[Challenge:Future] It is all about building the future!


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[Challenge:Future] It is all about building the future!

  1. 1. We don’t speak anymore about forecasting the future or leap into it,<br />now we speak about building the future.<br />Sustainability<br />Grigorescu Alexandru, Romania<br />
  2. 2. Tomorrow<br />Today<br />Speed<br />Technology<br />Profit<br />Opportunities<br />Metropolis<br />Creative solutions<br />Compromises<br />Homo sapiens <br />Speed and control<br />Technology and ecology<br />Profit and long term perspectives<br />Opportunities and viable development<br />Ecofriendly metropolis<br />Creative and viable solutions<br />Sustainability<br />Homo nobilis<br />We believe in the green and bright future ofmankind! <br />
  3. 3. We need spiritual, professional, <br />socialand cultural development!<br />Why?<br />Why do we have to make the change<br />We have all the right to leap ahead but we also have to keep the best conditions for the next generation.<br />Who?<br />Who will make the change?<br />We need a green, safe and resourceful life, this is the aim. <br />Where ?<br />Where our society should be heading?<br />Anthropology<br />How?<br />By influencing all dimensions of the environment we <br />will make the <br />change happen and<br />will generate sustainability<br />The result will be a better future for us and for the entire society <br />Culture<br />Beliefs<br />Economy<br />We believe in our power to change the values! <br />
  4. 4. Facts<br />Threats<br />-resources are depleting;<br />-there are new diseases;<br />-world's population is growing;<br />-environment is degrading faster;<br />-energy consumption is increasing;<br />-there are many climate disequilibriums;<br />-there are many international conflicts;<br />-there are poor living conditions for 1/3 of population;<br />-In 1850 there were about 2 trillion barrels of oil in the ground; by the year 2010, half of that oil had been consumed, so that the remaining quantity numbers almost 1 trillion barrels ;<br />-during the past 20 years, at least 30 new diseases have emerged, for many of which there is no treatment, cure or vaccine, or the possibility of effective prevention or control;<br />-current projections show a continuous increase of population, and by the year 2050 world’s population is expected to reach between 7.5 and 10.5 billion;<br />-the net loss in global forest areas during the 1990s was about 94 million ha (equivalent to 2.4 per cent of total forests);<br />-in 14 years globalenergy consumption will double if the rate of growth remains the same (more than 5%);<br />-the instrumental temperature record shows that the average global surface temperature increased by 0.74 °C during the 20th century;<br />-a full 33% of world’s nations are now involved in conflicts; this rate ishigher than in the past 60 years;<br />- 2.8 billion people on the planet survive on less than $2 a day, and more than one billion people lack reasonable access to safe drinking water;<br />We start by listening and understanding the nowadays needs and threats! <br />
  5. 5. Our solutions<br />Global solutions<br />-alternative energy;<br />-investment in life, nature and environment protection;<br />-develop ecofriendly cities which could be integrated in ecosystems without harming them ;<br />-ecofriendly anthropic development, <br />-learn from nature;<br />-decrease annual waste amount and improovethe management of waste ;<br />-eliminate the regional and international conflict by fighting for a common aim – a better global future;<br />-investments in the poor zones to increase the life standards;<br />-change the consumer society in a smart consumer one which will have the principal aim the environment conservation <br />- We will use eco energy (solar and wind);<br />-our mission will be: giving value to our consumer by innovation ;respecting nature and natural environments;<br />-we will appreciate the mostthe human resources and we will assure the best conditions to develop new ideas and solutions; <br />-we will implement a new management of waste;<br />-we will militate for respect of diversity and the right of the human beings and we will organize an annual conference; <br />- for the next year we are going to develop an investment plan for the poor zones of Africa because we want to involve the population and find the best solution to develop ecofriendly business;<br />-all our products and services will be from the next year eco, we will invest today to assure our success for tomorrow;<br />We believe in our solutions and we assume our role!<br />
  6. 6. Why will we do this?<br />What will we do? <br />-we are going to complete our mission, vision and values;<br />-we will add the new values to our organizational culture;<br />-we have built a management plan of wastes and energy; from 2012 we will have ecofriendly head offices;<br />-all our products and services will be 100% eco from 2012;<br />-we will invest more in human development, we think that this is the way to innovation;<br />-we will bring more green and more nature in our working places;<br />-we will militate for a clean and green development of our society and will start to do this by asking our partners to be eco;<br />-our aim has to be clear and has to lead us and represent us;<br />-every employee has to understand and assume the values; we will change inside<br />-we will act eco, the power of example is also the power of promoting the change<br />-we want the change to be real and holistic, we believe in the power of example<br />-only by investing in innovation we can keep our way to performance but still protect nature and make durable things;<br />-acting in a green habitat gives you more power to believe, more ideas and comfort;<br />-we will communicate our beliefs in <br />eco-development and will ask for the change, we will give power to the followers;<br />We see the future clearly and we make it happen !<br />
  7. 7. First results<br />First step<br />Nature example<br />Our action<br />What the world will see?<br />A company that has adopted very fast new values<br />The ants way of learning<br />Communicate inside the company the new values<br /> A knowledgeable forager of Temnothorax albipennis leads a naive nest-mate to newly discovered food by the process of tandem running. The follower obtains knowledge through its leading tutor. Both leader and follower are acutely sensitive to the progress of their partner with the leader slowing down when the follower lags, and speeding up when the follower gets too close.<br />We will make responsible for the new values, (after communicating and developing them with many representants of our company) people selected from all departments. They will become leaders of this action, of communicating new values to their colleagues. First they have to believe in this values, after they have to keep in mind that by everything they do they have to inspire to a number of established colleagues the new values ,this will be a game of a follower and a leader. After a while everyone could become a leader by promoting these new values.<br />The action is simple. Inside,new relations will develop and therefore more confidence is going to exist between colleagues. Outside a new way of interacting, which will present an executive leading manager in this issue of assuming new valueswill be seen. The eco leaders will be chosen in relation with their devotement to this idea, their experience in business and sustainable development. After a short time, everybody can become a leader of those new values and ready to interact and teach other people, or the new people. The world will see a matrix that works fast and efficient.<br />The company will first become eco inside.<br />We will start by making our employeesbelieve <br />they can become sustainability ambassadors!<br />
  8. 8. Conclusion:<br />As a sustainable company we are thinking like this:<br />If we can gain profit by harming natural environment or the society we will refuse to continue the business.<br />We won’t use non-regenerable resources if we don’t have a viable and correct plan of changing this resources with regenrableones in a determinate period;<br /> We will communicate values like:sustainability and ecofriendly development because this values are our identity and because we want that every company, and every business partner should be ableto respect our chances, our world and our future in the same way that we do!<br />Nowadays we don’t know a company that is respecting these values and we want to be the first that will do this and we truly believe in our success in a clean and resourceful world. <br />We believe also in your role in building the future.<br />Together we can do more!<br />
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