[Challenge:Future] Everyone has the right to access information!


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[Challenge:Future] Everyone has the right to access information!

  1. 1. • Goal: Achieving broad social-economic objectives in employment and socialdevelopment• Location: Cyber Café in the Kigali suburb Nyamirambo• Date: 4thMay 2013• Name: UWIMANA Dominique• Country: Rwanda• Attendees: 25 daily attendees• Members of the NGO: 6
  2. 2. Development of the eventType: Providing public access to information and communicationtechnology.In my local community, not everyone has a smart phone, noteveryone can afford the prices in a cyber café, and not everyoneknows how to use computers. Many young people finishedschool and need the knowledge to use ICTs for job applications,job tests and at their future work. Kids also hear the word newtechnologies but do not know what to make of them. It is timefor all of those people to satisfy their needs to freecommunication technology.
  3. 3. Development of the eventHow: they come, ask questions, touch the tools, use them for short timefor free, get interested to continue and come back to use them for cheapprice.Added value: they can access E-Mail for free, those with internet-capablephones learn also how to use internet on theirs phones, the kids get freebasic computer skills (i.e. MS word)
  4. 4. Organization of the event - AgendaMorning: Kids who go to schools in the afternoonYouth who needs to access their E-mail accountsYouth who want to learn how to look for a job using the internetPeople who need to make copies, scans or prints
  5. 5. Afternoon: kids who do morning classesYouth who want to learn how to scanners, copy machines, or printersEvening: youth who want to learn how to manage a cyber café to work in.Organization of the event - Agenda
  6. 6. Youth are connected to a wide job market: Youth know now where, whenand how to apply for a job through jobs advert websites and chat roomsYouth know now how to use computer preparing their documents for jobapplicationsYouth who did computer sciences in schools continue the practiceOrganization of the event - Results
  7. 7. Youth can now present enough printed documents required to jobapplicationsKids learn something instead of running on the streets during free time.People can access easily the services like copy, print scan, internet and donot walk 2 km any more.Organization of the event - Results
  8. 8. Highlighted part: the kids fighting to touch the keyboard and write.Organization of the event - Results
  9. 9. Personal result: I get support to raise my adoptive children.Organization of the event - Results
  10. 10. Needs of local youthMost young Rwandans are still not aware of the available ICTs and theirbenefits.Youth lack: up-to-date computer skills, knowledge to get online services,entrepreneurship, competitiveness,
  11. 11. Solutions offered by the cyberMany young people are getting jobs because of online applicationsMany can buy online services like electricity, money transfers etc.Many are having ideas about running small businesses like cyber café, andcomputer learning centers
  12. 12. Change evidencesWritten testimonials: