[Challenge:Future] Employ.Me - Platform for youth employment


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[Challenge:Future] Employ.Me - Platform for youth employment

  1. 1. Team members:Filip Mladenovski | Jovana Gjorgjioska | Dragana Stojanovska
  2. 2. General rate of unemployment: 30.6% Unemployed by age - in thousands60-64 Unemployment by level of55-59 education - % 9050-54 8045-49 70 6040-44 50 4035-39 30 2030-34 10 025-2920-2415-19 0 20 40 60
  3. 3. Average age of respondents: 23.8 years old Formal education 25 20 City 15 Other 10 5 Veles 0 Stip Prilep Kumanovo Occupation Full time employee BitolaPart time employee Unemployed SkopjePostgraduatestudent Undergraduate … 0 20 40 0 10 20 30 40 50
  4. 4. Reasons for high unemployment according to the youth OtherInability of Macedonian companies to produce workplaces Weak labor laws Political situation Financial crisis Educational system Companies 0 10 20 30 40 require previous experience in The educational system is different order to give a job, but from what companies want. companies are reluctant to 95% agree give this experience to students and recent The internships have lost their value graduates. due to the fact that they do not focus 93% agree on providing experience. 76% agree
  5. 5. The Bureau of Labor does not serve it’s purpose and does not help young people get employed. 89%There are many opportunities for young people to find work in Macedonia. 10%Career centers at Macedonian Universities are almost non-existent. 78%The current internship system is unfair and exploitative towards young people. 73% Social ‘Students from other cities don’t use the opportunities Sciences ‘Students apply for postgraduate studies because in their home towns and flock to Skopje, leading to Professors they can’t find a job after graduation.’ overpopulation in Skopje University and greater students competition for fewer workplaces.’ ‘Short term jobs prevail on the job ‘Students need to be stimulated into seeking Arts and market, with a great degree of uncertainty for other, more perspective career paths; Educational Company Humanities a stable career path for arts and humanities professionals.’ system is not compatible with the demand side of representative students the job market.’ ‘Students need to diversify themselves and to Technical ‘Students are forced to work virtually for free in the NGO Sciences invest in their formal and non-formal education first two years after starting a career.’ before looking for a job.’ representative students
  6. 6. If you were given the chance, Yes (85%)would you leave Macedonia in No (15%)search of better employment?With the current rate of unemployment among young people, the diminishing number of new work places, aging population and increasing immigration, it is crucial to keep the Macedonian youth in the country and employed.
  7. 7. We asked young people whether they woulduse the services of an intermediary agency to help them gain non-formal education and So we decided, that instead of offer them part-time and/or permanent job encouraging young people in positions Macedonia to go abroad and seek a job there, we need to offer them the support and Yes (90%) the chance to utilize their No (10%) potential in their own country. Vision: To provide guidance and Mission: Assist every young person non-formal education to every in Macedonia to find their place in young individual in Macedonia in the professional environment. order to help them launch a professional career.
  8. 8. Target group: young people aged 19-26 Educational background: social sciences, technological sciences and arts and humanities. Our program consists of two segments: Temporary employment: Education: After they have beenWe recognize that these people educated, they are connected already have a professional with domestic and foreignprofile. Therefore, our aim is to companies that need additional decrease the gap between the workforce, through formal education and the job outsourcing, micro sourcing market requirements, by soft and crowd sourcing. We willskills trainings, career direction ensure partnerships with the advices, workshops about companies, who will offer short realizing their potential, self term job opportunities. Young development through self people will work from their discovery, all headed towards With this program we will help the homes in Macedonia or willhelping them sell themselves on fresh graduates to decrease the work at the company in the the job market. discrepancies between their formal foreign office for a brief period education and the job market of time thus gaining valuable requirements. With that the young experience. people will be one step closer to reaching their professional goals and getting a permanent job. That will help the Macedonian society by decreasing the brain drain and boosting the economy.
  9. 9. Employment After young Decreasing youth people attain unemployment critical skills, they are fit to open Final solution their own business or apply for a job with their experience Temporary EvaluationEmployment Current formal and non- Intensive short formal education of term working applicants, their profile and experience in a competencies are assessed domestic or and a plan for improvement is foreign company draftedwith the additional help of a mentor Education Our organization will assist people in getting and improving relevant job skills through training, mentorship and intelligent matching
  10. 10. In the end, we hope to improve the position of young people in Macedonia, create a stable organization which is self-sufficient and partners with the relevant educational, business and governmental entities.We measure our success by: – Decreased brain drain – Increased % of young people employed in Macedonia – Increased number of successful new business started by youth