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Remote tech enhancements 2012 eug 20121103

Remote tech enhancements 2012 eug 20121103



Presentation from 2012 EUG. Covers enhancements from 2011.4 to 2012.2, plus Q3 planned and Q4 and beyond

Presentation from 2012 EUG. Covers enhancements from 2011.4 to 2012.2, plus Q3 planned and Q4 and beyond



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    Remote tech enhancements 2012 eug 20121103 Remote tech enhancements 2012 eug 20121103 Presentation Transcript

    • Remote Tech Features For Releases 2011.Q4 2012.Q1 2012.Q2 And BeyondPlus a sneak preview of our newly announced product, Remote Service Manager! 1
    • Tech AnyWare  General Information (801) 709-2730  Upgrade Assistance info@tech-anyware.com.  Demonstrations Charles Erwin  New Licenses (801) 709-2733 Office  Product literature (512) 810-0933 Mobile cerwin@tech-anyware.com  Webinar schedules  Demonstrations  New updates  New products11/11/2012 2
    • 11/11/2012 3
    • 2011.Q4 Configure Features by Tech(s) or all Techs. Available on all options11/11/2012 4
    • 2011.Q4 Configure Features by Tech(s) or all Techs. Available on all options11/11/2012 5
    • 2011.Q4 Techs can change their Password.11/11/2012 6
    • *2011.Q4 Tech can Create Inventory Requests AllowInventoryRequests *Feature Option Feature name11/11/2012 7
    • † 2011.Q4 Each Tech – Option for Unique Call List View Custom Call List for Technician Ann Surely. Tech Gus Pike to view calls with this view.11/11/201 †Configured by creating a custom call list file for each tech. Associated in UseCustomListConfig 82
    • † 2011.Q4 Call List: New optional columns: Bill Code, Priority, Contract Type. * † Configured by editing the Config file rather than a Feature option.11/11/2012 9
    • *2011.Q4 Transfer from company & customer warehouses. AllowCustomerOnSiteWHTransfers Customer On-Site Warehouses Transfer allowed when the Tech is Dispatched to a Service Call and the Warehouse is associated with the: • The equipment on the Service Call or; • The customer identified on the equipment location or; • The Equipment customer or; • The Service call customer. Structural Engineering, Customer On-Site Warehouse11/11/2012 10
    • Call Summary11/11/2012 11
    • Call Summary 2012.Q2 *2012.Q1 AllowRecivedTimeEdit 2012.Q2 Now scrollable . *2012.Q1 AllowDescriptionEdit11/11/2012 12
    • Call Summary 2012.Q2 Sales Rep. 2012.Q1 Contract Number 2012.Q2 Installation date. 2012.Q1 Warranty expiration.2011.Q4  Equipment replaced on a call, change bill code & remove meter readings.  Non-metered equipment swapping.11/11/2012 13
    • *2012.Q2 IP & MAC addresses editable – (8.0 only). Call Summary AllowIPAddressEdit AllowMACAddressEdit11/11/2012 14
    • Call Summary 2012.Q2 History Link now available for On-Hold calls & calls accessed via Call Search.11/11/2012 15
    • 2012.Q2 Bar code scanning, iOS and Android Via 3rd Party applications.11/11/2012 16
    • *2012.Q2 Multiple bins for Tech Warehouse ExtendedWarehouseSupport11/11/2012 17
    • *2012.Q2 Add items from any bin in the Tech’s 1 warehouse. ExtendedWarehouseSupport Add serialized items 2 *2012.Q2 3 Use items from a customer warehouseExtendedInventorySupport *2012.Q2 4 Allow non-inventory items *2012.Q2 5 Allow Expense Items ExtendedInventorySupport 1 1 2 3 4 5 11/11/2012 18
    • *2012.Q2 Allow pre-ordering materials ExtendedInventorySupport Tech “pre-orders” the part before dispatching to the call.11/11/2012 19
    • *2012.Q2 New feature settings for Allocating Inventory ExtendedInventorySupport11/11/2012 20
    • *2012.Q2 Show Item Prices ShowItemPrices Show Item Pricing Settings – Techs can do the following: *Customer Specific Price *Tech can add an additional discount. *Tech can choose not to bill the item.11/11/2012 21
    • *2012.Q2 Average Monthly Volume ShowAvgMontlyVolumeInfo2012.Q1 Meters sorted by type. ShowMeterCredits FORCE AllowLiveMeterForce ShowAvgMonthlyVoumeInfo 11/11/2012 22
    • 2012.Q2 Misc now displays Standard Adjustment from e-automate – Tech can elect to not use it. If AllowLaborEdit enabled, Labor Menu appears.11/11/2012 23
    • * 2012.Q2 Tech restricted to editing their own labor AllowLaborEdit If AllowLaborEdit enabled, Labor Menu appears.11/11/2012 24
    • * 2012.Q2 With the restriction enabled Tech can only edit their labor. AllowLaborEdit11/11/2012 25
    • *2012.Q2 Techs can add, edit, and review notes: Call, Work Order, Make, Customer, Contract, Caller, and Tech. ShowCallNotes *Features Admin - which notes to display. *Notes can be read only.11/11/2012 26
    • * 2012.Q1 Verification Tech can choose a question GatherVerificationInformation from the drop down menu. Questions are defined by the Administrator Verification Options: • Upon arrival • Upon departure • Both • None11/11/2012 27
    • * 2012.Q1 Tech enters Verification information for proof that the Tech was at the customer’s office. GatherVerificationInformation11/11/2012 28
    • *2012.Q1 Verification information from customer. GatherVerificationInformation Service Call History showing Verification from RT. Remote Tech Service Call History.11/11/2012 29
    • *2012.Q1 Verification information from customer. GatherVerificationInformation e-automate Service Call Notes.11/11/2012 30
    • 2012.Q1 Credits shown upon call completion. ShowMeterCredits11/11/2012 31
    • *2012.Q1 Tech can email Service Call Summary to the customer as call is completed, or for previous calls. SendServiceCallSummary 2012Q2 Tech can now preview the Summary.11/11/2012 32
    • *2012.Q1 Emailed Service Call Summary (PDF). SendServiceCallSummary11/11/2012 33
    • *2012.Q1 Create Service Calls for unknown equipment. AllowUnknownEquipment Free form EntryTech can request that newequipment to be created.11/11/2012 34
    • Upon invoicing the call in e-automate, New Equipment Add screen automatically appears. Appears if Tech checked Create equipment on invoice on the previous screen.11/11/2012 35
    • Bug Fixes 2011.Q4 • Travel, labor, overtime not always updating after arrive/depart. • Some Smartphones did not size pages correctly. • Invalid user consumes licenses. • Reassign rescheduled call to unassigned. • When equipment is replaced on a call, change bill code & remove meter readings. 2012.Q1 • Caller contacts preserved when rescheduling calls. • Correct department assigned on materials. • Now recognizes Billing Account Code overrides properly. • Redirect to Tech Login if session times out. 2012.Q2 • 8.0, sort calls for techs from e-automate now honored. • Service Call Summary displays if call is dispatched but not arrived. • Entire problem description now visible in Call Summary. • Verification on completion no longer required. • Verification(s) now appear if odometer reading popups are cancelled.11/11/2012 36
    • 2012.Q3 Enhanced Time Tracking• Helps techs fill-in daily time gaps.• Auto fill-in small gaps.• Easily used on a Smartphone. 11/11/2012 37
    • 2012.Q3 Enhanced Time Tracking11/11/2012 38
    • 2012.Q3 Other features • Technician Assists. • Display next and last PM date and meter information. • Pricing information on the Service Call Summary. • Configure Call Type options when creating a call.11/11/2012 39
    • Q4 and Beyond11/11/2012 40
    • • Native app for Android. • Native app for iOS. • Inventory Management History. • Item Usage History. • Enhanced End Customer Experience (ETA). • Time Tracking – End of Day Processing. • RT 2.0 – Apps and Enhanced Web UI. • Notification Center.11/11/2012 41
    • Introduces REMOTESERVICEMANAGER ™ Leverage the power of ™ to manage your service team Using a mobile device in the field:  Monitor the performance of your teams;  Drill down on key service-related information;  Contact customers and technicians;  Provide assistance in mission-critical activities. Remote Service Manager, empowers service managers to be in the right places at the right time to guide their teams to success.11/11/2012 42
    • ™ REMOTESERVICEMANAGER Service and Customer History - Equipment & Item History11/11/2012 43
    • ™ REMOTESERVICEMANAGER Service related reports from the field11/11/2012 44
    • ™ REMOTESERVICEMANAGER Technician and Customer Mapping  Integrated with Google Maps  Manager can see locations of  Technicians, color coded by status  Service call locations11/11/2012 45