Google Indoor Mapping Project


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Google’s Indoor Maps service provides detailed floor plans that automatically appear when one is zoomed in on a building. For example, if a library visitor needs to find the Science Reference Desk or a computer lab, then Indoor Maps would give them point-by-point navigation via their Android smart phone or tablet to that specific location. In this webinar, learn how libraries, college campuses, and other places can work with Google to get their space mapped for indoor guidance.

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Google Indoor Mapping Project

  1. 1. Google Indoor Mapping
  2. 2. @cmairn
  3. 3. The research shows … Source:
  4. 4. The research shows …• As of April 2012, 55% of adult cell owners use the internet on their mobile phones; nearly double what we found three years ago.• 31% of current cell internet users say that they mostly go online using their cell phone, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. Source:
  5. 5. The research shows … Source:
  6. 6. The governing bodies Google has communicated with are:IAEM (International Association of Emergency Management)IACLEA (International Association of College Law Enforcement Administrators)CSHEMA (Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association)IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police)
  7. 7. Google Indoor Maps Case Studies Visit: Maps availability: More information:
  8. 8. Mall of America in Minneapolis before and after, with a floor selector Source:
  9. 9. Stage 1: Uploading and aligning floor plans over satellite Google map
  10. 10. Content Guidelines:
  11. 11. Stage 2: Determine what to label Champaign Public Library
  12. 12. Stage 3: Google Team Surveys Buildings Walks are files created with the Google Maps Floor Plan Marker application to help improve location accuracy by walking through a building and collecting relevant location information along the way. Point of interest survey to add notes to the map.
  13. 13. Google Maps Floor Plan Marker Download the app!
  14. 14. Stage 4: Review• Color-code sections (e.g., offices could be light- blue and classrooms could be green.)• Add icons like:• Work with Google to insure building sections are labeled/not-labeled correctly before service goes live.• Google Indoor Mapping Marketing Director will help develop a press release etc.
  15. 15. Let’s Hangout!