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Social Media Marketing Strategy
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Social Media Marketing Strategy


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Three social media marketing campaign case studies from Indianapolis Internet and social media marketing firm Firebelly Marketing.

Three social media marketing campaign case studies from Indianapolis Internet and social media marketing firm Firebelly Marketing.

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  • 1. Social Media Landscape
  • 2. The Top 10
  • 3. The 4 Cs of Social Media Community Connectivity Collaboration Conversation
  • 4. Conversations are positive...
  • 5. and not so positive...
  • 6. Case Study #1: J.C. Hart
  • 7. Goals Increase exposure and traffic to company site
  • 8. Goals • Increase the J.C. Hart website ranking in the Google SERPs for the term “Indianapolis apartments” • Increase J.C. Hart’s results in image and video searches • Be a market leader in social media and generate buzz with prospects and residents
  • 9. Strategies Create online “spaces” for residents and prospects
  • 10. Strategies • Replace traditional paper community newsletters with blogs. Each blog post contains backlinks to the J.C. Hart website with the term “Indianapolis apartments” • Establish Myspace and Facebook pages for each community. Use existing email lists to invite residents to join. • Create a Flickr account with property photos optimized for image search • Establish a YouTube channel and launch a resident video contest for user-generated content and testimonials
  • 11. Results Traffic to site up. Property occupancy rates ahead of industry averages by 10-15%
  • 12. The J.C. Hart website went from being ranked #530 in the Google SERPs for the term “Indianapolis apartments” to #14. *More work is being done to get site on the 1st page of the Google SERPs
  • 13. Top 10 Website Traffic Sources
  • 14. Top video & image search results for “Indianapolis apartments”
  • 15. Video contest a hit with residents and is getting good publicity
  • 16. Case Study #2: Mo’s Irish Pub
  • 17. Goals Launch restaurant and build community
  • 18. Goals • Help the restaurant launch in a new market using a combination of traditional and social media • Build buzz to build traffic for restaurant
  • 19. Strategies Build SNS-based communities and generate conversations
  • 20. Strategies • Create a Myspace community and target people 21+ who drink alcohol and live within a 5 mile radius of the pub. • Engage print and TV media on opening day and create online video for social media of opening day activities • Create an “I Love Mo’s Irish Pub” group on Facebook. Fans receive free T-shirt for joining • Distributed “virtual pints” to all new Myspace friends. These could be redeemed for real pints on “Myspace Monday” meetups • Create more results on first page of Google SERPs
  • 21. Results Huge opening with all launch goals being met and...
  • 22. Over 1,100 local friends on Myspace
  • 23. Thriving online community with ongoing conversations
  • 24. Increased traffic on Monday nights
  • 25. Identified & resolved a major customer dissatisfaction issue
  • 26. Featured in Hospitality Technology magazine
  • 27. Case Study #3: Yats
  • 28. Goals Generate awareness, online traffic, and traffic to the restaurants
  • 29. Goals • Duplicate Yats onsite energy in the online space • Converge traditional and social media • Increase website traffic • Create more Yats results in the Google SERPs • Increase the number of positive reviews online • Create awareness for Greenwood and Chicago store openings
  • 30. Strategies Extend community feel online and generate participation
  • 31. Strategies • Create Myspace and Facebook accounts to facilitate dialog online • Create Facebook profile for Joe Vuskovich allowing access and dialog that people generally are unable to obtain in the restaurant • Use these Myspace and Facebook pages to create awareness and generate traffic to new stores • Use online friends to recruit from for a Yats commercial to be posted on YouTube and other social media profiles
  • 32. Results Vibrant online community with insight and energy
  • 33. The Yats website receives over 7K visits a month. The online menu receives 5K visits a month. There are 10K patrons who eat at an Indiana Yats location every month.
  • 34. Increased content and positive reviews in Google SERPs
  • 35. Community of 5,000 members
  • 36. Hundreds of people volunteered to take part in Yats commercial
  • 37. Great turnout at launch of Greenwood & Chicago stores
  • 38. To learn more about how Firebelly Marketing can help you develop and implement a successful social media marketing campaign, visit us online at: