketing, technical and financial feasibility considering 10 years.– Globally, T&T industry directly employed – 6 times more than automotive industry, – 5 times more than chemical industry, – 4 times more than mining and – 1/3rd more than financial service industry– In Europe, T&T employment CAGR will be highest [Oxford Economics]
  3. 3. Some findings of “Eastern Europe”– T&T point of view EE is having huge untapped zones which we will explore in our own unique and innovative way to put this idea into implementation in real.– Even thought Europe is showing highest employment CAGR for T&T, 6 of 22 EE countries are showing negative CAGR while surprisingly 1 of 22 EE countries showing highest CAGR globally i.e. Montenegro (8.8%). It’s very high degree of inequality.– Considering 182 countries: 11 out of 22 countries showing long term CAGR ranking >100 including rank no 181, while 3 out of 22 countries made it to top 20 globally which is another example of inequality.– One more, 9 of 22 EE countries contributes <6% in their total GDP and 5 contributes >12.5% in their total GDP.
  4. 4. Highlights of Interaction / discussions1. Internal meetings & Interaction - We did intense research of all EE countries, more to that Europe and globe at large (we would love to share our research sheets). We discussed a lot about whole region, strategy formulation as well as implement and decided to start in real, based on our thoughts, discussion, research & plans.2. Interaction with AT Kearney expert - we discussed our idea & whole plan of action. He gave us positive go ahead green signal with the flow & shown his willingness to support further.3. Interaction with highly educated professional & students, some of them are already been to abroad.• Even though we planned and started working on our market research & feasibility, but just to have outlook, we started with asking 1 simple question about one of the most beautiful place in EE & world where CF summit will happen and question was ‘you heard about slovenia ?’
  5. 5. Highlights of discussions• We were shocked with the responses i.e. – It might be slow dancing step – Is this some kind of product or what ? – Is it a new movie name? – Surprisingly, even few people who already been to Europe, never heard about Slovenia Etc…• At the end, we show them photos of ‘sLOVEnia’ and shared about stories of country. They were amazed with the beauty of country and show willingness to travel at Slovenia with their family and friends.• We realized that people are not even aware of names of few EE countries, and realized that for T&T its huge opportunities waiting out there in EE region adding to other European countries.
  6. 6. Vision for future EE Company• We will focus on 2 types of customers who will travel especially to E&E countries 1. Tourism purpose, to spent holidays/vacations or to celebrate special occasions like honeymoon etc 2. MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions (where focus will Govt and other players initiative)• We will design travel packages which will include visit of major EE countries. We will provide facility where customer can design their tour with our assistance• We will make different types of options available to them so they can decide economic viability of trip like for example, as far as accommodation is concern options will be like separate houses, Hotels of different grade and price, youth hostels etc• In tourism business, best branding is word of mouth & reference. We will take care of client trip which will make them extra happy.
  7. 7. Business Tie-ups• We will do pilot tie-ups which will shape in long term business tie-ups at local level in EE.• We will tie-up for Accommodation with multiple parties of Houses – Youth Hostels - Hotels in different countries, to get in at very cheap rates• Like wise we will do tie-up transportation for Air, Trains, Cars, buses, city tour guides etc. Adding to that with with local shopping and leisure facility so they can share discount coupons with travelers (we might include in our packages too)• For our business, we will keep local representatives in multiple countries who will be customers single point contact• Business tie-ups with travel agencies too We will do business both from customers side as well as via these tie-ups, that might be monetary or barter.
  8. 8. Feasibility• Our prime target is to do 3 types of feasibility before we launch – Market feasibility || Technical feasibility || Financial feasibility• Its already started, our research is moving ahead with rapid speed in all 3 verticals, we studies all EE country’s economy and their current T&T industry with forecast.• We already begun with our business tie-ups interaction for feasibility study and real implementation. It is started with 1 country i.e. Slovenia and we will expand our business communication in other EE countries.• Customer Targeting point of view we started with one country i.e. India and we will expand our reach to rest of the world. Right now, This Initiative is under corporate planning stage
  9. 9. Feasibility• We will do financial feasibility in multiple ways focusing company, countries, other parties, considering 10 and 15 years span. Accordingly we will do cost analysis, initial budgeting, method of business start up and how to sustain as well market research, branding – marketing – advertising point of view.• We will calculate NPV, IRR, Payback period, Break-even points after detail financial viability before we go ahead. Also we will check direct & total employment opportunities and economical impact in short and long term.• We will also provide opportunities to students and recently graduates who are interested in this sector.
  10. 10. Vision for future EE Company• This initiative can build and expand into horizontal and vertical integration like event management, restaurants, hotels/youth hostels, ticket booking & visa agencies, import-export, logistics and list is too long.• We have full confidence in our strong team who has expertise in Strategic consulting, market research , feasibility studies, project planning & project execution, event management, start-up expertise as well.• Be our fan because you will receive best deals to roam around in EE with your friends and familyWe are not only focusing at our level, we are preparingsome plans which we can offer to tourism departments ofdifferent governments and agencies too.