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[Challenge:Future] Regular Training and Empowerment of Underprivileged Youth in Jakarta

[Challenge:Future] Regular Training and Empowerment of Underprivileged Youth in Jakarta






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    [Challenge:Future] Regular Training and Empowerment of Underprivileged Youth in Jakarta [Challenge:Future] Regular Training and Empowerment of Underprivileged Youth in Jakarta Presentation Transcript

    • TEAM SUPER-BELIEVER SAHRIL “ SPREAD THE SPIRIT of GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP : Regular Training and Empowerment of Underprivileged Youth in Jakarta to Start An Internet Marketing In the Sake to Mitigate the Number of Unemployment "· Aulia Ramadhan Samallo-Electrical Engeneering, STT-PLN Sahril Kasim – Faculty of Economic, University of Indonesia Zainal Rizaldi Tuasikal- Mechanical Engeneering, STT-PLN
    • Total Indonesia Population Only 39.5% or 259.940.857 people 16.1 million Youth are being employed Acocording to Indonesia Ministry of Youth the Number of youth age 16- Educated 30 is 17% of population 0r YOUTH 40,8 millionUnemployment About 60.5% or 24.7 UN-Educated million youth is YOUTH Unemployment Unemployed
    • YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT EDUCATEDYOUTH Element ary level Universi UNEDUCATED YOUTH 12.78% ty Level 3.81% Senior high Educated Youth school level Unemployment 7.45% 47.81% 47.81% 52.19% Junior high school level 11.9%un-educated youth unemployment is a group of youth or the people inthe range of productive age 16-30 (according to minsitry of youth andsports of Indonesia) who has no educational background and has noor not yet get a job
    • FACTORS THAT CAUSES YOUTHUNEMPLOYMENT EDUCATED YOUTH UN-EDUCATED YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT UNEPLOYMENT for elementary, junior, and senior high  we see that the main factor that school Unemployment, the main reasson causes the youth in this category is mostly because of economical exist is because of their economical problems. They don’t have enough background. at the very first time, money to pay for the next level of education so that they can’t improve they have no chance to have a their self to be better. As a result they proper education because they dont just like Un-educated youth have enough money to pay for it and unemployment who can’t get a job or any access for developing their because of they have no skill and also skills so its lead them to have no job the minimal educational level standard because they dont even have a required by a firm or company for a specific skills and or an opportunity worker is a bachelor. It’s mean that they to develop their skills. therefore its are not eligible. But it doesn’t always mean that if we hold a bachelor degree difficult for them to meet a proper so we can easily get a job. for instance, job. so most of them choose to help many unemployment also come from their parents by become a beggar, those who has been graduated from scavengers, porters and something university. The reasson could be their like that. and some others just still GPA is not so high or even reach have no choices and still minimum standard from a company and
    • Project Descriptionproject name : Regular Training for Youth to Start an Internet Marketingtarget : underprivileges youth in Jakarta optimist target : 100 persons realistis target : 50 persons pesimist target : 30 personsPotential Partners : AsianBrain.com and Bank BRIgoals :- promoting Entrepreneurship - create another youth unempoyment fighters - mitigate the number of youth unemployment in Indonesiathe unempoyment in Indonesia mostly happens because of two things. firstly, thenumber of job seeker exceed the number of jobs available. secondly, there aremany unskilled people. that is why we aim to make this project in the sake to trainthe unskilled youth a certain skills and encourage them to start their own bussiness .
    • Training Programms :1.) Internet Marketing: How to start online bussinessThis is the main program that we would like to offer for the participants (youth). Relatedto our first goal so we try to facilitate them a trainer from ASIANBRAIN.COM , AnneAhira (still in progress of follow up) to train them about how to start the Internetmarketing for about six Months.Why Internet marketing ?Internet marketing is a buzz word that’s gaining steady popularity in the recenttimes, and has emerged as a cost-effective way of promoting a small to medium sizedbusiness. It does not require the time and the resources that are needed in traditionalmarketing strategies and is indeed a revolution in the field of business promotion andadvertisements. Not only that but the enthusiasnism of the people in indonesia is not Easy to learnmassive. While we see that this is really promissing for them. Here is a list of some of Cost Effectivenessthe key benefits of internet marketing: Very wide reach Easy to Manage Discover New Market Availability of 24 Hours
    • Activities: Introduction to Computer and Internet Introductory of Internet Marketing Introductory of the product create Domain and activate Host start the business2). English Language and public speakingbeside of train the youth entrepreneurship we think that it’s also necessary to teach themEnglish language and how to do a good public speaking. At least they can be habitualwith the english terms related to their business. Or able to make a conversation withothers (oral or Written)3). How to make financial reportAs a worker or entrepreneur who are going to have their own income and or expenditureso they need to be capable in organized and control thir inflow and outflow their ownself. Therefore we think that it is necesserry to prepare them a knowledge on how to settheir own simple financial report in the future.
    • Notes : the training will be held on saturday evrey first and third week eachmonth. Time and place will be followed.
    • Contingency Plan condition Preventive action Repressive action Don’t get a sponsors Provide many list of company and use our own money always keep follow-up Participant do not reach minimum Do extra effort to hire the just go on with available participant target participant, publication and etc. Hard to find place for training Looking for more than one place SWOT Analyisis of the Project : Strength This project is free and beneficial for youth to participate so that they know how to start an online business. Weaknesses This is the new project and might still need many improvement in many sides. Opportunity We will enggage with Asianbrain.com who really expert on this field and also a sponsor from BRI to facilitated the programs. Threatment We know that there will be many challenges when helding this project. Like, people will
    • EXPECTATIONIt’s not different from our goals that what we expect from this projects are :- at least we can introduce an Internet an technology to the underprivilaged youth it self.And make them closer to the world.- All 100 youth/ trainee can start their own business.- Each of them can also share their knowledge to another youth so that they canalso start a business and it’s like a snow ball effect, we hope at the end at least oneyouth can help 5 other youth so it means that we have reduced 500 youthunemployment and it can goes continously until the end the number of youthunemployment become less or even zero.- And, when they have enough or more income they can open acompany, restaurant, butique and etc and hire many other workers so that it can help toreduce the number of unemployment in ndonesia.