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Mathisi 2.0 conference. We have been awarded with the -Stamp of Good Practice- in the Action Learning 2.0 plus Competition. Our submission was one of the 20 (in total 91 submissions) that have been awarded with this Stamp.

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Mathisi 2.0 award

  1. 1. mathisi2.0-FreeMoodle_Greek_Team Διάκριση με τη σφραγίδα καλής πρακτικής της δράσης Μάθηση 2.0 plus Greek FreeMoodle Team
  2. 2. Mathisi 2.0 conference Greek FreeMoodle Team has been awarded with the"Stamp of Good Practice" in the Action Learning 2.0 plusCompetition. Our submission was one of the 20 (in total 91 submissions) that have been awarded with this Stamp. Greek FreeMoodle Team
  3. 3. Mathisi 2.0Action Learning 2.0 plus run by Institute of AppliedCommunication Department of Communication andMedia Studies, University of Athens, funded by the Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning - National Service and the General Secretariat for Youth co-financed under the program New Youth in Action "of the European Commission. The competition was for the innovative new initiatives and good practices for the use of online tools and communities in the field of Education and Lifelong Learning. Greek FreeMoodle Team
  4. 4. Mathisi 2.0 Here is a description of the Action Learning 2.0 plus: In Action Learning 2.0 plus we discuss the way inwhich networking of youth and adults, teachers, pupilsand parents, as well as good practices and innovative youth initiatives can foster education and lifelong learning.Objectives of the Action Learning 2.0 plus is to help inform young people, schoolchildren, students and teachers, parents and any other interested partiesaround new online tools (Web 2.0, social media) and the collaborative and communicative possibilities these tools generate for education and lifelong learning. The Action Learning 2.0 plus aims to promote initiatives of active young people on thedevelopment and innovative uses of online tools and digital media in education and lifelong learning, and through these initiatives to highlight good practices. Greek FreeMoodle Team
  5. 5. Mathisi 2.0 Thats why the Action Learning 2.0 plus proceeded a workshop for the information and the dialogue on education and lifelong learning 2.0,Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at the Congress Centre DAIS included lectures by invited speakers, presentations ofactions to be distinguished with the stamp of good practice of digital action Learning 2.0 plus, and open discussion about education and lifelong learning 2.0.Participation in the workshop of Action Learning 2.0 plus, whose work was broadcasted live on the Internet and is open to anyone interested, and for those who received certificates of participation. Find it on Facebook Greek FreeMoodle Team
  6. 6. Vasilis Palilis (Wed 27th June) presented our work in the workshop"information and dialogue on education and lifelong learning 2.0" where most of the "stamp awarded" were presented. Click to watch video (in greek) Vasilis Palilis Anna Krassa Greek FreeMoodle Team George Chalatzoglidis