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This SlideShare presentation is for my ADMS class. …

This SlideShare presentation is for my ADMS class.
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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Las diapositivas y contenidos sobre el aprendizaje por competencias es muy bueno. Gracias
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  • 1. SlideShare: the new way to share ideas! What is SlideShare? SlideShare is a site designed to allow users to share certain files across the internet, and others can even embed you slideshow on their website! These files include: PDF, DOC, PPT, and Keynote among others.
  • 2. Why use other’s slides? • Learn • Find collaborators • Find employees • Find writers • Etc.
  • 3. SlideShare in 9 Easy Steps After that, a few extras…
  • 4. Open a web browser and type into the address bar. Hit Enter to go to the site.
  • 5. Click on the Signup link in the top right-hand corner.
  • 6. Enter your details and click Join now.
  • 7. Persevere a little longer and enter “just a few more details” then click Sign Up.
  • 8. Skip the next step by clicking the Skip this button.
  • 9. Breathe deeply; we are now going to upload a document:
  • 10. From the SlideShare Upload page click the “Browse and Select” Files button
  • 11. Select the file (or files) you wish to upload
  • 12. Describe the file so others can find it!
  • 13. Click the “Publish” button.
  • 14. Done!
  • 15. You can then check on the progress of the file being readied for others to view. From above to below!
  • 16. Now what? • Since SlideShare is now a part of YouTube, you have the opportunity to integrate the two! This also works with TeacherTube! • Create a “slidecast.”
  • 17. Here are some extras you can do while also learning about SlideShare! • Add audio: Using SlideShare (with audio!) • Slide cast: SlideShare And SlideCasting • SlideShare and WikiSpaces: How To Embed Slideshare Into Wikispaces • YouTube in SlideShare: Insert A YouTube Video in SlideShare • On Mobile devices: Introducing SlideShare Mobile: use SlideShare on the go! • Blogger: SlideShare and Blogger • WordPress: Introduction to WordPress • Twitter: Twitter • Facebook: Facebook • Delicious: Delicious