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Game Development with QML - chall3ng3r



Game Development with QML...

Game Development with QML

The slide deck from my talk at Nokia Developers Workshop (28029 Feb 2012) in Islamabad-PK.

You are free to download and modify this presentation howerver, if you are going to use this PowerPoint presentation, kindly mention me as the original author of the presentation.



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Game Development with QML - chall3ng3r Game Development with QML - chall3ng3r Presentation Transcript

  • Game Development withQML for Nokia DevicesBy Faisal Iqbal – Mobile Specialist
  • About Me Faisal Iqbal a.k.a. chall3ng3r Adobe Flash, MS .Net, Nokia Qt 10+ Years Professional Experience 6+ Years with Mobile Technologies Nokia Developer Champion for 5 Years Won Local and International Mobile Dev. Contests
  • Highway Racer on Nokia Store View slide
  • Some Achievements Highway Racer  Developed in 1 Month - Graphics + Game Engine  Aug 2011 – Released on Nokia Store (previously Ovi)  September 2011 Won Nokia & P@SHA MakeMyApp Challenge 2011  Feb 2011 – Over 280,000 Downloads!!! View slide
  • AgendaWorkshop  Introduction to QMLDay 1  Games Development with QML  -- Lunch Break  QML Plugins for Game Development  -- Tea Break  Lets Make a Ping Pong Game
  • Introduction to QML- Qt and Qt Quick Platform Overview- Future of Qt Quick
  • Qt and Qt Quick PlatformOverview Qt - Released publicly in 1995 by Trolltech Popular on Embedded platforms & Linux (KDE) 2010 - Nokia Qt SDK v1.0 was released (Qt 4.6) Qt Quick runs QML, introduced with Qt 4.7 - 2011 QML = Qt Meta Language / Qt Modeling
  • Qt Quick - QML JavaScript import QtQuick 1.0 CSS Rectangle { GUI Layer for Qt Apps id: canvas width: 200 Animations and Transitions height: 200 color: "blue" Fluid UI Performance Image { (60FPS) id: logo source: "pics/logo.png“ Media APIs anchors.centerIn: parent x: canvas.height / 5 Qt Mobility APIs } } Qt C++ Plugins
  • Future of Qt Quick More Platforms like QNX, Android, iOS and maybe WP ;) Qt5 (summer 2012)  Powerful and high-performing C++ API QML as the best way to create rich interfaces Qt Quick 2 in Qt5 QML is our bet in "the next step in GUI programming" Should apply for most use-cases Qt Quick 2 uses the Google V8 Javascript Engine  Superfast JS support  Architectures: x86, x86-64, ARM
  • Future of Qt Quick – Continued… Qt Quick 3D QML bindings for Qt3D Access to OpenGL and 3D graphics hardware QML Item3D elements live in 3D space  OpenGL, 3D hardware, and C++ convert this to 2D on screen Desktop support will continue to exist  Qt Quick components for Desktop are ready Qt Webkit in Qt5  Webkit 2 architecture
  • Game Development with QML- QML User Interface Elements- Graphics Performance- Transitions & States
  • QML User Interface Elements Basic UI Elements Containers or Layout Managers Views or Pages Lets see in action…
  • QML User Interface Elements –Cont. Qt Quick Components More Components Streamline Presentation on Meego and Symbian Lets see in
  • Graphics Performance Smooth & Fluid vs J2ME vs Flash Lite vs HTML5 Apps Lets see in action…
  • Transitions and States Built-in Easy Customizable Lets make some…
  • QML Plugins for Game Development- Box2D QML Plugin - Basics- Sound Engine
  • Box2D QML Plugin - Basics What is Box2D  Why Use Box2D Basic Concepts  Examples  World  Angry Birds  Bodies  Moto Trial Racer  Joints  Flying Bus – (No Lets play… Box2D)
  • Sound Engine Qt Game Enabler Lets play…
  • Lets Make a Ping Pong Game!- Sketching Storyboard- Defining and Locking Features
  • Features & Sketching Storyboard Pencil and Paper  Splash Screen Write Everything  Main Menu Lets Draw…  Level 1  Pause Menu  Level End
  • Lets Talk – Q&AContact Me: Web: Email: Twitter/FB/Skype: chall3ng3r
  • Go home, but remember to come back tomorrow!
  • AgendaWorkshop  Coding Ping Pong GameDay 2  Adding Finishing Touches  -- Lunch Break  Preparing for Publishing  -- Tea Break  Advance QML Tips & Tricks  Closing Notes by P@SHA and Telenor
  • Coding Ping Pong Game- Setting Up Qt Creator Project- Box2D World and Bodies- Game Logic
  • Setting Up The Environment New Qt Creator Project Box2D Libraries and Plugin Game GUI Game Logic
  • Adding Finishing Touches- Sound Effects and Music
  • Sound Effects and Music Qt GameEnabler Online Sound Libraries 
  • Preparing for Publishing- Developer Signing and On-Device Testing- Icons and Packaging
  • Developer Signing Visit: Request UIDs from Nokia Publisher Team Install CODA and PerfMon on Device Sign and Test On Device
  • Icons and Packaging PNG and SVG-Tiny SIS for Symbian OS DEB for Meego OS
  • Advance QML Tips & Tricks- Content Protection- OpenGL GPU Acceleration- Nokia Remote Device Access
  • Tips & Tricks Content Protection  Decompress SIS  Embed Code OpenGL Acceleration Nokia Remote Device Access
  • We Made It – Thank YouContact Me: Web: Email: Twitter/FB/Skype: chall3ng3r