The 5 Trends behind the 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File


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During this webinar, Andrea Smith and I discuss the 5 critical email design and strategy trends that guided our selection of the 20 emails in the 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File.

We share research and plenty of real-world examples and discuss how savvy marketers are tapping into the power of these five trends, which are: (1) a growing need to personalize content, (2) a greater sophistication for triggered messages, (3) rendering that’s optimized for the platform, situation, person, and time of open, (4) a unique voice that’s more helpful than promotional, and (5) a continued evolution of the fundamentals

You can watch the video recording here:

And you can download the 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File report here:

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The 5 Trends behind the 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File

  1. 1. Your active participation is encouraged Please use the chat function and send to ‘All Panelist’ to ask questions
  2. 2. Webinar Follow-up Watch your inbox Presentation will be recorded and shared in a follow-up email.
  3. 3. @ETSwipeFile
  4. 4. The 5 Design Trends behind the 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File Andrea Smith Design Lead, Content Marketing & Research, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud @andreasmith77 Chad White Lead Research Analyst, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Author, Email Marketing Rules @chadswhite @ETSwipeFile
  5. 5. Five Key Email Marketing Trends On their own, the examples on the following pages are inspiring and thought- provoking. But together, they illustrate five trends that are shaping the future of email design and savvy marketing strategy. Advanced Personalization Triggered Sophistication Smart Rendering Unique Voice Inspired Fundamentals @ETSwipeFile
  6. 6. Advanced Personalization In the era of email engagement, greater relevancy is critical. Personalization that goes far beyond first-name merges is one way that marketers can make messages more relevant to individual subscribers. @ETSwipeFile
  7. 7. Six Factors 1 Who They Are 2 Who They Care About 3 What They Did 4 What Others Did in Reaction 5 What They Have 6 Where They Are @ETSwipeFile
  8. 8. OpenTable Send Date January 10, 2014 Subject Line Looks like you had a delicious year, Andrea! @ETSwipeFile
  9. 9. Related Pins Fitbit & Reliant @ETSwipeFile
  10. 10. Zulily Send Date November 13, 2013 Subject Line Toys! @ETSwipeFile
  11. 11. Zulily Send Date November 28, 2013 Subject Line Strider Sports is on zulily tomorrow! @ETSwipeFile
  12. 12. Triggered Sophistication Triggered emails are among the most effective emails you’ll ever send. Their outsized ROI has driven marketers to explore ways to make triggered emails ever better—with longer campaigns, smarter content, and better triggers. @ETSwipeFile
  13. 13. Lifecycle Marketing: Usage @ETSwipeFile 2014 State of Marketing
  14. 14. Lifecycle Marketing: Effectiveness @ETSwipeFile 2014 State of Marketing
  15. 15. ModCloth Send Date July 2013 Subject Line Celebrate 6 months with us - & enjoy a li’l prezzie! @ETSwipeFile
  16. 16. Pinterest Send Date March 2014 Subject Line You qualify for a Pinterest business account @ETSwipeFile
  17. 17. Smart Rendering Emails must adapt to and thrive in a variety of environments. Rendering tactics can ensure that your message is optimized for the platform, situation, person, and time of open. @ETSwipeFile
  18. 18. Smart Rendering • Defensive design • Responsive and mobile- aware email design @ETSwipeFile • Live content • Personalized images • Video and video .gifs
  19. 19. @ETSwipeFile
  20. 20. Sony PlayStation New Zealand Send Date April 20, 2013 Subject Line Save Cybertron with an exclusive PS Store offer @ETSwipeFile
  21. 21. Related Pins Bendon Lingerie & Mothercare @ETSwipeFile
  22. 22. 2014 State of Marketing Emails Read on a Mobile Device @ETSwipeFile
  23. 23. Mobile-Friendly Disconnects @ETSwipeFile 41% of brands send mobile- friendly emails
  24. 24. Mobile-Friendly Disconnects @ETSwipeFile 75% of brands use mobile- friendly landing pages However…
  25. 25. AT&T Send Date June 27, 2013 Subject Line Your tablet. Our network. Together, they’re better. @ETSwipeFile
  26. 26. @ETSwipeFile
  27. 27. UGG Australia Send Date March 9, 2014 Subject Line Tech News: Twinsole offers twice the comfort @ETSwipeFile
  28. 28. Additional video examples ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Spark & Famous Footwear @ETSwipeFile
  29. 29. Unique Voice Influenced by content marketing and social media engagement, marketing communication is undergoing a shift from promotional, corporate, and detached to helpful, conversational, and timely. @ETSwipeFile
  30. 30. Jonathan Adler Send Date July 22, 2013 Subject Line We’re Royally Excited @ETSwipeFile
  31. 31. Related Pins Marks & Spencer & Bonobos @ETSwipeFile
  32. 32. Boden UK Send Date December 25, 2013 Subject Line A note for naughty email readers… @ETSwipeFile
  33. 33. Inspired Fundamentals While marketers are constantly gaining shiny, new tools, they shouldn’t forget the fundamental messaging and design tactics that have been effective for years—like email content that’s on brand, focused, and sharable. @ETSwipeFile
  34. 34. Noun Project Send Date March 2014 Subject Line Please verify your Noun Project account @ETSwipeFile
  35. 35. Democratic National Committee Send Date October 1, 2013 Subject Line This day in history @ETSwipeFile
  36. 36. The Most Popular Selections Since releasing the 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File, we’ve been tracking reader response to the selections and have observed an interesting trend: The four most popular selections all involved other channels. In other words, they were all cross-channel campaigns. @ETSwipeFile
  37. 37. Starbucks Send Date November 6, 2013 Subject Line An offer just for you: 50% off your handcrafted espresso drink @ETSwipeFile
  38. 38. Sephora Send Date February 2014 Subject Line Your Foundation Matches @ETSwipeFile
  39. 39. Pinkberry Send Date March 2014 Subject Line We Miss You! @ETSwipeFile
  40. 40. Warby Parker Send Date November 27, 2013 Subject Line Booked solid @ETSwipeFile
  41. 41. Download the full report and get inspired: 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File • 5 Design Trends • 20 Emails • 47 Related Pins • All pins: @ETSwipeFile
  42. 42. Questions? Please type questions in the chat panel to ‘All Panelist’
  43. 43. The Future is Now Webinar July 29th at 2:00 pm EDT 6 Ways to Improve Your Customers’ Journey from Awareness to Action July 31st at 12:00 pm EDT Disrupting the Marketing Model with Journey Builder IntroducingIntroducing…
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