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Drive Business Transformation thru Enterprise Collaboration & Gamification - Enterprise 2.0 Conference
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Drive Business Transformation thru Enterprise Collaboration & Gamification - Enterprise 2.0 Conference



Drive Business Transformation thru Enterprise Collaboration & Gamification - Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Drive Business Transformation thru Enterprise Collaboration & Gamification - Enterprise 2.0 Conference



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Drive Business Transformation thru Enterprise Collaboration & Gamification - Enterprise 2.0 Conference Drive Business Transformation thru Enterprise Collaboration & Gamification - Enterprise 2.0 Conference Presentation Transcript

  • Drive Business Transformation throughEnterprise Collaboration & Gamification June 21, 2012 Karthik Chakkarapani Senior Solution Architect Enterprise Strategic Services I. Salesforce.com, Chicago, IL in/chakraj
  • Agenda 2012 Technology Trends Top Business Drivers, Needs & Challenges State of IT Drive Business Transformation? Enterprise Collaboration – Overview, Value, Strategy, Adoption, Model Enterprise Gamification – Overview, Value, Trends, Strategy Collaboration + Gamification – Value? Sample Business Use Cases Q&A Disclaimer: I am an employee of Salesforce.com, the materials may not represent the views of my employer 2
  • Top Technology TrendsBusiness Drivers, Needs & Challenges 3
  • Social Media Revolution“The ROI of social media is that your business will exist in 5 years” 4
  • Trends - Social Business & Collaboration 5
  • Trends - Consumerization of IT (CoIT)/Mobiltiy 1.2B mobile workforce users by 2013 6
  • Trends - Cloud Computing 7
  • Trends - GamificationBy 2014, 70% of Organizations will have Gamified Applications 8
  • Trends - Big Data/Analytics 35T GB by 2020 Source: Intel 9
  • Business Needs/Challenges Internal Improve Discover experts Increase Speed of Generate New Improve EmployeeCommunication & quickly & easily Access to Knowledge Product Ideas & Engagement &Collaboration Solutions Satisfaction Tap Collective One-Stop Hub for Improve Knowledge Improve Business Access from Any Intelligence to Information Capture & Retention Process Efficiency Device, Time, Solve Issues Location
  • Business Needs/Challenges External Improve Discover experts Increase Speed of Foster New Ideas, Increase EffectivenessCommunication & quickly & easily Access to Knowledge Innovation & of MarketingCollaboration CreativityImprove Customer Speed of Time to Decrease Costs – Improve Customer Increase Network Support & Market on New Marketing, Support, Engagement & Effect Satisfaction Products & Services Communication Retention
  • IT Business Drivers & Forces 12
  • Future State of CIO Source: CIO Executive Council 13
  • Key Business Driver – It’s You
  • Drive Business Transformation? Value Created ? Gamification Collaboration 15
  • Enterprise CollaborationOverview, Benefits & Value
  • Enterprise CollaborationCommunication Collaboration Share Knowledge Share Ideas/Solutions Naturally Leads toProcess Excellence Improvement Break Down of Silos Creativity & Innovation Culture of Sharing
  • Key Tenets of CollaborationPeople Data Process Context + + +
  • Business Benefits & Value • Improved Collaboration & Communication • Improved Employee Engagement & Satisfaction • Improved Productivity & Efficiency • Better Knowledge Capture & Retention • Discover Experts & Information quickly & easily • Foster Innovation & Creativity • Smart Enterprise & Workplace • More Transparency – Top-Down/Bottom-Up • Break-down of Silos • Drive towards Culture of Sharing
  • Strategy & Approach – Key to Success Strategy – Start with a clear, specific intent in mind Technology – Invest in technology designed around user behavior Organization – Create new structures/practices that support collaboration Personal Engagement – Catalyze individual discretionary efforts
  • Strategy & Approach – Vision to Value Prepare -> Architect -> Construct ->Validate -> DeployAssessment Requirements/Design Deploy SolutionUnderstand the environment Functional/Technical Reqs Roll-out Strategy?Current Technology Landscape Map to business needs & value Champions, Evangelists?Organization Readiness? Platform Solution Communication/MarketingCompelling Strategy Map to Collaboration Capabilities Purpose?Vision, Goals, Objectives? High-level Solution Architecture Management Communication? Business Benefits & ValueBusiness Use Case Adoption Strategy/Plan Success StoriesKey Business Drivers? Goals, Objectives?Operation Exceptions? Adoption plan Training/Road ShowsMetrics? 101 Training, Hands-On Communication/Training PlanRoad-map/Plan Communication types Listen, Monitor, AnalyzeHigh-level Transformation Plan Delivery types, Collateral Continuous Improvement Feedback LoopSteering Committee Change/Risk Management Measure against MetricWho? Roles? Responsibilities? Change Plan, Impact AnalysisDecision Matrix? Organization Structure Changes Community ManagementMembers? Culture & Process Changes Community Managers Drive & Execute Adoption Click here for more info
  • Collaboration ArchitectureConsiderations, Solution Mapping, Reference Model
  • Architecture – Key Considerations Collaboration is much more than just the “Technology” Successful Collaboration is not a “One Size fits all” architecture approach Selective architecture components that help meet identified business use cases Scalable , Flexible, Extensible & Adaptive architecture frameworks to align and evolve with the organization needs Interoperability & Openness to access info from any device, any application User Adoption & Usage are the primary indicators of success
  • Identify The “Right” Business Use Cases Identify Define Identify Solution Opportunity/ Collaboration Metrics & Value Mapping Exception CapabilitiesIdentify the right Identify business Identify desired Map collaborationopportunity/ metrics for success collaboration capabilities to platformexception operations/financial capabilities capabilities/features• Can collaboration • Operating metrics & • Facilitate Collaboration • Profileaddress this exceptions • Manage Info • Blogopportunity? • Department (s) • Discover Experts • Forums• What are the potential • How will you monitor, • Knowledge Capture • Sharebusiness benefits & measure & analyze? • Foster Innovation • Contentvalue? • Social Business • Ideas Process • APIs/Mobile
  • Sample Collaboration Architecture Reference One-Stop Hub
  • Deployment Approach Maturity Model
  • Business Processes – Value Created Collaboration, Social Intranet, Business Application Integration, Strategy Alignment, Project Document Management SSO Management• Culture of openness • Ease of access • Improved alignment of strategy• Find expert s quickly • Improved business processes and projects across the• Collaboration effectiveness • Centralize identity mgmt organization• Provides a single “source of • Effective Communication • Increased Strategy awarenesstruth” for information • Increased productivity • Taps the collective intelligence• Eliminate email as the medium • Contextual Collaboration • Foster innovation and creativityfor content sharing • Improved project collaboration
  • Business Processes – Value Created Knowledge Base, Ideas, Customer & Partner Gamification Innovation Center Communities, Monitoring • Increases participation in key• Knowledge retention • Integrated customer portals and programs• Centralized knowledge communities • Expedites learning & mastery of• Find knowledge quickly and • Integrated partner networks new skillseasily • Speed of information sharing • Facilitates and improves adoption• Culture of openness • Tap the collective intelligence of new technologies• Improved creativity and • Fosters engagement ,innovation performance & motivation
  • Collaboration AdoptionChallenges, Obstacles & Strategies
  • Adoption & Usage Challenges ‘People , Process or Technology Related” Obstacles Not useful… • Lack of understanding on the value/intent of• Is not required to get any work done social media in a business context• Requires one more login/password • Lack of management engagement• Not all the employees are on the platform • Organization structure not ready• Cannot discover expertise • Business/IT divide and hold-up• Cannot find information • Demonstrate ROI for acceptance• More “white noise” • No Community Management• Not used for organization communication • Internal Resistance – Culture, Change• Cannot collaborate on business data • Lack of business context/app integration • “Above the Flow” process • View it as “Optional” use for collaboration • Too many collaboration tools
  • Adoption & Usage Maturity CurveEarly Adoption -> Critical Mass Adoption -> Mainstream Adoption -> Sustainable Adoption Source – Deloitte
  • Drive Adoption?Office Water Cooler Effect Add Water - Find disparate sources of info News, updates, documents, blogs, forums, feeds, wikis, websites Identify Thirstiest Groups? - Who will benefit from Collaboration Employees, teams, customers, partners, customer support, help desk Keep Adding Water – Recruit Evangelists/Champions Who are well connected, social network users, collaboration tool users, active in community Find New Sources of Water Business applications, contextual information, email, chat, digital media, projects, strategy, ideas, problems
  • Drive Adoption? Prescription Effect Must have Information/Content (Social Intranet) News, Updates, Alerts, Help Desk, Corporate Services,Get them in the door… FAQs, Policies & Procedures, Single Sign-On Knowledge Base Product Information, FAQs, Roadmap, Community, Answers, Articles, Whitepapers, Best Practices Business Applications Integrated & contextual information from ERP, CRM, BI, Document Management Systems Business Operations Idea Center, Strategy, Projects, Sales & Marketing collateral, Financial Information
  • Adoption Strategies#1 Establish a Clear Purpose #2 Identify/Engage Champions #3 Help Leadership & Influencers Set The Tone/Message #4 Connect to #5 Invest in Strategic #6 Do Consumer Business Purposes & Community Management Style MarketingMeasure on Business Results
  • Adoption Strategies#7 User Training #8 Engage Key #9 Reward Usage,“Draw Them In” Stakeholders/Evangelists Contribution & Participation#10 Share Success #11 Socialize Business #12 Build Trust & Culture Stories Processes of Sharing
  • Enterprise GamificationOverview & Business Benefits 36
  • What Gamification Is Not “It’s not about playing Games at Work”
  • Do Badges Make a Great Soldier?
  • What about Taekwondo Belts?
  • What Motivates & Engages People? Escalators to Stairs 40
  • What Motivates & Engages People? Speeding Tickets 41
  • Gamification is a Means to an End1. Customer Engagement and Loyalty2. Employee Engagement and Productivity3. Sales and Service Improvements4. Better Collaboration and Innovation5. Increased Business Results
  • Gamification is About Human Motivation “Want-To”Performance Discretionary Performance “Have-To” Minimum Requirements Time Source: CLG
  • Gamification Theory1. Autonomy: We Like Having Choices2. Mastery: We Like to Overcome Challenges3. Progress: We Like to Get Better at What We Do4. Purpose: Meaning Amplifies What We Do5. Social: Means More With Others
  • Current Employee State? Less than 1/3 of the Workforce is Engaged - $300B Loss AnnuallyEngaged & Motivated at Home Less Engaged & Motivated at Work 45
  • Enterprise Gamification What’s the Business Value? Business ValueGamification is the application of Game Mechanics & Principles into Non-Gaming environments to improve “Engagement”,“Motivation” & meet “Desired Outcomes” by tapping inherent Human Motivations • Increases participation in key programs • Expedites learning & mastery of new skills • Facilitates and improves adoption of new technologies & business processes • Improves Collaboration & Innovation • Fosters engagement , performance & motivation 46
  • Gamification Trends 47
  • Gamification Trends 48
  • Gamification Characteristics Performance • Real-time feedback •Transparency • Goal Setting Achievement • Badges • Leveling Up • On Boarding & Mastery Social Interaction • Competition • Teams 49
  • GamificationHow does it Drive Business Transformation? Targeting Work Activities to Reward Desired Behavior Source: Zdnet 50
  • Gamification + CollaborationWhat’s the Business Value? 51
  • Gamification Strategy & StepsUnderstand Gamification Level Up DesignIs it the same as designing a game? How to keep motivation & engagement high?Why does it work? How to make it competitive?Can it replace good content? Design the Level Up mechanismDo I need a community? How can user go to higher levels?Map Goals to Business Needs Badges & TrophiesUnderstand business goals What type of badges and trophies?Understand the users Map it to business goals, objectives & outcomesMap solution for both user experience & goals How to earn these? Level of effort?Determine Outcomes Rewards DesignPrioritize actions that users need to take When to reward users? Virtual goods?Determine success metrics What rewards needs to be given?Determine baseline measures Design Leader boards to foster competitionRecognition Design Mobile, Social Media & CollaborationHow to recognize/reward users? (Points) What communities need to be integrated?Design a point scale system with users Integrate with other communication channelsBasic, Experience, Premium points? Integrate with collaboration news feedHow many points needs to be assigned? Access from any deviceHow can the users use their points? 52
  • Use Cases & Business Value Call Center Sales Training & Development Customer Community Customer SupportTaps Competitiveness Increased Response Quick Mastery of New Sustains Long Term Times Skills Engagement & LoyaltyIncreases Motivation Delivers Superior Improves Adoption of Connect w/Customers 1:1Drives Collaboration Customer Service New Technologies Drives CollaborationAccurate Pipeline Data Drives Collaboration Drives Collaboration Increases Issue ResolutionKeep CRM Data Updated Improves Knowledge Increases Workplace by Community Capture & Retention Engagement & Motivation 53
  • Gamification in Consulting - Deloitte “Take Engagement & Learning to the Next Level” 54
  • Gamification in Healthcare – Aetna/Mind Bloom “Help Drive Healthy Habits” 55
  • Gamification in Banking - Barclays “Engage & Reward Customers” 56
  • Gamification in Hospitality – Marriott International “Expand in growth markets outside the U.S., and seek to attract more Millennials” 57
  • Gamification in Job Search – Identified.com “Socialize & Gamify Job Search” 58
  • Gamification in Consumer Electronics – Verizon Wireless & Samsung “Engage Customers, Drive Participation & Reward Loyalty” 59
  • Achieve Business Transformation Revenue Growth & Sales Motivated & Engaged Employees, Customers & Partners Customer Engagement & Loyalty Collaboration With Customers & Partners Employee Adoption & Mastery of New Skills/Technologies Speed to Market of New Products/Services Customer Support & Services Accuracy of Business Data Efficient Business Processes Drive Towards Innovation, Creativity & Transparent Organization Discover Expertise & Info Quickly Drive Towards Contextual Collaboration One Stop Information Hub Collaboration & Communication, Knowledge Retention & Capture Across the Organization 60
  • Thank You For Your Attention Karthik Chakkarapani kchakkarapani@salesforce.com kchakkarapani@yahoo.com LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/chakraj Blog - karthikchakkarapani.wordpress.com Pinterest - www.pinterest.com/chakraj 61