[Challenge:Future] Every one has chance to Success


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[Challenge:Future] Every one has chance to Success

  1. 1. Every on has chance to success Dr. Ravi Thakkar (BHMS, PGDACR) Dedicated to My Parents and Wife Failure : • • • • F A I L : : : : Failure is a part of All living creatures In their Life cycle
  2. 2. Facing of Failure • In life every one has faced the episode of failure in life. The most important part is , how we takeoff or what we learn from that failure episode. • All failures will be winner if they try or use their power or identify the cause of failure or solve the queries or hurdles of failure. • We should make or live our life as learner for life throughout.
  3. 3. What failure I face in 2013 ???? • I think many of the person has faced the same problem , what I had faced last year. • In year 2010 I got married and after that my life was smooth, but last year I have changed my job and the problem begins towards me. • I had a quarrel with my wife and parents ,and life was so disturbed. The main reason behind it was my mental tension towards the job work, I was unable to provide enough time to my family. My life was so disturbed. I was not good child and good husband. I was completely failed in my social life. • I had a huge discussion with my Guru, friends, they told me that I have to manage both the things my family and job. They advised me to change my attitude towards the job and family and showed my responsibilities towards my parents and wife. I have decided to give enough time to my family and wife. • I have change way of living life and I am happy and enjoying both family life and work.
  4. 4. What I Learn in general means.. ??? • Healthy relationship is a part of successful life. • Charity begins from home !!! • Who is real life hero in life ? – “ Who learns from mistake , grow up with solution and help the society in true manner”. – Life is not Profit and loss balance sheet – Life is a journey from cradle to death – We should make an example of life like “ when a man born at that time we are crying but when we dead at that time people should cry behind us, because of your true noble work”. – We should give positivity to our family, society, state, country and mother earth. – Live in Present and use your past experience for the betterment of future of earth.
  5. 5. Key to success..!!! • Two words 1. Implication – Providing suggestions 2. Application – to do activity • I have applied both the words in my practical life implication with application and I have fruitful result as a happy family life. • Any work or activity has two choices success or failure and we know everyone will not success in life with only at one trial. If the failure person shows a positive attitude against the challenge he will be the real hero, because he knows how to digest the failure and success both.
  6. 6. Learning Lesson from the story 2013 …!!!!!!!!! • If we want to grow , we have to face the failure and fight against it in a positive manner and give message to the society that we are born to win even after thousands of failure.
  7. 7. Message …..!!!!!!!!!!! • We learn from failure not from success. • “Failure is an event, not a person, yesterday ended last nights.” – By Zig Ziglar