[Challenge:Future] HILARY TRUST Ltd


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[Challenge:Future] HILARY TRUST Ltd

  1. 1. HILARY TRUST LtdTEAM LEADER: MURAMIRA HILARYEmail: hilarymuramira@yahoo.comTelephone: +250782052277Kigali Institute of Science and TechnologyPO Box 3900,Kigali-RwandaDate: 29th May 2013.5/29/2013 1
  2. 2. Executive summaryHT ltd will provide the meaning of names of people andanimals. This will specifically be Kinyarwanda and Christiannames, and names of animals in Rwanda. This business hasnot yet started anywhere in Rwanda. It is expected to startDecember 15th 2013 since Christmas days are good marketingdays with very many people going for the festive season.Naming is important since it even helps create a differencebetween people and management is easily done whether bygovernments, public and private enterprises or evenindividuals themselves. This therefore creates room for propernaming of people and animals knowing the right meanings ofthe names.5/29/2013 2
  3. 3. Mission statement & Vision• Our mission statement is to consistently provide the meaningsof names of people and animals while successfully operatingthe business with great safety and honesty.• Our vision is: To be a premier service provider of meanings ofnames of both human beings and animals.5/29/2013 3
  4. 4. Objectives• To provide the meanings of names of people and animals.• To provide the characteristics of both human beings andanimals in relation to their names meanings.• To preserve the Rwandan culture5/29/2013 4
  5. 5. Management and ownership• The company is privately owned by Muramira Hilary with100% of stock. This business is not yet registered by theauthorities. The business will be fully controlled by theproprietor, taking care of the customers and serving them totheir satisfaction.• Other employees will be brought if the business starts to growdepending on the available working places like supermarkets,bars, markets, football stadiums and other sporting grounds.5/29/2013 5
  6. 6. Financial plans• The business needs 500,000FRW to start which includes2printers, 2desktops, 2modems for internet, 2tables, 4chairs,rims of paper, ink and other materials.• More financing will be required depending on the growth rateof the business.• The business is expected to breakeven with in a period of 6months once its started depending on the available markettoday, however this is not based on any realistic statistics orfigures.5/29/2013 6
  7. 7. Marketing analysis & strategy• Currently most people go shopping in supermarkets, andmarkets. Others go to sporting grounds, clubbing, parties,beaches, and churches. This gives the business a chance tomaintain a constant customer base on daily basis.• Availability of old men well versed with knowledge about thetradition and are able to tell the true meanings of Kinyarwandanames for both people and animals.5/29/2013 7
  8. 8. Motivation & Promotional plan• About 96% of Rwandans are Christians, so naming their children with specificnames is seen as a source of worship hence pressing a need to know themeaning of the names.• Having been born in a community where people have less knowledge aboutculture, most people are left in a vacuum where they don‟t know the meaningof their names.• Word of mouth shall be used to approach the customers and the shop owners.This will lead me to having a spot (working place) at the entrances of the shopsand other grounds where people go to in big numbers like exhibitions,supermarkets, football grounds, airport, coffee shops and many more. Bannersdisplaying the meaning of my will be present to motivate people to knowtheirs. For example my name (MURAMIRA HILARY) means that my parentswere in times of trouble and then needed someone to strengthen & comfortthem hence came up with the name „MURAMIRA‟. „Hilary‟ means someonethat is very happy and joyful. I therefore brought joy and happiness to myparents and ended the times of trouble.• I will also give discounts of 10% off the actual payment for my services to thevery first 10 customers on a daily basis for the first week.5/29/2013 8
  9. 9. Entrepreneurial opportunity• It is new and has not been established anywhere in the country.This gives me a chance to get started.• A client based relationship is basic and will be the key tosuccess of this business once maintained.• Our unique selling proposition is “the Truth behind yourName”5/29/2013 9
  10. 10. Effects of growth• The proprietor gets profit from the sales• Culture is preserved in sense that people know meanings theirnames.• The government generates revenues from the business throughtax collection• Other businesses expand such as marketing firms andstationery providers.5/29/2013 10