PHT LogPad With Simple Send


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Mobile device designed to collect patient reported outcomes at home, for efficient clinical trial data management.

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PHT LogPad With Simple Send

  1. 1. LogPad® System with SimpleSend™ Transmissions The Voice of the Patient — Delivered Trustworthy Patient Data Not too long ago, it would have seemed impossible for sponsors, sites and regulatory authorities to trust PRO data captured outside the clinic. • How could researchers know when a patient filled out a diary? • How could data managers reconcile illogical responses? (For example, a patient who reports no pain, but then rates evening pain intensity as 7 out of 10.) • How could sites know when a patient was non-compliant, perhaps for weeks at a time, or entering worsening symptoms? PHT’s LogPad System has forever changed the way ePRO data are captured and managed in clinical research. Protocol-specific eDiary applications, designed with support from PHT’s PROVision™ scientific team, use intuitive features and quality controls to transform complicated diaries into simple ones. Features Benefits • Restricted time response windows Timely and verified data entry with no unplanned recall • Accurate timestamps bias or prospective responses. • Reminder alarms High compliance and fewer subject drop-outs to reduce • Regular communication with sites missing data. • Missed Diary Minder • Branching logic Logical, legible and complete data and significantly • Edit checks eased respondent burden. • Structured response options • SafetyPRO™ alerts Proactive safety and compliance management enabled • Missed Diary Minder by automatic email and phone alerts based on custom criteria and thresholds The LogPad’s flexible architecture is deployed on a range of convenient touchscreen devices • TrueCompute™ calculations Real-time symptom and eligibility scores are performed from proven hardware manufacturers including on field devices without having to connect to the server. Hewlett-Packard and Palm. • 100% application integrity LogPads prevented from reverting to PDAs after soft/hard resets or battery loss; timestamps are always accurate. PHT’s experienced PROVision science team and expert project managers help sponsors • Private access codes Confidentiality elicits honest subject answers in trials for determine the ideal device for their specific sensitive indications. study and patient population requirements. eSense™ Measurement Device Integration Research shows that subjects report false measurement data by transcribing it incorrectly or by outright inventing it. Consider the asthma sufferer who forgets his Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) meter at work and estimates an evening FEV1 score, or the diabetic patient who misreports her high blood sugar level. eSense solves these problems by integrating objective physiological measurements directly with subjec- tive self-assessments on the LogPad using Bluetooth, infrared and exclusive low-power RF. By ensuring measurement devices are used appropriately and on time, according to the protocol, eSense enables scientific researchers to ask new questions and provides sponsors with a more complete patient picture. In one client study, 174 subjects were given the choice of either using eSense or transcribing data manually into the LogPad after each blow into a PEF meter. 86% of 12,195 expected blows were recorded by eSense, while only 13% were transcribed manually and less than 1% were missing. Imagine the improvements in data reliability as compared to paper or other separate eSource methods!
  2. 2. PHT Corporation LogPad System with SimpleSend Transmissions SimpleSend — for Reliable and Consistent Global Transmissions Capturing high-quality ePRO data is part of the solution, but it is only valuable if subjects are able to transmit — simply and conveniently — from anywhere in the world. PHT’s robust family of user-friendly SimpleSend options enable wired and wireless data transmissions from any LogPad device. Data are encrypted and typically sent in a matter of seconds to PHT’s central servers over a subject’s home phone line. Increasingly, however, certain global geographies (such as Asia) and patient populations (such as students) lack a reliable landline infrastructure and rely exclusively on cellular networks. Some sites and tech-savvy subject, meanwhile, prefer to utilize high-speed Internet connections to send data. PHT provides sponsors with the freedom of choice by supporting wired, wireless and Internet auto-send telecommunications options. Palm Devices Hewlett-Packard Devices Wired SimpleSend TeleCradle SimpleSend Landline Modem The TeleCradle is the recognized HP’s devices are easily equipped industry standard for sending with compact cards that fit into the data reliably over a landline. The top of the LogPad and enable data TeleCradle charges the LogPad, transmission. Subjects simply attach sends data automatically, and does one end of a home phone line into not interfere with the subject’s home the top of the card to transmit data. telephone when set up. Wireless SimpleSend Wireless Pack SimpleSend Mobile Card This PHT exclusive sled is the only The Mobile Card is similar to the mobile device that enables cellular Landline Modem in that it is inserted data transmission from a Palm. It into the top of the HP devices. Its attaches to the eDiary to allow data built-in antenna, however, enables entry and sending from a single strong cellular telecommunications convenient device. The Wireless Pak over leading global GPRS networks. also charges the LogPad. Internet SimpleSend Internet — Palm SimpleSend Internet — HP Users connect the LogPad to their a This compact card connects the high-speed cable and transmit data LogPad directly to a high-speed cable seamlessly over the Internet. for Internet transmissions. The Telecomm Team PHT employs a dedicated team of experienced telecommunications experts whose sole focus is to improve the convenience and con- sistency of data transmissions from every country we support. PHT closely monitors transmission success rates of ongoing sutdies and makes adjustments as necessary. By partnerning with leading provider AT&T Worldwide, PHT’s Telecomm Team is able to deliver the highest level of service worldwide. Site Telecomm Assessments PHT has deployed its eDiary solutions to more countries than any other ePRO provider, accumulating unsurpassed experience to recommend the ideal LogPad device type and SimpleSend communication option depending on particular study and geographical requirements. For additional peace of mind, PHT’s thorough Site Telecomm Assessment service consists of a continuous battery of data transmission tests designed to reduce risk and provide an extra layer of confidence in new countries or areas where there have been recent changes in the underlying telecommuncations infrastructure. Don’t Take Our Word For It... PHT’s LogPad System with SimpleSend telecommunications is the premier solution for capturing and managing high-quality ePRO data in clinical trials around the world. By reducing respondent burden, removing numerous opportunities for error and fraud, and enabling convenient and consistent data transmissions, sponsors and sites benefit from reliable data that they — and regulatory authorities — can trust. To see for yourself, build and use an interactive LogPad at the award-winning PHT Corporation 500 Rutherford Avenue Boston, MA 02129, USA Toll-Free: 877-360-2901 Copyright © 2008 PHT Corporation V1.0