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  • Easy to see why cassette won’t fit CD player
  • Harder to see why Amazon e-book won’t ‘fit’ into Nook. Or, more likely, vice versa.Even if you saw the two side by side as files on a PC, most of our users won’t say, “Whoa! That’s an AZW file extension! No wonder it won’t work on a device configured for an EPUB file!”
  • Both of these read EPUB format, but Sony uses the Adobe DRM and the iPad uses the Fair Play DRM
  • Self Publishing 101

    1. 1. Self Publishing 101
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Agenda• Understanding formats and DRM issues• Highlight some publishing tools• Options for distributing and selling
    4. 4. Expressyourself
    5. 5. Success StorySource: publishing author ColleenHoover with copies of herbooks. Hoovers novels havemade the New York Timesbestseller list!
    6. 6. Fill these three rolesand the potentialbenefits are greaterthan with traditionalpublishing!
    7. 7. Formats and DRM
    8. 8. E-formats• We have an alphabet soup of formats:– AZW, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DJVU, LIT, etc.• For a thorough explanation/comparison, see:• The big ones (right now) are EPUB, PDF and AZW/KF8 (Kindle).• “Everyone” else uses EPUB and PDF.Official ePub logo,International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)
    9. 9. Dueling FormatsThe cassette/CD format difference is easy forpeople to see and understand. But .EPUB vs.AZW/KF8… ? Not so easy.
    10. 10. Dueling formatsAZW EPUB
    11. 11. Is it legal to convert e-book formats?
    12. 12. YES and NO
    13. 13. “You might be tempted to look for someway to remove DRM from e-books inorder to facilitate conversion. A word ofwarning about doing this: In the USAthere is a law known as the DigitalMillennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Thislaw makes it illegal to circumvent a copyprotection system (DRM is such a copyprotection system). It also makes it illegalto produce tools, distribute tools, and aidin circumvention. Not everyone lives inthe USA, but many countries have similarlaws. Check your local laws and realizethat even though you may only want toread an EPUB book that you’ve legallypurchased on your Kindle, it may not belegal to do so. If you don’t like thissilliness—and I don’t—then speak up towhoever in your country makes therelevant laws.”
    14. 14. So, what’s this DRM thing?• Digital Rights Management.• A software “lock” that controls access to a file(e-book, e-music, e-movie). You must have thecorrect software “key” to unlock it.
    15. 15. Is DRM a good thingor is it an evil thing?
    16. 16. Yes!
    17. 17. • Like speed limits and banking regulations,DRM schemes can be a good thing and canprotect an author’s livelihood.• Like speed traps and unreasonable lendingpractices, DRM schemes can infuriate andfrustrate our readers.
    18. 18. Same Format, Dueling DRMsEPUB w/ Adobe’s ADEPT DRM EPUB w/ Apple’s FairPlay DRM
    19. 19. Dueling Formats and DRMsAZW using Amazon’s DRMEPUB using Abode’s DRM
    20. 20. What?!
    21. 21. E-books, I hope, willeventually be like CDs(i.e., they can beplayed on most anyCD player).Do you think this willhappen? If so, when?
    22. 22. DRM-free e-books
    23. 23. Publishing Tools
    24. 24. Upload local content to“Community Reserve.”
    25. 25. What is calibre?calibre is a “free and open source e-booklibrary management application developedby users of e-books for users of e-books.”
    26. 26. What can calibre do?• Find an e-book and transfer it to a device.• Manages your e-book collection.• Convert a DRM-free e-book to another format.• Over-the-air (OTA) e-book transfer to a Kindle Fire and others.• Syncs to a variety of e-readers.• Downloads RSS feeds & converts to an e-book.• Comprehensive e-book viewer.• Content server for online access to your collection.
    27. 27. More info:
    28. 28. Note: Some titles are NSFW!
    29. 29. livedemonstrationCalibreCreateSpace
    30. 30. Source: publishing for tons of other resources!
    31. 31. Want toHangout?