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Social Intranet & Collaboration

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Social Intranet & Collaboration

  1. 1. American Hospital AssociationSocial Intranet & Collaboration Presented By Jack MacKay, VP/CIO Karthik Chakkarapani, IT Director Technology Solutions & Operations
  2. 2. About AHAAmerican Hospital Association (AHA) is the National Organization that represents andserves all types of hospitals, health care networks, and their patients and communities Represents 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks & providers of care Represents 12 personal membership groups that comprises 40K+ members. Ensures members perspectives and needs are heard & addressed in national health policy development, legislative and regulatory debates, and judicial matters. Is the voice of members in Washington, earning respect and attention from political, opinion leaders and the media. Focus on federal relations, policy, and communications has resulted in a strong record of changing the thinking of Congress and the executive branch. Brings value in the form of service and leadership to the hospital field to promote a higher performing health care delivery system. Provides hospital leadership, professional development, performance improvement & excellence. 2
  3. 3. AHA’s Vision, Mission, Values Vision A society of healthy communities, where all individuals reach their highest potential for health Mission To advance the health of individuals and communities; the AHA leads, represents andserves hospitals, health systems and other related organizations that are accountable to the community and committed to health improvement Values People…Integrity…Leadership…Diversity…Collaboration…Excellence…Innovation 3
  4. 4. Who We Are? What We Do?Advocacy & Member Relations Hospital Operations (AHA Solutions)Policy leadership, federal relations, Advancing the adoption of excellentcommunications & resource Center practices/solutionsInformation & Media (Health Community Health (ACHI)Forum) Strengthening community health &Helping leaders to advance delivery of community benefithospital strategy and performance R&D (HRET/HPOE)Hospital Professionals (PMGs) Transforming health care throughAdvancing professional research, education anddevelopment and capacity dissemination Core Organizational Functions & Services Physician Leadership Initiative (PLI)Trustees/Boards (CHG) Optimizing operationalDeveloping excellence & Advancing excellence in patient care effectiveness & efficiencyaccountability in governance Information Technology Finance, HR, Admin Diversity in Leadership (IFD)Nursing Leadership (AONE) Legal, Meetings, Travel Expanding health care leadershipShaping health care delivery opportunities for ethnically,through innovative nursing culturally, and racially diverseleadership individuals 4
  5. 5. Business Needs & Challenges Improve & Increase Communication & Collaboration across the Organization Provide New ways for a diverse group of AHA Business units & Employees with different Skills & Expertise to Interact, Communicate, Collaborate & Share information and ideas efficiently Foster Innovation & Creativity across the organization to attain Performance Excellence & Process Improvements Break-down Silos across business units and Tap collective intelligence to solve challenges Facilitate Learning and Capture Knowledge on best practices, standards and methodologies Discover People, Skills, Expertise and relevant Information quickly & easily Manage & Collaborate on Projects & Initiatives effectively & efficiently Provide a Central hub for Information Management, Aggregation & Delivery - Social tools, Seamless integration to SaaS Apps with Single Sign-On, Shared Services, News & Updates, Events, Calendar, Enhanced Security & IT Self-Service functions 5
  6. 6. Solution Social Intranet & Collaboration Platform Effective Communication + Collaboration + Interaction + Sharing Knowledge & Ideas Leads toProcess Improvement, Process Excellence, Break Down Silos, Creativity & Innovation across the Organization 6
  7. 7. Social Architecture 7
  8. 8. Social Intranet - Features & Business ValueFeatures Business Value Social Networking  Discover colleagues and follow people who will be helpful to you Microblogging  Accelerate and improve communication and collaboration among the people Collaborative Groups and teams you work with Distributed Spreadsheets  Share ideas and solutions Dashboard  Harness innovation and creativity Wiki Workspaces  Create a hub of information, ideas and expertise on important topics Collaborative Blogs  Get a rich picture of the people behind the work Desktop Application  Bridge across silos and start conversations with ease Mobile Application  Effectively tap the collective intelligence of co-workers Application Connect  Share quick updates with your team in a targeted way Single Sign-On  Manage and collaborate on projects and initiatives Intranet  Single Sign-On to Enterprise Applications, IT Self-Service Self-Service  Run queries against Enterprise Applications systems/data and collaborate on the results 8
  9. 9. Benefits & Process Improvements Next & New Generation Social Intranet, Collaboration platform & Information Hub Improved Communication, Collaboration & Interaction between Management & Employees Achieved Effective & Efficient way for Strategy Alignment & Business Unit Initiatives Provided quick & easy access to AHA’s knowledge base, resources, information, updates & events Achieved Effective & Efficient way for Project Management, Collaboration & Communication Increased Awareness of IT Strategy, Services, Support, Projects & Initiatives Improved Collaboration & Communication between Shared Services & Employees Eliminated Email Communication on Projects, News & Updates & Alerts Fostered Innovation & Creativity across the organization and generated a lot of ideas/solutions 9
  10. 10. Nursing Leadership (AONE) –Collaboration & Communication Task Force Explore how AONE can better meet the needs of members from small, rural and critical access hospitals and develop a plan to present to the board Benefits & Business Value  Found relevant information faster and easier  Got additional resources & articles  Discovered people & expertise quickly  Formed a new group for collaboration  Information is now available & searchable  Task force is on “Schedule” 10
  11. 11. Strategy Alignment & Initiatives Benefits Efficient Strategy Alignment to Projects  Dynamic & Automatic Strategic Mapping  Improved Communication, Collaboration & Interaction among Management & Employees  Efficient Project Management Collaboration  Increased Employee awareness of Strategies & Goals  Find relevant information faster and easier  Share ideas, comments & solutions faster & easily  Fosters innovation & creativity to problems  Drive towards Organized Communication  Eliminate Email Communication 11
  12. 12. Project Management & Collaboration Benefits & Business Value Improved Communication, Collaboration & Interaction on projects among Management & Teams  Efficient Project Management & Collaboration  Efficient Document Management & Collaboration  Increased Employee awareness of projects initiatives  Why, Who, What, When, How?  Find project updates & status via Signals faster  Share ideas, comments & solutions or ask questions easily via blogs, signals, groups and workspaces  Subscribe to Project Communication & Updates  Fosters Innovation & Creativity  Drive towards Organized Communication  Eliminate Email Communication 12
  13. 13. IT Service Management & Support Benefits & Business Value  Direct communication between CIO, IT Teams, Business Units & Employees  Improved Communication & Collaboration  Increased Employee awareness of IT Services & Support available (Service Catalog – ITIL V3)  Seamless Access & SSO to SaaS Applications  Seamless integration to Box.Net & Delve (Video)  Find IT relevant Information & Updates faster  IT Self-Service, FAQs, Self-help Resources  Improved Customer Service & Satisfaction  Drive towards Organized Communication  Eliminated Email Communication 13
  14. 14. Technology Architecture & SSO 14
  15. 15. Demo/Contact Info Click here to view a short video presentation & demo Jack MacKay, VP/CIO Karthik Chakkarapani, IT Manager 15