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[Challenge:Future] The European Youth Travel Review
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[Challenge:Future] The European Youth Travel Review


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  • 1. The European Youth Travel Review The future peer-to-peer web platform for sharing travelling experience among young people
  • 2. Victoria Delcheva, 22, Bulgaria , unemployed: Law student Free Sofia Tour guide Blogger Iana Noteva, 25, Bulgaria, unemployed: International journalism student Free Sofia Tour guide Event organizer
  • 3. The numbers • Young travellers are early adopters of new travel technologies – 80% of young travellers now use the Internet to search for information before their trip • UNWTO (The United Nations World Tourism Organization) estimates that around 20% of the 940 million international tourists travelling the world in 2010 were young people. • Young people are “experience hungry” – over 80% want to explore other cultures, increase their knowledge and experience everyday life in the destination Sources:
  • 4. The idea Travel review on location. It’s all about submerging into a new culture while doing your “thing” – travelling, taking pictures and writing. Like-minded young people will be grateful for the hands-on advice! At the same time they will have the chance to share their own experiences and interact with the travel reviewers. The European Youth Travel Review (EYTR) gives you the opportunity to get paid for being a travel researcher and experiencing life in a European country. EYTR is a solid and reliable data base where the authors are foreign to the destination country young individuals who offer personalized city reviews to their peers in the form of blogs, web sites, apps.
  • 5. Apprenticeship in a travel web site, magazine, marketing agency, etc. for acquiring core skills. On-the-job training: Experiencing life and culture in a European country for one year while getting paid for it. Providing peers with first hand information on the different activities available in the selected destination. Young people have a place to turn to when in search of specific advice provided by people from the same age group and with similar interests. How does it work?
  • 6. Added value • Enhanced mutual understanding and intercultural exchange between European countries • Stimulates innovation • Unbiased perspective; a complimentary service to the traditional ways of boosting tourism • A feeling of self-fulfillment and personal growth for young people • Creating the dream job for many!
  • 7. Funding Young people are a priority for the European Union’s social vision. There are numerous possibilities for EU funding through different programmes such as the Youth Employment Initiative which has a budget of €6 billion for the period 2014-20. In addition, the European Youth Travel Review online platform will make use of a freemium model. Source:
  • 8. Thank you!