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[Challenge:Future] Invisible killer
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[Challenge:Future] Invisible killer


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  • 1. ----Electromagnetic radiation Invisible killer Facing 21st Century Disasters ----Hanjun.Wu University of Liverpool
  • 2. 1 .Definition of Electromagnetic radiation
    • a form of energy that exhibits wave-like
    • behavior travelling through space
    • has both electric and magnetic field components which oscillate in phase perpendicular to each other and perpendicular to the direction of energy propagation.
    • substance really existed while it is invisible
    Facing 21st Century Disasters
  • 3. 2. Sources Facing 21st Century Disasters computers 、 microwave oven 、 cell phones 、 remote control and so on. Artificial Lightning, sunspot activity and cosmic rays Natural
  • 4. 3. Damage
    • heating effect and non-thermal effect
    • derives energy to human, making blood 、 lymphatic fluid and cell bioplasm changed , thus disturbing the function of the body
    Facing 21st Century Disasters
  • 5. In 1998, the world health organization lists five impacts Facing 21st Century Disasters Female endocrine even menstrual disorders chaos Children growth, bone marrow development, blurred vision , retina fall off, liver haematopoiesis affect Maternal Abortions , infertility and teras induce reproductive system, nervous system and the immune system damage Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer mutations incentive
  • 6. 4. The increasing Electromagnetic radiation Examples: By the end of 2010, the global Internet users : 2.08 billions cell phone user: 5.28 billions Facing 21st Century Disasters
  • 7. 5. Solution: reduce & avoid
    • Electromagnetic radiation damage human in an invisible way
    • Simple ways to reduce : keep away from the radiation
    • Measurement: Radio
    Facing 21st Century Disasters
  • 8. 1.cell phones
    • In standby mode, try to distance.
    • never keep close to cellphone when sleeping
    • Before answering ,distance the cellphone first and then make it close to your ear.
    • use less and never keep calling surpluss half an hour.
    Facing 21st Century Disasters
  • 9. 2.computers
    • ventilate the indoor
    • put cacti beside
    • wash face , tea or relax
    • inregulate the body function.
    • metal beside crease radiation.
    • the back emerge radiation most
    • used computer double the radiation , too Screen brightness.
    Facing 21st Century Disasters
  • 10. 3.other appliance
    • Distance induction cooker at least 20 center metre
    • keeping away from television at least 2 metre is safe.
    • ......
    • the siple way to reduce is to try to keep them away
    • moving a living radio around the aplliances when nosie emerge
    Facing 21st Century Disasters