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[Challenge:Future] The"Ladderized Plan": A Deeper Understanding On Youth Unemployment

[Challenge:Future] The"Ladderized Plan": A Deeper Understanding On Youth Unemployment






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    [Challenge:Future] The"Ladderized Plan": A Deeper Understanding On Youth Unemployment [Challenge:Future] The"Ladderized Plan": A Deeper Understanding On Youth Unemployment Presentation Transcript

    • What makes it a big concern?What is YOUTH Every person contributes to the development of aUNEMPLOYMENT? country. That includes youth.Wikipedia define Youth Youth unemployment may pull down the economicUnemployment as the lack of status of a country, especially those suffering fromjob opportunities for people financial crisis.typically in the age group of15–24. Youth unemployment inLack of job opportunity is an Philippine settingessential element. Unemployment in the Philippines is a problem that affects youth in a disproportionate manner since the youth is also part of the total number of unemployed person in a state. Under CIA World Factbook, The Philippines has a long history of high fertility and high population growth rates. This has resulted in a predominantly young population. The population of the Philippines is expected to reach more than 94 million and total number of youth is expected to swell to 62 million. An average of 246,000 young people joined the workforce every year.
    • “ Why young unemployed be prioritize over other groups? According to Mark Emmanuel Canlas, in his research entitled Youth Emplyment in the Philippines (2009), the government as well as policy-making and implementation bodies should prioritize young unemployed for the following reasons: ” 2. 3. 1. For young people, extended Unemployment not only The Youth are more makes young people unemployment becomes a lifetime structural problem translating intovulnerable to economic shocks insecure, it also makes them an increased probability ofthan adults since they have not multipliers of insecurity within unemployment oryet developed coping their families since many rely underemployment (in terms ofmechanisms. on multiple income sources to quality of work) throughout their avoid falling into poverty. entire working life.
    • What causes YouthUnemployment? Who are responsible? Financial Crisis Government People
    • How can we combat Youth Unemployment?Basically, the government Along with the improvement inthrough its policy-makers must the educational system, theenact laws to improve the quality youth must also cooperate andof education so that be active.people, especially the youthsector would be more preparedand more fit for employment.There is a need for a reform in theeducational system.
    • The Ladderized PlanThe “Ladderized Plan” is consists of 3stages that the government and theyouth should observe to lessen theproblem on Youth Unemployment.Here, the government shall ensure that allits citizen, including the youthsector, have equal access to jobopportunities.
    • The Orientation StageThis stage shall begin at high school orbefore they go to college. This may beintroduced through a new or differentsubject or by integrating this to a relatedsubject.The problems and issues on employmentin the country, current news and indemand jobs will be tackled.In this stage, the school, through teachers, willhelp their students in deciding on whatprofession they should pursue.This will avoid job mismatch.
    • Job TrainingThis stage shall begin on their first year incollege.All college students beginning on their firstyear shall be exposed to the world ofworking class. The training, of course, mustbe related to their study and they shall becompensated. This job experience will beincluded in their job resume in the future tomeet the “Years of Experience”requirements of every companies andoffices.This will destroy the gap between freshgraduates and experiencedapplicants, and to meet the strictrequirements of every companies beforethey get hired.
    • Job CreationThis stage shall be through the effort ofthe government. More jobs fair shall beconducted. The government shall ensurethat everyone are given equal access tojob opportunities.Local jobs shall be encourage thanworking abroad.If this will be properly and effectivelyobserved, the unemployment rate willget low. This will solve the problem onbrain drain.
    • Expected OutcomeOrientation Stage Training Stage Job CreationNo more drop-outs and change Youth will be more qualified to The employment rate will beof course by reason of their chosen jobs. They will have higher and better than before.incompatibility when they go to high chance getting hiredcollege. especially to the company where More people will be encouraged they undergo training. to work and used their skill withinIf they are well oriented and well Youth will be more confident to their country.advised on what they want to be apply for jobs because they havein the future, everything will go The country’s economy will get enough work experience. better.smooth in their college life. Since their work is with pay, this willThe number of youth with low help finance their study, thereforeeducational attainment will be 95% of youth has a high chancelessen. of graduating. Thank You 