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  • I’m John Killoran. I have been in NM since 1993 and am happy to say, I have completely gone native. My lovely mom keeps asking when I am moving back home and all I can say is sorry mom. I have bad news for you.I’m originally from Philadelphia and one of the most famous things in Philly is Rocky Balboa…from the move Rocky. Now I was young when the movie came out and saw it as a 9 year old. I did not actually see this movie as an adult until just recently…and the movie really touched me…I saw why it won the academy awards and it has kind of gotten in psyche. So now, I am seeing @Pay as Albuquerque’s Rocky Balboa. We are a local company that is scrappy and talented and we got a bit of a lucky break by inventing something really cool. With a little luck, we could be world champs. @Pay is a new way to buy…it is a new way to pay for things…it is a big technology that can have profound impacts for online buying. It is about paying through email…through a secure exchange of emails…Imagine this….You receive an email from your favorite charity, you pull out your phone and go clck click…you just paid.You receive an email from your professional association, you pull out your phone and go, “Click, click” and you paid your membership duesYou receive an email from your favorite store, you go “click click” and that product is coming to your house. Imagine that with buying flowers, ordering pizzas. This is the world of @Pay…making it easier to buy things you love. You can do all of this without downloading an app. This is in email and email is already on every smartphone in the world. I   If everyone would look at their smartphone, you should have received an sample email from AED. Please Go ahead and open that email. This is a sample of what an @Pay email looks like. So imagine you just got this email from the Road Runner Food bank and you want to donate. Go ahead and click the button and use our technology…Don't worry, you will not be charged, this just demonstrates our technology. Also, AED is very protective of your privacy. This email was sent to you by them, we do not have your email. On that note, since it did not come from our technology stack, it may not work or render properly for everyone.
  • Email marketing is a huge industry. $68 billion was transacted in 2011 in response to email offers. Back then, most people were reading their email on a computer with a big screen. Back then, it was not that difficult to click the link and go to a website and do the 26 click check out. Back then, traditional email marketing did not have a problem. Now, in 2013, there are 1 billion smart phones in the world and 50% of all email is opened on a mobile device…a smartphone or tablet. A traditional web checkout Is just too difficult on a smartphone. What is needed is a simpler way to buy from email. I need to make a key distinction, everyone know what an app is correct? We all have some on our phone…in most cases, we had to download them and maintain them. We are not an app!!!!! This is a critical distinction…we are insulted when people call us an app. I am from Philadelphia and we have a joke about this…if some one calls us an app, we go all Rocky Balboa on them….”WHAT!! YOU CALLING ME AN APP. ARE YOU CALLING ME AN APP”.This is in email and email is already on every smartphone in the world.
  • Wesee @Pay as the solution. You all just did it...what is easier then two clicks. Our technology embeds payment buttons in your emails so that your customers can buy. Our technology streamlines the whole process. We started doing this back in September 2011 and our first customers were the Albuquerque Rescue Mission and the Road Runner Food Bank. We have signed up 30 plus organizations since then selling wine, flowers, tickets, membership renewals and many other products. We have perfected the product over this time. Most importantly, @Pay increases revenue for merchants and makes it easier for consumers. For our nonprofit clients, we have seen conversion rates that are 4 times better then industry average. they experienced a 25% to 46% repeat donation rate…which is tremendous. Some people donate every time. While I am biased of course, I can tell you I love to donate this way…it is so easy. Just recently we completed our biggest accomplishment…a totally automated system that will allow the big e commerce sites to access our technology
  • Since we released our automated solution, our sales have gone off the charts. we have signed 4 large organizations that will make our revenues increase exponentially. Even better, these organizations come from a diverse set of products. We have an online horse racing client, a traditional ecommerce client, a site that sells gift cards, and, most recently, one of the largest nonprofits in the country….Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), which is Head Quartered in White Plains, NY. We are the perfect tool for them—they have 12 million email addresses and supports who believe in their mission. Big PAUSELet’s take a closer look at the technology. Our favorite saying is that “@Pay is about 2 click buying…one to spend and one to send”.
  • Here it is:One to spend
  • And one to send…It is that easy and it is very secure. With @Pay, none of your credit card information is exposed…it is not in the email. The card information is kept safe with our partnership with VISA. They protect the card for us and when you get a new card, they automatically update it in our system. Also, once you have an @Pay account, you cant be phished…A few more points, once you buy from an online merchant or a website that is powered by @Pay, you will have an account and will never have to sign up again.
  • We have invested heavily in our IP. We have this way of buying covered from head to toe. We are constantly inventing new aspects of payment by email and expect to have 30 patents by the end of this year.
  • We are also easy for merchants to use…at just pennies a transaction and no upfront costs. It is easy on merchants to afford us, especially as we increase sales. There are no cost to the customer for having an @Pay account.
  • There are a lot of different payment technologies in the world, but no one who does what we do. None of these have a way to pay directly from email. What is really great, is that @Pay can work with all of these technologies, they do web and point of service…by parntering with us, we give them the best email option available.
  • Business is taking off. Here is a chart of our transactions since March…there is a clear trend. We are on boarding three of our largest in the next two months so the growth will be exponential . It is going to be satisfying to derive our funding from incoming revenue and not from new investment. @Pay has been fully funded by investment dollars, We’ve raised $3.5 million to date. If anyone is interested, we are now selling shares to qualified investors. We have much of our next round accounted for, but there are still shares available. Please let me know.

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