[Challenge:Future] The World and YOU: Make.it.WORK


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[Challenge:Future] The World and YOU: Make.it.WORK

  2. 2. The United States Census Bureau, USCB of 2012 estimated 7.063billion people in the World, 998527534 people in Africa and152217341 people in Nigeria- the most populous country inAfrica.Unemployment is a lowly state where you are incapable ofexpressing your skills and talents for productivity. It is a globalissue and according to International Labour Organisaton, ILO-2012, more than 197 million people in the World areunemployed making65 of the World’s population.Unemployment has affected 805 of the Nigerian youthsbetween 18 to 35 years and according to Vanguard NewspapersNigeria , more than 300000 graduate from theUniversity, polythenics but only less than half the number areemployed.So many of the youths are leaving to Nigeria to search forgreener pastures and going to the UK, Europe-Italy, USA, etc
  3. 3. CAUSES OF YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA Mismanagement of funds. Over-population. Lack of Industries. Gender differences. Culture and Ethnicity. Poverty. Poor Electricity Supply. Influx of foreign goods. Emphasis on certificates or paper qualification. Multiple taxes. Illiteracy. Harsh political environment. Corruption Infrastructural decay. Emphasis on level of experience. Bad policies. Poverty. Limited resources.
  4. 4. EFFECTS OF YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT Kidnapping. Violence. Armed robbery. Stealing. Low economic output. Depression. Youth restlessness. Drug abuse. Rape. Hunger. Poverty. Political instability. Cultism. Communal clash
  5. 5. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Bad leaders for bad policies and corruption etc The Government for inappropriate laws and not amending the constitution, multiple taxes etc. The Society on the emphasis on paper qualification, level of experience, bribing, brigandage etc. The Institution on inadequate teaching experience, poor curricula, etc Parents on choosing academic courses on their children, gender inequalities etc.
  6. 6. given the annual growth rate of 3.2percent(National Population Commission and ICFMacro,2009).With this population Nigeria is themost populous nation in Africa. It is argued thatthe high. Population growth rate has resulted inthe rapid growth of the labour force, which is faroutstripping the supply of jobs. The acceleratedgrowth of population on Nigerias unemploymentproblem is multifaceted. It affects the supply sidethrough a high and increase in the labour forcerelative to the absorptive capacity of the economy.
  7. 7. The federal government should hasten the powersector reforms and re-stabilise the power sector toend the looming energy crisis in Nigeria. This is toencourage entrepreneurial activities in thecountry, in terms of enterprise activities.Religious,Ethnic and political violence and crisisshould be controlled by all means necessary as itdisplaces people and cause serious harm on theirmeans of livelihood,many companies have leftNigeria because of violence in certain areas of thecountry. Therefore,by all means necessary,any act ofviolence should be checkmated
  8. 8.  The Federal Government should improve and encourage the agricultural sector. There should be a process of or a program geared towards training youths in Nigeria in the act of entrepreneurship. Youths should be empowered in skills and craft like beading, sewing, barbing etc. Soft loans should be granted to small scale farmers and business. Emphasis on paper qualification should be abolished but on your passion and willingness to work. Discrimination on gender difference, ethnicity should be stopped, employment should be based on qualification not on where he/she is from or whether it is a he or a she. The government should put a stop to making graduates from the Universities placed at a higher level in the office than those graduates from colleges and polythenics. To encourage economic growth, we need steady supply of electricity to carry out production faster and smoothly. The Nigerian government should remove the immunity policy that prevents corrupt leaders from persecution. Elections in Nigeria should not be a “do or die” affair, it should be based on the peoples’ choice.
  9. 9. OUR SOLUTIONWe want to create a skills acquisition agenda, where everyyouth 18- 30 years is given a free tutorial on a his/her desired passion on a particular skill. We believe that we should non longer rely on white collar jobs for growth but using our hands, passion, knowledge and energy to bring out something beautiful to satisfy a need which in turn can bring us income.
  10. 10. PLANNED RESULT AND OUTCOMEYoung youth between the ages of 20-30 years would be self employed and will also employ others, with this there would be human productivity and nation development