[Challenge:Future] Nuclear-free world


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[Challenge:Future] Nuclear-free world

  2. 2. FACING NUCLEAR DISASTER I have chosen to focus on a possiblenuclear disaster because I think that thisthreat is a real one and we could all face itsomeday in the future so it is very importantto start working on it’s prevention. A nuclear disaster would endanger the lifeof thousands or possibly millions of peoplewho could be killed in an explosion or whocould face a severe radiation poisoning.
  3. 3. THERE ARE 2 KIND OF NUCLEARTHREATS THAT COULD EASILY LEADTO A NUCLEAR DISASTER:- military threat: referring to actions thatinvolve the use of nuclear weapons anddevices.- civil threat: referring to events thatcould threaten the safeness of thenuclear power plants from around theWorld.
  4. 4. THE MILITARY THREAT:- At this time there are 9 states possessingnuclear weapons: USA, Russia, UnitedKingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan,North Chorea and Israel. Also Iran is suspectedwith the intention of enriching uranium, whichcould be used to build nuclear weapons.- In this case the real threat comes from the possibility of some well organizedterrorist organizations to procure nuclear materials and to use them in terroristattacks. This could never happen in some of the nuclear states, but it represents ahigh risk in states like Pakistan, North Chorea or Iran, known as supporters ofsome extremist organizations.- At this moment we do not know about any terrorist organization that holds anyradioactive materials or devices, but we do know about the willingness of someof them to procure this kind of materials.
  5. 5. THE CIVIL THREAT:- 15% of the worldwideneeded electric energy isproduced by the 436nuclear reactors, built in 31state all around the world.- As we unfortunately witnessed last year at Fukushima, insome extreme cases, these facilities can represent a highradiation poisoning risk which will lead to contaminationand health problems among the affected territory.
  6. 6. MY SOLUTION:- My idea is based on theprevention of any nucleardisaster that might occur inthe future by creating anuclear-free world.- The theory works byapplying some very simplerules and measures that needto be taken.
  7. 7. PREVENTING THE MILITARY THREAT:- Nuclear disarmament presents itself as one of themost important solutions when talking aboutpreventing nuclear disasters. All the nuclear stateshave to constantly decrease the number of theirweapons until all of them will be eliminated. Manysteps in this direction have allready be taken since theend of the Cold War, but there is still a long way togo until we reach the final elimination of thesediabolic weapons.- Strenghtening the nuclear non-proliferation regime is also very important. Nostate should be let to create highly enreached uranium, which could be used forbuilding nuclear bombs.
  8. 8. - Upgrading the security level of all the radioactive material storage places is another important prevention tool. This way we will reduce the risk of anyoneunauthorized (involving terrorists) to access these materials, which later can beused to build radioactive devices. All these ideas are also present in the NonProliferation Treaty signed by 189 states ofthe World and refused to be signed by Israel,North Chorea, India and Pakistan. Iran holdsa special status by signing the treaty but notapplying it. By not applying these basic preventionideas, every state increases the risk ofterrorist organizations to procure nuclearweapons and use them in attacks that woulddefinitely lead to a major disaster.
  9. 9. PREVENTING THE CIVIL THREAT - The real solution on preventing a civil nuclear disaster would be a transition from nuclear energy to alternative energy resources, which is much more safer, ecological and also involves lower costs.- After the events of the 2011 nuclear disaster of Fukushima Daiihi, the civil societyhas started a worldwide campaign based on the presented idea, and has reached tomake some changes in the nuclear energy management politics of many internationalorganizations. The IAEA has decided to inspect and strengten (if needed) thesecurity level of all the existing nuclear power plants and a very important step wastaken by Germany who decided to close al it’s nuclear power plants by the year2022.- Until all the nuclear energy plants will be closed it is very important to keep themat a maximum security level and also to be careful with the handling and storing ofthe nuclear wastes.
  10. 10. THE IMPACT OF MY PREVENTIONSOLUTIONS By implementing the solutions I havepresented we could eliminate the possibility of anuclear disaster in the future. Without nuclear weapons and devices therewould be no reason to be afraid of a nuclear waror a nuclear terrorist attack. And by convertingto alternative energy resources we couldeliminate the possibility of facing a similar eventto the one in Fukushima or Cernobil. All the presented solutions are real-life viable,but their implementation needs a long time, a lotof work and good policies from the internationalinstitutions.