[Challenge:Future] Go Green Club Online


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[Challenge:Future] Go Green Club Online

  1. 1. Event : Go Green Club OnlineGoal : Awareness on the extensive Floraand Fauna of our locality and stepstowards Environmental Conservation.Ooty , Spring 2013Narmadha KrishnanIndiaClimate Champion (British Council)
  2. 2. EVENT• Online event for Flora and Fauna photography made duringtheir visit to the Queen of Hills.• It is most suitable among youngsters as their interest inphotography and almost instant sharing over the internet hasincreased multifold over the years.• This contest would help youngsters know what they see. Italso helps them recognise, respect and help protect thevulnerable Ecosystem.• Instead of blindly clicking images, youngsters would nowclick images for a cause and the cause being EnvironmentalConservation.• The added value for participants is that they are recognisedas professional photographers for an approved Governmentwebsite which features their chosen photographs.
  3. 3. AGENDA• Creation of Disabled-friendly web applicationusing the latest of technology (Jan-Apr)• Collection of inspiring photographs that couldmotivate youngsters to click their best Floraand Fauna photographs (Feb-Mar)• Implementation of the web app (Apr-May)• Open Flora and Fauna PhotographyCompetition conducted online, for anyone andeveryone intereted (May-June 2013)
  4. 4. Youth Empowerment• Certified HTML5 designer for Government ofTamilnadu Horticulture Department• Nature Lover turned professionalphotographer• Improved Flora and Fauna photography skills• Informed, responsible and improved Tourism• Improved Research and Development towardsEnvironmental Conservation
  5. 5. Highlight of the EventNo more“The pink flower”“This blue flower”,“That mixed colour flower”“those Green plants” or the classic…..“That??? That is the Ooty flower”• In describing the plants and birds of the Queen of Hillstations.• Improved Latin usage and recognition and awarenessof almost all the plants and birds we see on a dailybasis is the highlight of this event amongst youngsters .
  6. 6. SKILLS REQUIRED• Today’s generation live more on the virtual Worldthan on the real World facing not so niceconsequences in terms of social or healthimprovement.• It is necessary to make them live more in the realWorld and involve them in cherishing andpreserving mother Nature.• This could be done with events and activities thathelp them involve in real-time activities that helpsthem spend more time with our ecosystem, whilethey happily yet fruitfully spent their time on theinternet.
  7. 7. TESTIMONIAL• Narmadha : spends 10-12 hours a day max.18hours a day infront of the laptop.• Change : From watching movies and Televisionseries, started recognising every plant and birdI spot everyday and designing web applicationthat gives information on the Flora an Faunaof the Queen of Hill stations.• More change : From listening to music, startedcomposing music that could be decoded to getthe scientific names of the plants and birdsusing a qwerty keyboard, much helpful for thevisually challenged to spell the latin names.
  8. 8. LATEST TECHNOLOGY• App that works offline and on airplane modes• This application is designed using HTML5 technology,one that helps you get rid of network problems• Learn and Compete on the go, anywhere andeverywhere• No restrictions so as to where you are from, as long asyou are interested in Flora, Fauna, photography, eco-tourism, Environmental Conservation, etc. you couldcompete and win yourself the professionalphotographer title for a Government Departmnetwebsite.
  9. 9. BEFORE• YOUNGSTER : I visited the Queen of Hill stationsthis Summer and was at the Spring festival there.Here are a few photographs from the 117th flowershow.• COMMENTS BY FRIENDS: wow! They arebeautiful. I like the purple flower. I like the redflower. Myself the blue one. What are their names??• YOUNGSTER : Names?? Ah…Well, that one is thered flower. Err….This one the blue flower andthat?? That is the Ooty flower.• FRIENDS : WHAT????
  10. 10. AFTER• YOUNGSTER : I visited the Queen of Hill stations this Summer andwas at the Spring festival there. Here are a few photographs from the117th flower show.• COMMENTS BY FRIENDS: They are beautiful. I like the purpleflower. I like the red flower. Myself the blue one. What are theirnames??• YOUNGSTER : Names?Ah…Well, that one is the bulbous plantTigrida pavonia in red. This one in purple is the climber Ipomea leariiand that?? That is Strobilianthes kunthianus, commonly known as theKurunji flower, indigenous to the Nilgiris. The speciality of this floweris that it blooms only once every 12 years.• Guess what? my picture of the Ipomea was chosen as the bestphotograph and was featured on the Government Department website.• FRIENDS : WOW!! Prepare your cams, lets go make our trip to Ootythe most memorable one, just like our friend’s.