Neil squire jailbreak lms moodle accessibility


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  • Rewritten to exclude reliance on AJAX and to respect participant privacy wrt facilitators outside their group.
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  • Neil squire jailbreak lms moodle accessibility

    1. 1. Accessibility and Moodle: Jailbreak your LMS
    2. 2. Agenda for the Session• Neil Squire who? What do these guys do?• Accessibility –Types and things to consider –What does Moodle do? –What should a teacher / instructional designer do? –What customizations we’ve done?• Jailbreak• Get Engaged with Accessibility
    3. 3. Who are these guys?
    4. 4. IntroductionThe Neil Squire Society has forover 25 years empoweredpeople with physical disabilitiesthrough knowledge,technology, and passion.Offices: –Burnaby, BC –Regina, SK –Ottawa, ON –Fredericton & Moncton, NB
    5. 5. Neil Squire and e-Learning• Two major programs delivered through Blendede-Learning: – Employ-Ability • 12 week Career and Wellness Program – Computer Comfort • one-on-one computer tutoring program, lead by volunteers • Delivered with partners throughout the country
    6. 6. Neil Squire: Reach of Projects
    7. 7. Technology for Connectivity• Elluminate (Web Conference)• TeamViewer / VNC• Moodle (LMS)
    8. 8. Computer Materials Mashup• Microsoft Digital Literacy• Moodle Commons• OpenCoursewareConsortium• GCF Learn Free• Existing Neil Squire Society resources
    9. 9. Accessibility
    10. 10. Types of Accessibility / Disability• Mobility• Vision• Auditory• Cognitive
    11. 11. Why Accessibility?• Uber - use case• Better usability• Scalability• Legality
    12. 12. Support doesn’t stop at the server• User Assistive Technologies
    13. 13. Future Accessibility• WAI-ARIA –Web Accessibility Initiative: Accessible Rich Internet Applications• HTML5• Browser Adoption
    14. 14. What Does Moodle Do? ** we are on 1.9
    15. 15. Accessibility Update• Moodle 1.6 & 1.8?• “Skip to”• Requires “Alt” Tags• Screen Reader profile field
    16. 16. What doesn’t Moodle do• Theme is not separate layer, more of a “skin”• User interface is built by Moodle, not your theme (semantics come from database and function calls) –Find .lib file that produces bad semantics –Override it in the theme
    17. 17. What Can You Do?
    18. 18. Accessibility TestingQuick tests•Select All•Fangs (Firefox plugin)•Tab-through page
    19. 19. Accessibility Pitfalls• AJAX (flaw that can’t be fixed for all browsers)• Flash (poorly/commonly developed)• Moodle modules
    20. 20. Semantic Mark-upAll users•Separate meaning from appearance.•Use CSS for appearance•Don’t “click here”•If it’s a list, use <li>•If it’s a heading, use <h1> <h2> <h3>•Don’t style with a table, use <div>
    21. 21. Accessibility BlockVisual•Text Size•Contrast Settings•*snag with newer Moodle versions
    22. 22. Captioning of VideosAuditory•Captioningof videos
    23. 23. Elastic & Liquid ThemeVisual•Elastic: Page scales to font size•Liquid: Page scales to resolution•Relative ratios instead of fixed pixel values•“em” Width of letters•% Width of parent block or text
    24. 24. What Did we Do?
    25. 25. Welcome CourseCognitive, Universal Design•Sample course introducing: – Organization – e-Learning and Moodle – Demos and sample activities – Learning Styles
    26. 26. Marking BlockCognitive, Visual•Queries facilitator’s participants•Shows the assignments, and who hassubmitted assignments•Assignments sorted by name (labeledresources)•Clicking the name links directly to theirsubmission
    27. 27. Template AnswersCognitive•Forums/Online Text Assignments – core hack
    28. 28. Duplicate NavigationCognitive, Mobility, Vision•Navigation between resource is both in theHeader and Footer
    29. 29. Audio Responses to AnswersCognitive, Universal Design•NanoGong – submit audio for answer
    30. 30. Keyboard Controls for MultimediaVisualMobility
    31. 31. Keyboard Controls for MultimediaVisual,Mobility
    32. 32. Liberated Learning Overview• Consortium of universities utilizing speech recognition technology to enhance accessibility for students with disabilities in the university classroom.•
    33. 33. Transcribe Your Class
    34. 34. Liberated Learning Player• Vision, Cognitive
    35. 35. Audio PlayerVisual, Cognitive•JavaScript Scrapes text of page•Looks for audio in browser cache•Looks for audio in server cache•Else passes text to TTS web service, retrievesand caches mp3 for text segments•Play sound
    36. 36. Accommodations (End-user)• Firefox Language plug-in: highlight2translate• All Google Translate Languages available
    37. 37. Accommodations (End-user)• Firefox Dictionary / Thesaurus plugin
    38. 38. Jailbreak
    39. 39. Elluminate IntegrationCognitive•User profile field•Links to assigned classroom•Links to archives of class•Three line block
    40. 40. Built Multimedia filtersVisual, Mobility•Builds entire accessible player with one line ofcode in wysiwyg•[[swf|ytORppt|title|url|normalORwide]] –yt – YouTube –ppt – Flash outputted Power Points –Title – HTML output –url – just ID for YouTube, url for PPT –Aspect ratio
    41. 41. View by Role• Assign site-level roles, sorts alphabetically• Allows easy interface to create groups
    42. 42. PHP Labels• Allow PHP code on course page
    43. 43. PHP Resources• Allow PHP code in resource page (separate resource)
    44. 44. PHP Resource Example
    45. 45. Building the Jailbreaker• Programmed to work only for super-admin• eval(?> . $phpage->content . <?php );• “eval is evil”
    46. 46. Get Engaged with Neil Squire
    47. 47. Distance Computer Comfort• Be a one-on-one computer tutor to a Canadian with a disability• Tutoring done online using Elluminate• Once a week for two hours
    48. 48. Liberated Learning• Liberated Learning• Record your lecture• Upload the audio• Receive a multimedia transcript• First five uploads are edited for accuracy
    49. 49. Work towards Accessibility• We provide fee-for-service: –Consultation –Procedure writing –Site audit –Development –Content creation –Staff training
    50. 50. Thank you for your time Chad Leaman – Ryan Thomas –ryant@neilsquire.ca604 - 473 - 9363