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Presented 12/7/2010

Presented 12/7/2010



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  • Rough guide, flexible
  • -3 major standards right now-Just in the last 3 years
  • -My first mobile browser – RAZR-bus stop schedule, but that’s it-WAP, etc.
  • -Android & iPhone (mobile Safari) browsers-Actually usable!-Regular sites on mobile browsers-Still not ideal
  • -Sites designed with mobile usability concerns in mind.-Large links, big fonts, simple, etc.
  • Smartphones to overtake regular featurephones in market penetration by late 2011
  • matter of UI/usability concerns more than anything else
  • -Explosion of options, full time job-So many minor tweaks-Slightly out of date – Droid 2, BB Torch, etc-Let’s look at the latest and greatest from iOS/Android/BB
  • -Released June ‘10-How many have this?
  • -iOS – name change – like Windows, OSX, etc-Smooth user experience is key-Prime concern: function. Advanced functionality too tricky to implement? Don’t do it.-250k apps (9/10)– what does that really mean? Vibrancy & health-Games
  • -Evernote-Gowalla-Pandora-U-Verse DVR control-Stanza-Dropbox-Foursquare-iLevel
  • Android-Evo: Sprint-Droid X: Verizon-Not just one device, no single “Android phone”-Verizon’s Droid line of phones - branding-50+, this collage is already old
  • -Android is an OS, not a phone-Open source OS,tweakable-fragmentation issues?
  • NY TimesFacebookDesktop – customizability/widgetsRdioCardiotrainerListenDropbox – some apps are on multiple platformsGoogle Maps – tight integration of Google servicesQuality improved lately, but chicken or egg?
  • -I know least about these-Firsthand experience is key-Newest BB attempt to compete with Android & iPhone-RIM, always been messaging-centric-Legacy of pagers/e-mail/etc.
  • -I don’t have one to play with, but here’s examples from website-Pandora-Facebook (who doesn’t have Facebook?)-NYT-Of course, Oregon Trail
  • -This is what it looked like when we started developing, different now-US stats only-Other= Palm, Windows, etc.
  • -Over time-iOS decreasing, but out of a larger number overall – still good-This is web. Apps are trickier to measure – what’s a pageview?This is really small overall – a few percent of all web traffic in U.S. – but easy to do!
  • These all differ slightly based on the surveyer
  • Blah blahblah, more stats. Different yet again. Useful for general trends only.
  • Mobile internet use is rising among teens – our future users!My anecdotal noticed difference btwn grad & undergrad students
  • -Main conflict to watchRIM yet to produce a truly viable competitorUsabilityInstall baseOpenness / tweakability (widgets, etc)App store guidelines-Best strategy incorporates both (& more?)Women slightly prefer iOS, Men prefer Android – ad influence?
  • Move on at 2:15Next:Designing a mobile library presence
  • Viewing design through a case study of the site we builtWebapp, works like this on iPhone, iPod touch, Android, some BlackBerries, Palm Pre, iPad (but…)Our design philosophy: nobody wants to do in-depth research via mobile-Resources to answer quick questions
  • Text us: 919-442-8ASK</a><a>919-966-9444</a>
  • Requested by usersInteractive, answers questions
  • How do you build this stuff?But first, any questions?
  • Do this survey informally – raise hands
  • App – installed program‘webapp’ – really just a webpage optimized for mobile use. Trendy term.
  • App: definite coolness factor, distribution via app storeiOS: $99 fee/year
  • As I just said,webapp can’t access hardware. But it can play nicely with apps that can, in some cases.Show video, barcode scanning exampleNot perfect, requires explanation, streamlining in the future
  • If you do want to go app… play with this firstTwo components – interface designer & ‘Blocks’Demo live:, invite only. -Limitations – no app store, etc.
  • App, not webappBut… we went webapp. I can’t code in Objective C, also cross-platform issuesWebapp can be purely by hand, or use framework to save work
  • Jason Clark: Head of Digital Access and Web Services at Montana State University Libraries-Grew out of his experimentationUTC: University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Jason Griffey
  • Designed to mimic iOS look & feel.-roots from original lack of apps-Open Source, active development communityView our site as live example
  • iUI is very simple code. So simple, can be automated!More on this later, with practical dev time
  • Live demoTest a framework early, test often through development
  • iUI’s simple HTMLcode means with a bit extra work, we got this tooNow you’ve got a framework. Just choosing at this point, no coding yet
  • Now, see what else you can pull in. Build an inventory.RSS: show our news feedXML: our catalogHours: just recentlyIM: Libraryh3lpeResources: not heavy usage, but why not if it’s easy?
  • Framework chosen, inventory built, put it together!
  • DCPL – first (?) lib iPhone app
  • -Optional, but recommended if at all possible-Adds interactivity, utility-Use case: looking up a call number / do you have X. Again, not deep research.
  • Other solution – like NCSU
  • Try to demo ‘find libraries near me’, if not then go to the NY view then Hofstra – is it in test mode? ask if anybody has insight-Provides both mobile web catalog & mobile app catalog-Prices:
  • Auto-forward vs. device-sensing link
  • Not giant numbers compared to site as a whole – maybe 1%-promotional value is immeasurable-loyal usersTheory re: dropoff in summer – only students have iphones? Staff have android/blackberries and stick around?At first, Android was virtually zero
  • The process is never done. Constantly tweaking, trying new things, updating to match tech
  • Youtube’s frustrations w/ built-in iPhone appOverall, greater interactivity

Library in your pocket Library in your pocket Presentation Transcript

  • Library in Your Pocket: Strategies for Developing Successful Mobile Services
    Chad Haefele
    Emerging Technologies Librarian
    UNC Chapel Hill
  • What I’ll be showing you
    An overview of the modern mobile/smartphone landscape
    A tour through our development process
    The building blocks you’ll need to do it yourself, and the decisions you’ll need to make along the way
    A mobile site generator, with playtime!
  • Schedule
    1:00 – Welcome and introductions
    1:15 – Overview and class survey
    1:30 – The modern mobile landscape
    2:15 – Designing a mobile library presence
    3:00 – Break & chat
    3:15 – Building a mobile library presence
    3:45 – Hands-on mobile site development
    4:45 - Final wrapup & questions
  • Quick poll
  • Why now?
  • The Old Browser
  • The New Browser
  • Even Better
  • Source:
  • Defining ‘mobile device’
  • iPhone 4
  • iOS devices
    iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
    Available only through AT&T
    Debuted in 2007
    Apps developed in Objective C
    More than 250,000 apps
  • Android
    HTC Evo
    Droid X
  • Android devices
    Too many to list
    Available on all major carriers
    Debuted in 2008
    Apps developed in Java
    More than 80,000 apps
  • BlackBerry Torch
  • Blackberry devices
    Too many to list
    Available on all major carriers
    Debuted in 1996 (sort of)
    More modern devices: 2005
    About 10000 apps
  • Which platform to support?
    Mobile web use
    (August 2010)
    Market share – devices sold
    (July 2010)
    Anon. 2010. August 2010 Mobile OS Share. Quantcast Blog. September 3.
    Anon. 2010. comScore Reports July 2010 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share -- RESTON, Va., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ --.
  • Source:
  • Updated stats
  • Source:, 11/2010
  • Other usage stats
  • Other usage stats
  • VS
  • ?
  • UNC Mobile site walkthrough
    + ‘View full site link’
  • UNC Mobile site walkthrough
  • Catalog
  • UNC Mobile site walkthrough
  • UNC Mobile site walkthrough
  • Block #1: Survey your users
    Plus 44 ‘other’ responses
    Data from Spring, 2009
  • Sample ‘Other’ responses:
    Cell phone
    Cheap free phone
    Braille Note
    Carrier pigeon
    Lame old phone :(
    My cheap phone that always has at least 2 bars
  • Block #2: Platform
  • Platform: App or Webapp?
    Java, Objective C
    Single platform
    Full hardware access(GPS, camera, etc)
    Can be used offline
    Tricky to get stats
    HTML, CSS, Javascript
    Multi-platform (maybe)
    Limited hardware access (GPS only)
    Requires web connection
    Standard webstats
  • Webapps play well with others
  • Android’s App Inventor
  • Other app development options
    Sencha Touch
  • Block #3: Framework
    Jason Clark’s:
  • Block #3: Framework
    Mobile site
  • Mobile site generator
  • Device testing
    iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Device testing
  • Device testing
    Text only
  • Block #4: Data sources & Outside systems
    RSS feeds
    Other systems
    Computer availability
    IM / text a librarian services
  • Block #5: Custom code
    iPhone app code
  • iUI code (webapp)
  • Block #6: Catalog
    Catalog options
    Do it yourself
    ILS vendor-provided solution
    3rd party product
  • Catalog: DIY
    Priority 1: Get a clean data feed
    XML feeds from ILS
    Yaz / Z39.50 (
    Other solution – tap into DB directly somehow
    Harass your vendors!
  • Catalog: DIY (at UNC)
    Endeca makes it all possible
    XML + php + Syndetics + iUI
  • Catalog: ILS solutions
    Airpac, from Innovative
  • Catalog: 3rd party product
    Library Anywhere
    “Works with 90% of current OPACs.”
  • Block #7: Promotion
  • Rough stats: Hits, 2010
    Block #8: Evaluate & Iterate
  • Rough stats: Catalog info, 2010
    Block #8: Evaluate & Iterate
  • Blocks (review)
    Data sources
    Custom code
    Evaluate & Iterate
  • HTML5 & more on the horizon
    Access to camera, GPS, mic, accelerometer, play video
    Google Reader:
  • This is not the end
    Slides online: