[Challenge:Future] CareerKIT: Improving youth employment through high quality training


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[Challenge:Future] CareerKIT: Improving youth employment through high quality training

  1. 1. CareerKIT Team name: CareerKIT Mentor: Florian Tutza
  2. 2. Youth unemployment, effects & apparent paradoxesAccording to EUROSTAT:• Romanian general unemployment rate was 6,5% (EU: 107%);• Romanian youth unemployment rate was 23,7% (EU: 21,4%) and out of it 41,5% represents long term unemployment (EU: 29,3%);• Romanian youth poverty and exclusion rate was 44,3% (EU: 29,8%) and out of it 32,5% with severe material deprivation (EU: 10,6%).Brain drain, especially among BA & MA students.According to the MANPOWER Talent Shortage Survey 2012, in Romania 45% of the employers have difficulties in filling jobs due to the lack of available talent. The most common reasons are the lack of technical competencies, the lack of experience and the lack of employability skills.
  3. 3. Youth unemployment external (macroeconomic) causes• Romanian authorities’ lack of vision and action in stimulating youth integration on the labor market;• Misfit between the education curricula and the labor market’s needs (lack of skills & practical experience);• “Diploma factories” – corrupt educational system;• Unfinanced public educational system;• Global economic environment, with direct consequences on: - jobs creation, - recruitment policy (are preferred experienced people), - cut of the training budgets dedicated to fresh graduates, due to the cutting costs policy.
  4. 4. Youth unemployment personal causes• Bad mentality about work and success;• Bad national examples of success people – uneducated politicians and “business men”;• Lack of soft skills (especially enthusiasm / motivation and professionalism);• Low quality education;• Lack of technical skills and practical experience;• Lack of career planning and employability skills;• Lack of networking and self marketing skills.
  5. 5. CareerKIT, the solution to reduce youth unemployment• The same level of skills will always generate the same results.• To solve this problem, the first thing we must do is to build trust: - youth’s trust in their own capacities, which will generate enthusiasm and willingness to succeed, by offering them the opportunity to develop their skills through high quality trainings and educational projects; - companies’ trust in youth potential by raising their employability, which will generate also lower recruitment and training costs for the employers.• The Romanian fiscal legislation allows CareerKIT and the training market’s slump enables it.
  6. 6. CareerKIT, the solution to reduce youth unemployment• CareerKIT is a website that puts together the free spots donated by the premium training companies to obtain fiscal deductions and the high quality trainings & educational projects offered by the employers and the NGOs and offer them to youth on a competitive basis. It enables youth to better integrate on the labor market and the partners to consolidate their brand, to raise their sales or to find donors and to obtain fiscal deductions. It fills the gap between unskilled youth and the growing need for talents, reducing the corporations’ HR costs.
  7. 7. CareerKIT, the solution to reduce youth unemployment• CareerKIT will also offer our own training program, based on intelligence competitive tools, which will consist in 4 trainings about: - setting SMART professional objectives, according to the personal motivation, interests, skills and education; - identifying career opportunities using “unconventional tools”; - writing CVs and other career documents which will reflect also the employers’ interests and not only the candidate’s wishes / objectives; - preparing for competitive selection processes by matching the candidate’s wishes and objectives with the employers’ interests.
  8. 8. CareerKIT, the solution to reduce youth unemployment• Through the partnerships and our own trainings, at the end of the 5th year we will enable 50.000 Romanian young students and fresh graduates to fulfill their career objectives by helping them to improve their skills and employability.• CareerKIT will be implemented using also volunteers (who will be able to develop their skills).• The impact will be measured in a qualitative manner, by using follow-ups after 3 and 6 moths they had the training.• CareerKIT’s value was recognized by the European Economic and Social Committee, through the European Projects Awards competition (Best Idea award).
  9. 9. CareerKIT, the solution to reduce youth unemployment Higher sales for goods and services High skilled employees. Sales Long term sales Training NGOs / other Employers companies companies In house trainings Sponsorships Educational projects & Educational projects & Free spots & advertising fees advertising fees advertising fees Fiscal deductions CareerKIT Funds Trainings & Yearly State subscription fees educational Taxes projects EU Institutions Students and fresh graduates Trainings Jobs & higher salaries Public goods & servicesMore & higher qualitygoods and services Society
  10. 10. CareerKIT, the solution toreduce youth unemployment • In order to implement the project and to reach all its objectives I will have to create and manage a company (full time job). • Until the end of the 5th year we will reach 50.000 unemployed students and fresh graduates. • Into the project’s implementation will be involved on the long run more than 50 young people (employees and volunteers).