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  1. 1. Health CatastropheA Stipulated Disaster Of The 21 st Century
  2. 2. Some Diseases Across The Globe  Infectious DiseasesClassified List of Diseases  Intestinal Diseases Cancer  Neurological Disorders Communication Disorders  OBESITY Cutaneous Conditions  Voice Disorders Endocrine Diseases  Vulvovaginal Disorder Eye Diseases And Disorders  Mental Illness Genetic Disorders  Autism  Eating Disorder  Mood Disorder  STIsDiseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other parasites are major causes ofdeath, disability, and social and economic disruption for millions of people. GlobalHealth Council
  3. 3. DO YOU KNOW?Heart disease is the No.1 cause of death in the country.In 63% of the women, and 50% of the men, the firstsymptom will be death which doesnt give you muchtime to change your ways. As the year goes by, It is nolonger an adult disease but limited to no age grade.Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in AmericaNational Center for Health StatisticsArthritis incidence expected to rise 40% as "Baby Boomers" ageCenters for Disease ControlAutoimmune Diseases affect 1 out of 5 people in U.S.A. American AutoimmuneRelated Disease AssociationCancer is the second-leading cause of death in U.S.A.National Center for Health StatisticsMultiple Sclerosis affects over 300,000 AmericansNational MS SocietyPharmaceutical Drugs account for 100,000 deaths and $136 billion in medical costseach year in U.S.A. Time Magazine, January 15, 2001Emerging, re-emerging, and novel infections increase awareness of our globalvulnerability, highlight the borderless impact of disease and underscore the need forstrong health care systems.
  4. 4.  Cancer can be present in an human body 5-30years before it is detection and that an assumed 95%of human may die from heart disease, cancer, diabetesor STI not to mention OBESITY. 35% of people have an undiagnosed chronicdisease, 50% of the time the first indication of a heartproblem is FATAL heart attack! Humans immune system has declined by roughly30% in the last 20 years and continues to deteriorate ata rate of at about 3% per year. Most Americans take atleast one pharmaceutical drug every day in an effort toadapt to life with chronic disease because adjusting toa decreased quality of lifestyle is all that allopathicmedicine has to offer at this time.
  5. 5. Causes Of DiseasesWe Are Relying On Our Physicians To Do The Magic Pollution CigaretteWaiting Peacefully For Symptoms Before Taking Precautions AlcoholExposure to Unfriendly Chemicals Less Sleep Fatigue DrugsConsumption of Preserved Food Unsafe Sex StressConsumption of Junk Food Many MoreLack Of ExerciseThe time of exercise needed to gradually improve one’s physical condition is farminute than we assumed; at the most one hour to an hour and a half per week, andin many cases considerably less. The problem is that most people are too busydoing BUSY-NESS to sacrifice an 1hour per day to save them a lifetime.Most people get their eyes glued to their Computer screen or TV sets for hours andcan’t afford to close their eyes for considerable hours to SAVE THEIR EYES.Some prefer to drink alcohol/sodas than WATER
  6. 6. Scurvy - a condition caused by deficiency of ascorbic acid (vitamin C)Major Cause Of Blindness – is Vitamin A deficiencyRickets - is characterized by insufficient amounts of vitamin D in the body.Vitamin E Deficiency - affects the central nervous system and may result inprogressive neuromuscular diseaseBeriberi – vitamin B deficiencyOsteoporosis – combined vitamin D and calcium deficiencyDigestive problems – in some cases it is an insufficient amount of fibre and enzymes.Cancer - is partly a lack of sufficient amounts of phytochemicals (found in vineripened fruits and vegetables). It is well known and widely accepted that lycopene aphytonutrient found in tomatoes reduces the chance of prostrate cancer in men. Askyourself what about cancer when we see that all these other diseases havedistinguished nutrient deficiencies. There have been several studies that have foundthat phytonutrients have a profound effect on many cancers.16.6 Million Children from Age 0-17 have lost their parents to HIVThe truth is; Drugs (I mean prescribed and not self prescribed) can only helpto reduce/kill symptoms but no the DISEASE.Every disease category is increasing; and even worse, are now occurring atyounger ages
  7. 7. DANGERApproximately 90% of the medications prescribed can onlyhelp to suppress the symptoms of the disease, with no abilityto actually kill or fix the disease.We are losing the health care battle everywhere else. Chronicdegenerative diseases afflict over 120,000,000 Americans.Fifty plus million more suffer from one or more auto-immunediseases. Antibiotic resistant infections are now increasing atan alarming rate. We have finished mapping the humangenome, but we still dont have any cures or even treatmentsfor genetic disorders.The overwhelming majority (roughly 90%) of chronic diseasesare not inherited, but result from environmental damage tocellular DNA or cellular processes.The amount of damage caused by cosmetical chemicals are disarminglyincreasing by the hour and the result is alarmingly BAD. Skin Cancer, Skin
  8. 8. PREVENTION We need to go If do not START taking beyond Educating and precautions NOW, I foresee START Medicating the next 10years, as a world DISEASES full of WALKING DOLLS80% of children and 68% of adults fail to consume the recommended amounts of
  9. 9. References; We Need to stop Hanging and Start ACTING.UNAIDSwww.unaid.orgDISEASE EDUCATION.COMwww.diseaseeducation.comGLOBAL HEALTH COUNCILwww.globalhealth.orgBy; Titilayo Ijagbemi2011polishedty@gmail.com Our FUTURE depends on ACTION