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SitePad Tablet
Mobile device customized to collect patient reported outcomes on site, for more efficient clinical trial results

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PHT SitePad

  1. 1. ePRO SitePad ™ 7” Screen Fits Lengthy Questionnaires Finger-tip Entry Eases Impaired Dexterity Sponsors are getting better data with smaller, faster trials by collecting site-based data with PHT’s SitePad v 5.1. Since 2003, PHT has efficiently captured end-point data at sites. Ideal for Long Assessment Forms & High-Volume eDiaries Finger-touch data entry on the 7” screen is designed to accommodate lengthy questionnaires and questions with lots of text required of trials for • Alzheimer’s • Arthritis • Hep C • Oncology • Psychiatry The SitePad fits a full 10-cm VAS! •
  2. 2. Breakthrough Technology Benefits to Clinical Research The SitePad Tablet is deployed on the Samsung Q1 Trustworthy site-based PRO data are essential for Ultra Mobile PC, a Windows device with an inviting regulatory authorities concerned with capturing user interface that makes data entry for subjects, unbiased and unfiltered responses directly from and visit management and administration for patients, rather than relying on a physician’s sites, as simple as possible. assessment of how patients are feeling in the trial. In fact, industry research indicates 50-60% of all studies capture quality of life data, a figure which may rise given recent FDA emphasis on involving the patient perspective during clinical research. These questionnaires are frequently conducted on unreliable paper formats, which suffer the problems of paper diaries including illogical responses, illegible handwriting, incomplete reports and unverified time of entry. Screen iagonal ith a Full 7” D X 1” D w X 4 3/4” L ize: 9” W Automatic Calculations — Dynamic eligibility eSource Data Capture — Initial capture of data Actual S evaluations and custom symptom scores are in an electronic format ensures sites no longer The SitePad Tablet has forever changed the quality managed transparently by the device, thereby have to worry about organizing, managing and process of site-based PRO data by capitalizing eliminating human error and freeing sites to and retaining voluminous and cumbersome on proven eSource features and benefits: focus on more important tasks — such as caring paper records. for patients. Large 7quot; Screen — The bright, high-resolution Real-Time Data Access LCD display supports complex questionnaires, High-Speed Data Transmissions — An integrated Because the SitePad Tablet is part of PHT’s numerous response options, large fonts, oversized Ethernet port ensures fast, low-cost, and reliable integrated ePRO Product Suite, transmitted data entry controls, and a full 10-cm VAS. data transmissions without relying on wireless data are instantly available for real-time remote networks (which may be banned or inaccessible monitoring online by sponsor staff through PHT User-Friendly Interface — The SitePad Tablet by certain sites) or aging analog infrastructure. StudyWorks™ This ensures monitors are regularly . software was developed in tandem with sponsor informed about study progress, site performance and study coordinator input to ensure that sites and Complete and Timely and compliance throughout the trial. subjects of all ages and education levels are able to Many protocols require sites to administer lengthy use the device appropriately and intuitively. questionnaires at various visits throughout the The Right Fit study. On paper, they may not be completed Whether capturing health-related quality of life Fingertip Data Entry — Elderly patient properly or filled out during appropriate times. data, implementing text-intensive questionnaires, populations and subjects with chronic pain Like the LogPad, the SitePad Tablet presents or working with patients with visual or physical or other impairments may have difficulty using the correct questionnaires at the right times, impairments, the SitePad Tablet makes it easy for a stylus to enter data; therefore, every screen of and leverages branching logic and automatic sponsors to capture trustworthy site-based PRO the SitePad application has been designed to calculations to reduce respondent burden and data in clinical research programs worldwide. accommodate fingertip data entry. guarantee complete, timely questionnaire data. PHT Corporation 500 Rutherford Avenue 2, chemin Louis-Hubert Charlestown, MA 02129, USA 1213 Petit-Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland Toll-Free: 877-360-2901 41.22.879.91.00 Copyright © 2009 PHT Corporation v2.0