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Social Applications on the Verge






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Social Applications on the Verge Social Applications on the Verge Presentation Transcript

  • Practical forlibraries?There are a lot oftechnologies available, butalways think which one[s]will provide the mostvisibility for your libraryand best connect yourusers to your library!
  • Many services and tools will die, but peoplewill always remain the catalytic agent forsocial activities online and offline!
  • We can’t solve all of ourproblems usingalgorithms and data.We need trusted humanfilters (e.g., librarians!)(Paraphrased Bob Lefsetz,
  • People are still the “killer app!”
  • Source:
  • RecommendedReading!Source:
  • Traditionalroles stillexist!
  • Many peopledon’t needlibrarians tohelp themsearch. Theyneed helpmaking senseof what theyfind.
  • Be available tohelp yourusers whenthey need it.
  •  R.I.P.
  • Reference Question in Facebook
  • SkypeJoin.meGoogle+ HangoutFaceTimeRemote Desktop Control added yesterday!
  • Be an integral part of the transaction
  • Help enhance onlinecontent withauthoritative resources.This will bring morevisibility to your libraryand people will trustthe informationpresented.
  • Edit Wikipedia articles and include library resources.
  • Open Education: What is the library’s role?
  • MOOCs• Massively Open Online Courses (e.g., MIT’sedX and Stanford’s Coursera)• MOOCs are drawing thousands and evenhundreds of thousands of attendees• What do we know about these learners? Self-directed!• Library’s role?
  • Source:
  • Source:
  • Watch the trailer: can you imagine will happen here?
  • Personalized/Social ReadingHmm, I wonder when library interfaces will look this smooth?
  • Source: Horizon Report
  • Gamification
  • Game-based LearningUsing competitive exercises to getstudents/patrons to challenge themselveswith the hopes of motivating them to learnbetter and more meaningfully.
  • Game Development WorkshopsVisit for a list of game engines!
  • SPC Seminole Gaming Club
  • openbadges.org
  • Learning Analytics“Educational institutions are embarking on their ownexplorations of the science of large data sets, with theaim of improving student retention and providing ahigher quality, personalized experience for learners.”Source:
  • Ruckus E-ReaderWatch the video at:
  • I got my Google Glasses!
  • Introducing Google Glass
  • Google Glass
  • Wearable TechnologySource:
  • Self Publishing 101
  • Success StorySource: publishing author ColleenHoover with copies of herbooks. Hoovers novels havemade the New York Timesbestseller list!www.colleenhoover.comYOU can do this and/or youcan help your patrons do it!
  • Self- Publishing Tools
  • Upload local content to“Community Reserve.”
  • More info:
  • Note: Some titles are NSFW!
  • Watch for proposed legislation and leteveryone know how it impacts them!
  • We can’t solve all of ourproblems usingalgorithms and data.People are still the killerapp – trusted humanfilters.(Paraphrased Bob Lefsetz,
  • Source:
  • Source: you see any of these in your library?
  • Allen County Public Library Creates High-Tech HackerspacesSource:… host a program for the maker community on every Monday in May.
  • … is an open-source electronicsprototyping platform based on flexible,easy-to-use hardware and software. Itsintended for artists, designers, hobbyists,and anyone interested in creatinginteractive objects or environments.… is a credit-card sizedcomputer that plugs into yourTV and a keyboard. It’s acapable little PC It also playshigh-definition video.
  • Location
  • Source:
  • Visual MarketingBook covers, archives, readinglists, promotion, infographics,library instruction etc. displays, events, patronphotos, behind-the-scenes,etc. second tutorials, news,promotion, be creative! stories with data,Twitterize your library,research, etc.
  • St. Pete Times article: Jedi Path video:
  • The research shows …Source:
  • The research shows …• As of April 2012, 55% of adult cell owners usethe internet on their mobile phones; nearlydouble what we found three years ago.• 31% of current cell internet users say that theymostly go online using their cell phone, andnot using some other device such as a desktopor laptop computer.Source:
  • The research shows …Source:
  • Video source: Google Maps Indoors!
  • Samsung S4: Touch Free Navigation!
  • Promote your music collection!
  • Note: the border was created by Photoshop Express
  • Form partnerships
  • In 1971, Michael S. Hart (1947 –2011)created the first e-book by typing theDeclaration of Independence into acomputer. Project Gutenberg was launchedand now e-books are over 40 years old!
  • New E-Reader for Under $13Source: will they be free?$70 now.
  • Source: … is a high-resolution liquidcrystal display on one side andan electronic paper display onthe other. It allows you toeffortlessly stream informationto the electronic paper display,without draining battery poweror having to wake up thephone.
  • PEW Internet & American Life ProjectThe Rise of E-Reading ReportSource:
  • Does the rise of e-readingmean a rise in literacy?
  • It does require a fairly literate person to navigate e-readers, the Web etc. , but are people who usee-readers truly becoming more literate?
  • Offer free workshops for the publicand ask people to bring their devices!
  • Source:
  • Stand out! Keep your library’s socialmedia stream flowing. Be conversational,personable, and participate in transactions. Keepit fun and you will be successful!
  • Let’sHangout!