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[Challenge:Future] Engage me and I will Understand, Remember and Act!
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[Challenge:Future] Engage me and I will Understand, Remember and Act!


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  • 1. Engage me and I will Understand,Remember and Act!Samuel DuruSouth AfricaName of the Event: “Engage me and I will Understand, Remember and Act!”Goal of the Event : To sharpen the visibility of youngsters to the solution in everyproblem, and to inspire them to take personal, as well as group actions towardssolving social problems in their communities as agents of change and leaders oftomorrow.Location & Date of the Event: Cape Town, South Africa, 19thMarch, 2013Number of Attendees at the Event: 45Number of People Engaged in Organization: 3
  • 2. Engage me and I will Understand,Remember and Act!Develop an event that would help youth to discover, activate and developtheir potentials“Engage me and I will Understand, Remember and Act”: this youthempowerment programme was held as a side event during theLibrary Fair 2013 events, which attracted thousands of participants;mostly youngsters, at the Cape Town Central Library, South Africa.A week before the event I had a chat with a group of young peoplewho shared their dreams, passions and fears with me. I discoveredthat these talented young minds are pregnant with ideas, but theysimply didn’t know how to start organizing and working on thoseideas. This helped me to tailor my talk and presentation towardsallaying the fears and roadblocks to action. Most of them enjoyed thenovelty of discovering that they are not the only ones who are crazyabout making the world a better place, and knowing that there areresources and opportunities available, and learning how to accessthose. Ultimately, they got the push to start rather than wait.
  • 3. Engage me and I will Understand,Remember and Act!The Event in DetailsThe main agenda of “Engage me and I will Understand, Remember and Act” was toexpose young people to new ways of thinking and acting, using success stories ofother young people and introducing them to new opportunities. The event startedwith some icebreaking activities. We learned about one another, laughed andloosened up. Participants were mainly High School and College students.
  • 4. Engage me and I will Understand,Remember and Act!The Event in Details – cont.In South Africa, people talk more about rights and entitlements than aboutroles and responsibilities. Hence, I seized this opportunity to change themindset of youngsters in this regard, by encouraging them to see problem asan invitation to find or create a solution. I used my personal story to engageand teach youngsters how to translate their ideas and thoughts into actionsthat would positively impact their communities and the world at large. Therole of young people in driving positive change in society has become moreimperative than ever. Hence they need to be given the impetus to THINKand ACT as problem solvers, so that they can optimally contribute towardsmaking the world a better place. I shared the success stories of ventures andsocial impact projects resulting from C:F competitions and QuickChallenges. The youngsters were patently interested in my presentation.They were keen to learn how they can contribute to the amazing C:Fplatform, and I was pleased to expose these young, intelligent teenagers toC:F and the opportunities it provides for youth engagement, personal andprofessional growth. I established contacts with all of them, and the mostpassionate ones stayed back to tell me about their next steps, and I pledgedmy full support and mentorship through C:F South Africa. It was trulywonderful to see youngsters so hungry and fired up to do something tomake a difference in their communities.
  • 5. Engage me and I will Understand,Remember and Act!The Event in Details – cont.
  • 6. Engage me and I will Understand,Remember and Act!Identify what are the most needed youth skills and competencies in yourlocal area/country and report on the impact and benefit created!
  • 7. Engage me and I will Understand,Remember and Act!Feedback and Testimonials