[Challenge:Future] The Think Tank: Make.it.Work


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[Challenge:Future] The Think Tank: Make.it.Work

  1. 1. The Think Tank PakistanAfrah Zubair (Institute of aAdminsitration) Farah Aftab (Bahria University) Muhammad Haris Mahmood (PAF Kiet)
  2. 2. Recent Condition of Pakistan GDP Per Capita Literacy Rate $1254 2.72% 55% M-67%, F-42%
  3. 3. What our expert has to say? Youth unemployment range from personal reasons to a national level. Not only are we as individualsto be blamed for it; rather families, society, corporations and the government as a whole areresponsible for it. Ranging from non serious attitude of students, to rigid study structures inuniversities and teachers, to looking for experienced individuals in place of a fresh graduate bycompanies, to the overall lack of job opportunities created due to the current instability of thecountry result in the youth unemployment. On the brighter side, the advancement of technology hasreplaced the requirement of 50 men with a single machine, so moving forward in science andtechnology is resulting in lesser opportunities for the youth as well.First of all, start from the grass root level; schools and colleges and universities, don’t teach a studentfor a particular job, let him choose his own field and make studies practical. I’ve seen people going forinterviews in denims and polo shirts just because they’re not informed about how to conduct yourself.Secondly government should impose regulations on a company to train/facilitate a certain number offresh graduates in a calendar year; on the job training, that way the problem can be solved. Also theinvestors and the companies shifting out of Pakistan they are to be lured back; safety, stability willensure more investment and hence more jobs. Athar Shauqat Process Engineer (Tr)
  4. 4. What students have to say?Youth unemployment is a big issue onlybecause there’s no focus on entrepreneurship.This problem can only be solved if we startteaching the students in entrepreneurship Companies unwilling to hire people on meritfrom school level. rather employing people they know. This can(Dr. Imran Khoja) be solved by the people holding the middle position once they get a chance to recruit they should be following strict merit rules forThe high expectations of youth towards their prosperity.job could be one reason of youth Maaz Tariqunemployment. as they don’t pay much focus (Fresh Graduate, Szabist)of getting experience rather they want goodpays without making any effort.Saman Shahid, (Under Graduate)
  5. 5. Youth.Empower
  6. 6. Youth Unemployment JOBLESSNESS: 8% is the rate of youth unemployment in Pakistan, which is higher than overall unemployment rate of 5% No vacancies Lack of for youth in industrializatio Population Divergence Weak Youth are the market, it n explosion between Fiscal deficit in economic not fully is already the budget has plan and prepared saturated demograph detracted the management to come to ics of urban ratio of the Lack of Structural the market and rural unemployment Lack of investors mismatch demands foreign Strustural trust areas due to lack mismatch investments of Financial education Crisis Impact on Society Impact on Economy Lack of Lack of Social Ratio of education Lack of experience disorder criminality Pressure skills increases increases group take place in Impact on youth the country Youth fall into social Loss of evils and national udesirable talent activities
  7. 7. Solution OverviewWhat?To cater to the problem of youth employment, a multi dimensionalorganization will be created that would partner with educational institutionsto with the objective to: – Create awareness – Conduct seminars & training sessions, – Provide mentoring and career counseling – Conduct vocational and skills trainingsWho?• Target Population 15-24 – Matriculation/O ’levels – Intermediate/A’ levels – Under-graduates and fresh graduates
  8. 8. Solution OverviewWhy?Youth unemployment in Pakistan is prevalent because there is impropercounseling of future dimensions. There are no institutions which could guide theyoung students which field to adopt congenial to the requirements of the country.How?To conduct seminars and training partner with:• Field Experts• Vocational Trainer• Career Counselors• TeachersWhere?Conduct sessions twice a year in different schools, colleges and universities.
  9. 9. Solution Details• Young students would be properly entertained, and directed to those professions which are likely to open new avenues of success and prosperity for them in the upcoming future.• Seminars would be conducted for students and professionals would be called for them to share their own ideas and give guidelines• We will invite companies to recruit young skilled people from our sessions.• We will focus on promoting entrepreneurship and create a link between fresh entrepreneurs and industries.• Mentors & Professional including: Professional teacher & lecturers Industrialists and investors Top management of organizations Government officials
  10. 10. Thank You