[Challenge:Future] TOP 10 DISASTERS OF 21st CENTURY
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[Challenge:Future] TOP 10 DISASTERS OF 21st CENTURY [Challenge:Future] TOP 10 DISASTERS OF 21st CENTURY Presentation Transcript

  • 10 DISASTERS OF 21st CENTURYp Presented By Jean Claude Nshimiyimana
  • OVERVIEW Generally, I can define a disaster as the event that occurs suddenly and causes a greatimpairment. I can say that some of disasters are the consequences of the worst treatment of theenvironment. Many years ago, the environment has been destroyed by the human activities. Asresult, the earth has affected by the disasters and the human being suffered their consistencies atfirst. Beside the other disasters caused by the environmental degradation, and there are also theothers which are natural. The natural disasters are caused by the structure of the earth and for thisone, we have to adopt ourselves for them. Hence, both disasters are the future circumstances andwe have to protect, respond or adopt ourselves.Looking back to the past centuries, many disasters have been remarked. During this period, animportant number of people was died by disasters and the other have been displaced. All of youknow what was happen in Haiti, Japan and other countries of the world. Floods, earthquakes, bombattacks, devastating fires, drought, extreme weather, climate change, economic collapses are someof disasters which was happen through the recent past centuries. As known, the impacts of thosedisasters touched deeply the life of the humankind in all side of the world. The past centuries canbe a course for us and teach everyone to make policies of protection and preservation ofenvironment. Thus seeing what was happen for us during this period, we can protect against theconsequence of disasters in the future.
  • Reduce the environmental degradation is a best policy for disasters effect. Even the consequencesof environmental degradation still being a better struggle for us, I have observed that there are apermanent deterioration of environment in the world. They are several ways on which theannihilation of environment is going on. I can say deforestation, quarrying and mining, over-cultivation, distribution of polythene bags, overgrazing, overfishing, pollution, bush burning, swampreclamation and others. Even though the some of disasters are consequences of environmentaldegradation, they comeback and damage this one. Here, we must pick out the drought, floods andothers. It is possible to reduce the environmental degradation and some practices can help us to doit safely. We can change the way on which we treat the environment with the best use of thenature. Then, the protection and preservation of environment is a big strategy of decreasing therate of disasters.As the past decades, the next also have disasters. The consequences of past and actuallyenvironmental degradation will continue to affect us. Beside this one, the natural disasters areunstoppable. For my view, Im looking so far and find ten kind of disasters on which we might facein the next decades. In this presentation, I am going to show them, clarify the way to protect,respond or adopt to those future circumstances. As you are going to see some of them my beprotected namely which are caused by the human activities as technology. The others which arenatural is not easy to protect to them and this is the reason why I suggest the way for respond oradopt to them. Hence, in the next decades we will meet with ten great disasters.
  • I. CLIMATE CHANGEBy my side, the greatest disaster we face in the world is the climate change. The climate is theprevailing weather conditions of an area. Normally, the climate change is characterized by theincreasing of the average temperature and the natural disasters springing from climatic or seismicdisturbances. From many years ago, the increase in the average temperature still being a problemin some regions of the world. Actually, we notice many deserts in the world and I consider this oneas a result of the climate change. The climate change touch the life of humankind activities in allside. Thus, the climate change has many drift disasters and this is a reason why is the greatestdisaster in which the world face with.The natural disasters and the environmental degradation are the main causes of the climatechange. The natural disasters have occurred spontaneously on the earth many years ago. Thisinstability of the earth surface was become a serious problem day after day and as result they giveus a struggle of the climate change. The natural disasters is going on and this means that the task ofrespond to the climate change is too large for us. As you know, the environment protection orpreservation didnt give a priority by the human being during its activities many years ago. This onehas a great impact on our life by bring us the problems caused by the climate change. By the way,the activities of deforestation, pollution and others still observed in many regions of the world.Consequently, the rate of the climate change will increase continuously and its up to us to reducethe environmental degradation. Then, the great causes of the climate change are the other naturaldisasters and the environmental degradation.
  • The first step to reduce the climate changeeffects is the protection of environment. Weought to adopt ourselves to the disastersincluding the climate change. As we haveseen, the environmental degradation isamong the great causes of the climatechange we suffer today. For this, we mustincrease the activities which are emphasizingthe sustainability of environment as thereduction of pollution, afforestation andreforestation of course. For me, the useof polythene bags may be controlled andthis can help us to heal the world. After this,we must create the strategies in order ofhelping the people who are meeting with theeffect of climate change. Among thosestrategies I can say making food security,accessible water and others. Beside we canalso reduce the impairment from disasters.Hence the out most way of protect to theclimate change is the protection andpreservation of environment.
  • II. VOLCANIC ERUPTION III. EXTREME WEATHERThere are several ways to adopt for the volcanic We can protect ourselves against the extremeeruption. I can define the volcanic eruption as the weather. The weather is a state of the atmosphereobliteration of materials by the lava flows and with respect to dampness, temperature etc. Theresulting fires for the active volcanoes. This is a world was recognized the extreme weather sincenatural disaster which is occurring in the areas the past centuries and till now we suffer thewhere there are volcanic chain which is still active consequences of this disaster. The problem ofand frequently erupts. Those regions are found in environmental degradation is a great cause of thisall side of the world and the people suffer the circumstance. For the past degradation, we willconsequences from this circumstance. It is not continue to suffer with the extreme weather up topossible to eradicate this disaster because is natural 30 next years at least. But from now we can start tobut we can adopt or respond to it by making the reduce the effect of this disaster by eradicate thefollowing policies: isolate the areas surrounding the environmental degradation. Starting today, we mustvolcanic chain which is stilling active, improve a reduce the extreme weather after the next 30 yearscontinuous control in order of precise the time of at least.eruption, let those regions being inhabited andreserve for the other economic activities as tourism,research, etc. Hence, let us help our communities toprotect against the volcanic eruption because ispossible.
  • IV. EPIDEMIC V. EARTHQUAKESAn important number of people died by The great work to deal with this disaster isepidemic disease. When something is educating the people all about theaffecting many people at once is called the earthquakes. The earthquakes are the seriesepidemic. Several epidemic disease have of vibration of the earths surface. Normally,recognized in the world and actually what we the earthquakes like to be occurred in thehave today is the HIV/AIDS and others. I cant areas where there are tectonic activities.predict the future epidemic disease but it Japan, China, Iran, Pakistan and others aremay be that after AIDS they will be the the countries touched frequently by thisothers which must be very dangerous than disaster. The earthquakes have a seriouswhat we know today. The epidemic is a impacts on the areas where they happennatural disaster which may be adopted by among them I can say loss of life,the humankind. Some of the best way to displacement of people, tsunamis,respond for this disaster are: the increment destruction of infrastructure, etc. In order ofof the research for epidemic, educational adopting to this, we ought to improve theprograms etc. I can say that making available way used to educate the communities ateducation and awareness to the nations is of first. After, we can make the easy way ofout most importance. Thus the number of helping the countries meet with thepeople died by epidemic disease can be earthquakes. Hence, being educated thereduced by awareness and sensitization. communities themselves must respond to the earthquakes.
  • VI. DROUGHT VII. DEVASTATING FIRESThe food security improvement is the best The creation of easy way to help theresponse for drought. The drought is a long communities in danger is the out mostperiod of dry weather. There are many adoption for the devastating fires. I cancauses of the drought. First of all the drought define the devastating fires as the fires whichis caused by the other disasters as climate happen suddenly and cause greatchange, extreme weather and others. destruction to the regions. In many cases,Secondly, the drought is caused by the the human being activities are on the firstignorance of some of member of the causes of this disaster. We have beencommunities. In some areas, they still have recognized what was happen in United statethe overgrazing and the poor cultivation of America, Japan, etc. An important way topractices. This is the reason why I observe reduce the devastating fires effects isthe drought as the disaster in the future. The providing education and awareness to thefamine, food shortages and others are the communities. After help our people to knowconsequences of drought. The response to more about the way of respond to theadopt for drought are the practice of devastating fires, the facilities of help mustmechanized agriculture, the management of be created in order of give the aid to thevariability in rainfall and other. Thus, in order region attacked by the disaster.to respond to the drought we can improvethe food security.
  • VIII. ECONOMIC COLLAPSES IX. TERRORISM AND BOMB ATTACKThe sustainability in business may respond to The political stability is a better response tothe economic collapses. The issue of the terrorism and bomb attack. The use ofeconomic collapses become very serious in violence and threat, to obtain politicalthis time and for preparing the better future demands has become an habit for the mostwe ought to respond carefully for it. Many of communities in the world. The first steppurposes explain the existence of the for sustaining the peace in the world is toeconomic collapses but the two greatest teach the new generation(youths). This iscauses are: the other disasters and the explained by the role of youths in thosebusiness which is not sustainable many activities. As you know, many of terroriststimes. The way to adopt for other disasters who are going to the battle field are thehave been clarified. The communities youths. We ought to educate the youths thethemselves ought to avoid the meaningless best way of solving problems as politicalexpenses and make their business the truly problems, conflicts, human right strugglessustainable one. This will help us to adopt for and others without violence. Being educated,the economic collapses in the next years. the struggles of wars, terrorism, bombHence, the sustainability in business is a attack and others will be reduced in theresponse to the economic collapses. future. The reduction of those circumstances will bring the political stability. And then the political stability will become a solution to the terrorism and bomb attack.
  • X. FLOODS AND LANDSLIDEProtecting the regions frequently affected by the floods and landslide is a betterway to respond for those disasters. The flood must be considered as a greatoverflow of water, especially over land that is usually dry. In the other hand thelandslide is the fall of earth or rock. The likeness of the both is that they occurduring the rainy seasons in the high altitude areas. The floods are caused by heavyrainfall associated with natural factors. The floods destroy the physicalinfrastructure with the loss of the human life. The landslide is normally occurred inthe regions which have the slope greater than 25 degrees(0.25%). This one isnormally caused by the heavy rainfall and the volcanic eruption. In order ofadopting to those disasters, we ought to isolate those regions and keep it withoutphysical infrastructure. They are natural and can happen any time which meansthat all people who are living on those areas have a risk of being killed by thosedisasters. The fund for help the communities suffered in disasters must also becreated in order of simplifying the way of assist. Hence, isolating those areas willreduce the effect of floods and landslide on the human life.