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  • 1. Free Moodle The Greek Effort Presented byAnna Krassa (E-learning Consultant, MCCC Mentor Assessor) Vasilis Palilis (BS in Physics and Education, MCCC) George Chalatzoglidis (Science Teacher Med, MCCC)
  • 2. What is?FreeMoodle.org provides completely free Moodle hosting for completely free Moodle courses “Changing the world for the better through Moodle- enabled free education!”
  • 3. Supported by?Human Resource DevelopmentInternational Limitedhttp://www.freemoodle.org - Free Moodle course hostinghttp://www.hrdnz.com - General company information (HRDNZ, Moodle Partner)http://www.moodlebites.com - Online Moodle training courses for Teachers, Designers andAdministratorshttp://dev.moodlebites.com - Public testing and demonstration of plugin moduleshttp://themes.moodlebites.com - Themes training and serviceshttp://mahara.moodlebites.com - Mahara training environment
  • 4. The InspiratorHaidee Mealor
  • 5. University of Macedonia Open ICDL Course Subject ICDL Foundation Africa Content Origin Creative Commons LicenseLibrary & Information Centerhttp://telemathea.uom.gr
  • 6. University CoursesWindows Linux OpenOffice.org Suite Writer Calc Presentations Attribution NonCommercial Internet browser ShareAlike Mozilla Firefox Mail client Mozila Thunderbird Operating System Ubuntu Linux
  • 7. FreeMoodle CoursesContent Update Course Setup Call For Participation Run eCourse
  • 8. • Course duration: 9 weeks – 1st week: Get familiarized and Install LO – 9th week: Assessment• Content delivering: Labels, Pages, Lessons• Learning activities: Quizzes, Assignments• Feedback activities: Choices, Feedback• Certificate http://www.freemoodle.org/course/view.php?id=20
  • 9. 1 st run -• Audience: 18 - 55 ages• Number of participants: 22• Number of graduated: 16• Location of participants: All over the Greece
  • 10. 2 nd run -• Audience: 18 - 52 ages• Number of participants: 10• Number of graduated: 6• Location of participants: All over the Greece
  • 11. The majority of participants: • Found LO particularly interesting • The course content and structure helpfull • Moodle and Asynchronous eLearning method very effective • Spent 1-3 hours per week/module • Are interested to participate in more LO courses
  • 12. Teacher: • Spend 2 months to update the content and create the course • Needed around 2 hours to facilitate each week/module • Felt satisfied • Want want to run another course in FM
  • 13. Interesting (e)teaching experience ~ Vasilis Palilis, Calc Teacher
  • 14. • Course duration: 8 weeks – 1st week: Get familiarized and Install LO – 8th week: Assessment• Content delivering: Labels, Lessons• Learning activities: Lessons, Quizzes, Assignments• Feedback activities: Feedback• Certificate http://www.freemoodle.org/course/view.php?id=132
  • 15. 1 st run -• Audience: 20 – 55 ages• Number of participants: 33• Number of graduated: not yet, still running• Location of participants: from all Greece
  • 16. Participants seem to: • Found LO interesting • Get used Moodle easily • Enjoy the flexibility of Asynchronous eLearning • Feel comfortable and confident with the (e)class feeling
  • 17. Teacher: • Spend 2 months to update the content and create the course • Needed around 6 hours per week/module • Feel satisfied
  • 18. Students great response and positive feedback in oureffort is the only reward for us and gives us strength to continue. ~ George Chalatzoglidis, Impress Teacher
  • 19. GreekLug Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS/OSS A NPO/NGO for the adoption of Open Standards and the promotion of Free Softwarehttp://www.greeklug.gr
  • 20. GreekLugRecent activity: • Support work and donation to the 4th Elementary School of Pilea • Support work and donation to the Social Solidarity Clinic • Donation and support activity to the Elliniko Pediko Xorio (Hellenic Childrens Shelter) • School seminar: a presentation of Free Software
  • 21. Future plans: • Update old content • Invent a Certification on OSS
  • 22. Thank you!Questions?