CASE III/IV Conference - Phon-a-thon Presentation
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CASE III/IV Conference - Phon-a-thon Presentation



CASE III/IV Conference - Phon-a-thons - Maximizing Your (Big or Small) Phon-a-Thon Program with an Automated Calling System

CASE III/IV Conference - Phon-a-thons - Maximizing Your (Big or Small) Phon-a-Thon Program with an Automated Calling System



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  • IntroductionHow many people are small schools – Alumni Database under 25,000? How many people are from large schools – Alumni Database over 25,000?How many people currently have a manual phonathon process?Interactive session – PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS!Begin story……
  • Automated our program in last fall after 15 years of manual callingDatabase15,0000 Active Alumni3,300 ParentsPhone Finder – Found 3,000 phone numbers (home, fax, cell phone)Began 2009 with 50 Callers and ended the fiscal year with 20. I had phone interviews with 125 students for 50 positions. We also hired 5 reserve students for schedule purposes.In the Fall we hired 22 students.-8 Call Stations (Good – Saving Money) (Bad – Loose the vibe and enthusiasm in the room)Budget2009 – Overall Budget - $26,0002010 – Overall Budget - $26,500 – Capital Expense2011 – Expected Budget - $18,000 2009 – Staff - $13,5002010 – Staff – $4,000 Largest two expenses – Trainer and Staff
  • Training, Training, TrainingNight One (1 ½ hrs.)-Expectations-Paperwork (w-2 and work study forms), Finalize student schedule and place students into teamsRuffaloCODY CAMPUSCALL system training.-Questions from studentsNight Two (3 hr training session)We used a company called Campbell and Campbell which provides develop consulting and phonathon trainers. Our trainer was Shaun Keister from Penn State University. AWESOME!! He brought a perspective from an outside school that set the expectations for students very high and really – SCARED THE STUDENTS! Fundamentals of communication and phonathon – Tone of voice, reactions to questions, and keeping focused on the task at hand. Some calls will take 7-10 minutes, others will take 45 minutes.Begin Mock CallingDay Three (4 – three hour sessions – 8-10 people each)-The topic for this day was RAPPORT – Mock Calling Scenarios -How long can you keep someone on the phone? We did not focus on amount of time, but asking quick and related questions.7-10 minutes phone calls = 90% better chance of getting a gift.Day Four (4 – three hour sessions – 8-10 people each)-Mocking with the focus on specific objectives - Divorce call - He recently passed away call - I hate what the university is doing call - I cannot believe you fired Dr. Smith
  • Customer Focused, not User Focused-Think about the donor as a client.-Will this process be easy for them – from initial phone call till they return their gift.-Making them feel good about the information they are providing and gift they are about to give.Segmentation and Personalization-Who are you calling? - Alumni (LYBUNTS, LAPSED) - Parents (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Seniors) - Reunions (Class of 1961) - Unspecified Pledges from Fall - Outstanding PledgesPersonalizationInstant Email from Student Caller48 hr Response Responsiveness and Follow-upDonor Acquisition -463 New DonorsData Collection - Matching Gifts - DatalinkInvoice Process - Tracking and Fullfillment
  • Each Call Counts!-Nightly Constructive Criticism – Manger and Student SupervisorsCaller Retention½ Semester EvaluationPromotionsDatabase Management What happens once the data is collected? – CriticalCell Phones Caller IDIP Phone System
  • Recurring GiftsCredit Card Gifts (Avg. 20%)Matching GiftsCollecting Updated InformationExtend Phon-a-thon ScheduleDecrease Unspecified PledgesNightly Incentives Test! Test! Test!

CASE III/IV Conference - Phon-a-thon Presentation CASE III/IV Conference - Phon-a-thon Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Phon-a-thonsmaximizing your (Big or Small) Phon-a-Thon Program with an automated Calling System
    Chad Hartman
    Director of Annual Giving
    High Point University
    Elizabeth Rivera
    Associate Director , Annual Giving
    UNC – Greensboro
    Mike Vosdingh
    Vice President, Software Division
  • High Point University – Program Overview
    Automated in Fall 2010
    Database – WORK IN PROGRESS!!
    15,000 Active Alumni
    3,300 Parents
    50 Manual Callers - 8 Automated Callers
    Schedule (Sept. – Nov.) (Feb. – Apr.)
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
    6:00 – 9:00pm Weekdays/2:00 – 5:00pm Sunday
  • High Point University – Training, Training, Training
    4 Day Training Program (Campbell and Company)
    Night 1 - HPU Staff - Expectations, Paperwork, Schedule, Questions, Computer Training.
    Night 2 – Expectations of training and begin mock calling.
    Day 3 – Small group sessions focused on rapport and individual repetition.
    Day 4 – Small group sessions focused on caller reaction and specific objection scenarios.
  • High Point University – Operations
    2 Teams split-up based on calling schedule
    3 Supervisors – 1 per team and an alternate
    IP Phone System
    Instant Calling Statistics
    Employee Total and Completed Calls
    Total Nightly, Monthly, and Semester Dollars
    Incentives – Nightly, Weekly, and Semester
  • High Point University – Future of the Program
    Customer Focused, not User Focused
    Segmentation and Personalization
    Responsiveness and Follow-up
    Donor Acquisition
    Data Collection
    Invoice Processing
  • 6/1/2009 – 12/31/2010
    Budget - $18,178
    Total $$ Gifts/Pledges - $61,381.00
    Total Donors – 567
    Average Gift - $108.25
    New Donors – 463
    Budget - $21,149
    Total $$ Gifts/Pledges - $69,919.00
    Total Donors – 593
    Average Gift - $117.90
    New Donors – 79
    550 Unspecified Pledges
    4,722 Calls Completed/25% Completion Rate
    8.43% Credit Card Gifts – 20% Goal
    66.62% Contact Rate
    127 Upgrades/79 First Time Gifts
    High Point University - Statistics
    6/1/2010 – 12/31/2011
  • UNCG – Telefund Program Overview
    Automated Telefund in 1998
    20 Callers, 4 Supervisors, 2 Monitors and 1 Telefund Coordinator - (Assistant Director position)
    86,000 Alumni database and 12,000 Parent
    Fall schedule – September – December
    Spring schedule – January – May
    Will implement summer calling in 2011
    Segment by each of the 7 schools/college and The Graduate School
  • UNCG – Telefund Program Overview
    At the beginning of the semester student callers are broken into teams of two.
    Each supervisor “manages” their team for the entire semester.
    Prizes are awarded on a nightly, weekly, monthly and semester basis.
    Supervisors utilize the “Online Statistics” report in CC – to report on team totals throughout the calling shift.
    Callers review their “Caller Statistics” report on the caller screen throughout the shift to ensure their stats are in par with their team.
  • UNCG – Implementation
    UNCG upgraded to CAMPUSCALL 3.2 in 2007.
    Attended RuffaloCody Software Users Group – received detailed training regarding transition.
    Trainer was brought the campus to meet and train with staff on 3.2.
    Benefits of transition include:
    Web interface – much faster
    Caller screen more user friendly
    Dialing more sophisticated
  • UNCG – Implementation
    Continued Benefits:
    OGI – we can now utilize 3rd party vendor for credit card transactions.
    Sophisticated Reporting
    Batch reports
    Multiple Daily, Monthly and Historic Reports
    UNCG will be transitioning to version 3.5 in Summer 2011
    Focus on email reminders and
    Recurring payments via
  • UNCG - Training
    3 Day Training Program
    First night:
    Ice Breaker
    Student Caller Manual overview
    Explain the importance of student caller job
    UNCG trivia
    Second night:
    Review script
    Road maps – students come up with their own “elevator speech”
    Mock phone calls
    Objection responses
  • UNCG - Training
    3 Day Training :
    Create teams/choose name
    Computer training
    Mock phone calls with returning callers while using computer
    Use specific scenarios for objection responses
    Sit by returning caller to hear actual phone call
  • UNCG – Ideas
    Utilize Telefund program for donor acquisition
    Secure email and business addresses via CAMPUSCALL – uploaded to Banner each day
    Personalized pledge reminder letters which include social media cards
    Focusing on less considers
    Calculated ask amounts
    Recognition societies and major gift information show up on the caller screen
  • UNCG – Statistics
    Dollars raised = $264,000
    Number of pledges = 3,826
    Average Pledge = $75
    Credit Card % = 20%
    Upgrade = 30% Equal = 52% and Less = 19%
    Growth past three years
    Increased credit card % from 11% - 20%
    Increased avg. gift from $68 - $75
    Increased pledge fulfillment from 62% to 76%
    Acquired 1,400 new donors
  • RuffaloCODY
    Benefits of Automation
    Increase Efficiency
    Technology Advances
    Reduced Clerical Time and Paperwork
    Increased Quality
    Other Benefits
    Calling Pools
  • Phon-a-thon Challenges
    Each Call Counts!
    Caller Retention
    Database Management
    Cell Phones
    By 2012, 33% of households will be wireless only
    Telemarketing Legislation
    Caller ID
    IP Phone System
  • Phon-a-thon Opportunities
    Recurring Gifts
    Credit Card Gifts (Avg. 20%)
    Matching Gifts
    Collecting Updated Information
    Extend Phon-a-thon Schedule
    Decrease Unspecified Pledges
    Nightly Incentives
    Test! Test! Test!
  • Questions??
    Phon-a-thonsmaximizing your (Big or Small) Phon-a-Thon Program with an automated Calling System
    Elizabeth Rivera
    Associate Director , Annual Giving
    UNC – Greensboro
    (336) 334-5812
    Chad Hartman
    Director of Annual Giving
    High Point University
    Mike Vosdingh
    Vice President, Software Division
    (319) 730-2444 or (800) 756-7483