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[Challenge:Future] BlagoTvorit [Challenge:Future] BlagoTvorit Presentation Transcript

    • Status of the project: the Completed project.
    • The name of the project : BlagoTvorit .
    • The project head : Draskova Ekaterina Vadimovna , Russia .
    • The fixed group of youth : Pupils of children's homes and shelters in the age of from 14 till 18 years old.
    • Quantity of people in a command : 6 persons .
    • Number of youth on which the project has been realized : 127 persons.
    • Quantity of the spent hours : 180.
    • The project period: 1.04.2011 - 1.06.2011.
  • The curator of the project Vydrych N . V . Haliulova Olga Stolyar Egor Cherepanov Anton Begen Elena The project head : Draskova Ekaterina Kurochkina Evgenya Team of the project :
    • Practice shows, that it is very difficult for graduates of children's homes to adapt for an independent life. There is it because the society shifts the responsibility on tutors and teachers, as a rule they cannot give teenagers of due attention.
    • The society renders the disposable help in clothes, books, etc. But it only results in a pitiable situation: teenagers get used to that everyone regret them, everyone should help them, and this idea takes roots in their consciousness. Being issued from children's home, they continue so to think, feel like victims, and they should collide with severe realities of a life where it is necessary to work on equal terms at all. The problem consists that they are not able to put the purpose, to place vital priorities, not everyone know as it is necessary to dispose of money correctly.
    The description of a situation :
  • The purpose of the project :
    • The help in adaptation to an independent life of pupils of children's homes through training employment, by the example of small business .
    Urgency of the project : The urgency of project BlagoTvorit consists that adaptation of pupils of children's homes to an independent life by the example of small business was not carried was not spent earlier.
  • Stages of the project :
    • Carrying out of training lectures on a theme « How correctly to earn and dispose of money »;
    • Carrying out of employment on creation of a decorative soap, candles and hand-worked ornaments ;
    • Development of a site on which all works of teenagers from children's homes will be submitted. As on this site people interested in this project can keep up development of the project and exchange the helpful information. This stage is already realized, the site works for us http://blago-tvorit.ru/ ;
    • The organization of an exhibition - sales on which all interested persons can get the decorative ornaments made by hands of pupils. Money earned with sale of decorative products, teenagers can enclose in the further development of the small business.
  • Web – site of the project www.blago-tvorit.ru
  • The realized stages :
    • Training masters - classes of manufacturing of a soap for pupils of children's home of school №107 and children's home of №3 have been carried ou.
    • The organization of exhibition - sale in gallery Hingan. Address : Mira street , 3 , Krasnoyarsk city .
    The realized stages :
  • The conclusion :
    • By this innovative project, we wanted to learn pupils of children's homes to earn own money and as to pay attention the public to a problem of adaptation of growing up graduates of children's homes by an adult life.
    • Project BlagoTvorit has been submitted at competition SIFE (a regional stage, Krasnoyarsk) and recognized as the best project of 2011.
    • Earlier in Krasnoyarsk such projects have not been realized.
  • The curator of the project - the senior teacher of faculty Management of projects IMBP&E SFU , Vydrych Natalia Viktorovna , Russia [email_address] +79029242442
    • Students of a speciality advertising 5 rates of Institute of management business by processes and economy of the Siberian Federal University
    • Krasnoyarsk , Russia :
    • Draskova Ekaterina Vadimovna , 21 years old , Russia
    • Stolyar Egor Leonidovicg , 21 years old , Russia
    • Begen Elena Nikolaevna , 22 years old , Russia
    • Haliulova Olga Rifkhatovna , 21 years old , Russia
    • Kurochkina Evgeniya Segeevna , 21 years old , Russia
    • Cherepanov Anton Vladimirovich , 21 years old , Russia
    The project have developed :