[Challenge:Future] Kick In Merit


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[Challenge:Future] Kick In Merit

  1. 1. Event Name - Kick In Merit700 Participants7 Different Categories7 Winning Teams at 7 MNC’s3 Days – 7,8,9th October3 Guest Speakers30 OrganizersName – Apaksh GuptaCountry – IndiaLocation – Tagore Theatre, ChandigarhTime – 11a.m. To 4 p.m.Think,Share &ImproviseIDEASConnect toLikeMindedIndividualsMeritBased LifeChangingAwardGoal
  2. 2. as a term is Misconceived Only theoretical aspect of Study is stressed Indian Students undermine importance of Research Work Most students possess no in-depth knowledge of their fields of study uponGraduation Root Causes – Unavailability of Resources + Unawareness With Rising Foreign Investments, more scope than ever for conducting variousresearch studies To meet Global Competency levels, students need to focus on Research &Development Call of the Hour – Create Awareness + Build a Platform Connecting Students toResearch Infrastructure
  3. 3. 1. Networking is an essential tool for Success2. Meeting like minded individuals is necessary for growth3. To work under real MNC projects not only adds to the CV but also to importantlife milestones4. Global Experience is Critical – Each Winning team travels to 2 different countriesin a span of 1 Year to the sponsor MNC’s research facilities5. Team Effort is Best Effort – Learning the fundamentals of Leadership + Time BasedGoals + Sharing Responsibility6. A Radical Step – From Consumers to Creators – Instilling the Spirit ofEntrepreneurship by creating meaningful products7. Reaching Out – Learning to take the unconventional paths by going an extra mile8. Understanding the true essence of EDUCATION
  4. 4. Methodology Adopted – 3 Day, 3 Phase EventDay 1 – 100 Candidates in Each of 7 categories Network,exchange ideas, debate on topics and create an opinionDay 2 – All Candidates compete for 15 positions that lead to thefinal round.Day 3 – 3 Winners out of final 15 will conduct research study as ateam collaboratively with a MNC for 1 Year.• To Foster the Spirit ofLearning throughResearch Work whichis important fordevelopment society.Agenda• Winners work withResearch Teams ofMNC’s and DevelopImportant SkillsLearning • Students Aged – 18to 30 from any Major& University canparticipate in theevent.Participants• All studentsparticipateirres.ective ofprecious trackrecord/Students
  5. 5. 15 Candidates are to be selected among the 50 left participants. At Day 2, these50 participants present their business plans for a unique product within 5 hoursof allocation of topic to help curb a problem in society. Their approach, insight,effectiveness of solution and ability to connect to others are the criterion ofselection for the next round. Expert Judge panel from different MNC’s in everycategory choose the final 15.In each category,candidates debate over agiven topic and presenttheir views. They arerated according to thecontent of their views,leadership, participation.Another sub event tojudge their influencingability on others isconducted. Top 50candidates among 100make through this round.
  6. 6. At Day 3, the 15 candidates competefor the final 3 winning positions. Theyare rated based on 3 sub-eventscomprising a presentation about 3National Startups which they find mostscalable and socially beneficial, Aspeech on what makes them uniqueamong the finalists and a presentationon how they would want to uplifteducation scenario in the country.The EVENT was most widelyacclaimed for it provided everyindividual, irrespective of his/herprevious record, a unique opportunity towork with the most renowned names invarious diverse fields. Within 3 Daysspan, one could have brought his/herlife on a perfect track of knowledge insuccess in future. It also provided aunique opportunity to connect.
  7. 7.  Lack of Innovative thinking for developing breakthrough products Individuals possess no know how of latest technologies or equipmentspecific to their fields Lack of purpose, team skills and motivation to work Most people in India work from a necessity to work rather than a desire towork because of various factors Lack of Global network of peers + Global investment India – Producing Highest no. of Graduates + Lowest amount of ResearchWork Low Quality Infrastructure leads to low Quality Education More Job Seekers than Creators – No Unique Products + Lack of QualifiedMentors
  8. 8.  A Platform of Opportunities –To Connect. To Share. To Grow 3 Guest Speakers – People who commercialized their RnD tobecome Internationally Acclaimed Winners work with MNC – At par with Globe’s BestPractices, Infrastructure, Mentors & Team Students compete in a pool of Highly Motivated Individuals– Time for Self Assessment Unique profile of every candidate – Shared with allSponsors + Partner Companies to help find them suitablecandidates No existing platform to meet Like-Minded individuals – Notonly Winners but people can collaborate for personalendeavors
  9. 9.  Spreading Awareness – Lays the Foundationfor Youth to look at learning through a newperspective + organize such event again Unique profile of every candidate – Sharedwith all Sponsors + Partner Companies to helpfind them suitable candidates No existing platform to meet Like-Mindedindividuals – Not only Winners but people cancollaborate for personal endeavors Spreading Awareness – Lays the Foundationfor Youth to look at learning through a newperspective + organize such event again