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Etonien Marketing Deck

  1. 1. Project | Interim | Interim to Hire Financial and Accounting Services
  2. 2. What We Do What’s in the Name Our Clients Operating Model Our Consultants Our Services Interim CFO & Controller An Etonien Interim CFO An Etonien Interim Controller M&A | M&I Transaction Support Accounting & Financial Reporting Financial Planning & Analysis Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Internal Audit & Business Risk Financial Systems Solutions Corporate Tax Support CFO Mentoring 02 04 05 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 Table of Contents 877 ETONIEN — —
  3. 3. Etonien, LLC was founded in 2008 by a leadership team that believed there was a way to bridge the gap between a transactional staffing firm and the traditional corporate employment path. Etonien is an elite provider of Interim CFO & Interim Controller services with clients including the nation’s largest private equity firms, Fortune 1000 and middle market privately owned companies. Etonien’s employed model al- lows accounting and finance professionals to provide their skills and experi- ence to a wide range of clients through project, interim and interim-to-hire assignments. The root of the name Etonien is from Eton, a prestigious English school established in 1440 by King Henry VI to cultivate leaders and captains of industry. Eton College became the elite recruiting post for the English par- liament system as well as the largest, most well-respected businesses in the land. We work to embody the principals rooted in the Etonien name, by creating a home for top accounting and finance talent and offering them continuing education, mentoring, and career development. What We Do What’s in the Name? 21
  4. 4. We are proud to represent a wide array of clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to start-ups, publicly traded to portfolio companies of some of the largest private equity firms across all industry verticals. We are proud of the relationships that we have built and fostered and we are happy to discuss relevant references as needed. Our Clients Etonien’s founders draw on 30 years of combined leadership experience at Big 4 international public accounting and consulting firms to bring clients a unique operating model that redefines the project/interim financial manage- ment industry, providing a market alternative to hiring independent consult- ants or utilizing traditional staffing firms. Etonien’s employed model for professional accounting and finance consult- ants gives resources the option of flexible, variable opportunities coupled with a more secure, fully employed alternative. By offering flexible, immedi- ate, and longer-term solutions, Etonien attracts a broader talent pool, essen- tial to meeting unique client needs. Our resources have a MBA and/or CPA with an average of 10 – 30 years of progressive work experience with public companies, in complex private equity environments, and/or privately-held middle market companies. We not only offer the most highly qualified project / interim resources to our clients, but we also allow for an interim -to -hire provision in our contracts. It has proved mutually beneficial to our consultants and clients alike to not restrict the option for longer term employment opportunities after having worked together on a project / interim basis. Whether your organization has a specific project with clear goals, objectives, and end dates, or simply needs the flexibility of a career consultant, Etonien can offer resources from our elite team of professionals. Operating Model 43
  5. 5. Our “most placeable consultant” is a term we coined to describe the ideal candidate for a given project. Our strict hiring process allows us to select an MPC whose educational background and specific technical skill set meet your needs. Beyond the resume, we carefully consider how our resource’s personal attributes will promote successful integration into your organization. Our resources join us with a minimum of 8 years experience in manageri- al to CFO level positions in Fortune 1000, public and private middle mar- ket companies, and complex private equity environments. In addition to remarkable professional experience, Etonien resources have MBAs and/ or CPAs from leading educational institutions. We only invest in and put forward individuals who we believe will best serve your needs. This is why every Etonien consultant is an experienced professional with the ability to immediately enter your organization and embrace, facilitate, and manage change. That the marketplace is looking for something beyond the transactional, an almost mercenary approach that tends to define financial staffing and con- sulting firms today. Our Consultants Industry Leading Professionals We believe... “ 65
  6. 6. — Interim CFO & Controller — An Etonien Interim CFO — An Etonien Interim Controller — M&A | M&I Transaction Support — Accounting & Financial Reporting — Financial Planning & Analysis — Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) — Internal Audit & Business Risk — Financial Systems Solutions — Corporate Tax Support — CFO Mentoring Our Services 87
  7. 7. Interim CFO & Controller Etonien was founded to provide exceptional Interim CFO and Interim Control- ler services. Our firm’s founders drew from their management experience within the Big 4 Accounting and National Consulting firms to provide much needed services to the nation’s largest private equity firms, fortune 1000 businesses and a variety of complex middle market companies. Etonien Interim CFOs and Interim Controllers not only have exemplary educa- tional backgrounds and industry experience, but their ability to seamlessly assim- ilate into complex situations makes our firm the industry leader in Interim CFO and Interim Controller services. “ An Etonien Interim CFO Our Interim CFOs have the much needed experience to assist their companies in affecting change, managing transitions, and improving operational efficiency - all at the speed of now. We employ only highly educated CFOs possessing a MBA and/or CPA with a minimum of 20 years of progressive business experience within complex public and private organizations. An Etonien Interim Controller At Etonien we understand the critical nature of accurate and timely financial con- trols, supporting our intense Interim Controller requirements of an MBA and/or CPA and a minimum of 15 years business operating experience in Fortune 1000 businesses, complex private equity companies, and public and private middle market organizations. Due to the growing number of CFOs in our employ, as well as our CFO clients that we support, we realize the intrinsic value of a Controller being in place so the CFO can get their job done effectively. We are the pioneers of an employed business model at this level of experience, driving our clients to continuously choose us as their partner for high-level interim engagements. 109
  8. 8. M&A | M&I Transaction Support Our seasoned mergers and acquisitions (M&A) resources have experience suc- cessfully coordinating, managing and implementing strategy, operations, systems and staff. This corporate, hands-on experience in highly acquisitive companies means efficiency and effectiveness that routinely saves our clients time and money. Our M&A and M&I clients not only expect a high level of technical transaction experience but also a significant level of “political savvy” that will help throughout the acquisition and/or integration process. Our M&A professionals also support departments in transition, having dealt with both planned and unplanned departures common to merger and integration deal structure. Specific Solution Areas Merger preparation and support Acquisition support Post acquisition integration, planning and management Financial due diligence Preparation and maintenance of financial information Financial management of virtual data rooms Analysis and evaluation of target accounting/finance staff pre and post sale   Accounting & Financial Reporting Etonien provides as-needed individual and team-based accounting and finance resources to clients seeking technical assistance. Our resources serve a range of companies from start-ups first establishing their financial records to private and public companies looking to enhance their accounting and financial reporting. Extensive operational and deep technical accounting experience means seam- lessly assisting departments with projects ranging from busy seasonal demands for quarterly and annual financial report preparation to unique projects requiring highly specialized skills. Additionally, our accounting and financial reporting ser- vices are used to facilitate private equity firms’ transitioning of portfolio compa- nies and also to assist companies with “going public” documentation and related regulatory filings. Specific Solution Areas Financial and SEC reporting including 10K’s and 10Q’s GAAP and FASB pronouncements - implementation of new accounting standards IPO readiness projects Financial statement consolidations IFRS implementation Complex revenue recognition projects Process re-engineering Streamlining the month end close process That no amount of size, scale, or marketing polish can change the fact that a company’s ability to assist its clients begins and ends with a commitment to providing the highest caliber and best matched talent for any given situation. We believe... “ Relationships beyond the transactional 1211
  9. 9. Financial Planning & Analysis The Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) func- tion supports senior management decision making by designing and leading effective fi- nancial processes. Analytical financial support is an integral component of sound organiza- tional strategies. Etonien provides FP&A function support with project and interim accounting and finance consultants able to handle “busy season” and ad-hoc reporting. Our project-based resourc- es can address more complex assignments for special FP&A projects or simply help with the normal “ebb and flow” of a large department. For organizations without an FP&A function we can assist in developing the internal capabili- ties needed to implement these integral plan- ning processes. That building a lasting and career advancing relation- ship with our talent is not just about a competitive paycheck, but about creating a career environment where peer rec- ognition, high-impact project opportunities, and on-going professional development en- sure that our people are proud to be associated with us. We believe... “ Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) SOX and J-Sox have changed the way the domestic and global business communi- ties operate. The compliance and documentation processes are demanding a more controlled environment across the board and increasing corporate accountability at all levels. Our resources have extensive experience managing SOX programs within the Fortune 1000 environment and can quickly acclimate to your unique business environment. Etonien’s SOX project and interim resources support chief audit executives, audit committees and senior executives of public companies, private companies and not -for -profits looking to improve internal controls or to bring valuable experience to a short term project. Specific Solution Areas Staff augmentation Testing, documentation and remediation Process improvement On-going training and in-house education Need help with your SOX? 1413
  10. 10. Internal Audit & Business Risk In today’s dynamic and evolving business environment, companies are challenged to attract, hire, train, mentor, and retain the most effective resources to address their Internal Audit and Business Risk requirements. Many companies now find themselves resource constrained and without the ability to effectively address discretionary projects required by management. Etonien’s project and interim accounting professionals allow a company to have the man- power needed without the risk and rigidity of making full-time employment deci- sions. All Etonien Internal Audit & Business Risk resources have extensive experience pro- viding both internal and external audit solutions. Our resources have CPA creden- tials combined with corporate operating audit expertise and a minimum of 8 years total experience. Consequently, our clients benefit from efficiency in both time and cost. KNOW RISK Preparation pays offKNOW RISK Preparation pays off 1615
  11. 11. Financial Systems Solutions Our financial systems resources embody a unique combination of skills that con- tinue to grow in value and are in increasing demand by clients requiring on-time and on-budget solution implementations. The background and experience of our resources are a perfect blend of deep ac- counting and finance expertise with a strong understanding of information technol- ogy and the application of large scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The hybrid skill sets of our resources prove invaluable to clients experiencing diffi- culties uploading or analyzing financial information using new ERP systems. Wheth- er needing interim help with implementation or deployment of financial systems solutions, Etonien resources have the experience to ensure successful transitions. We can offer an experienced resource to handle the day to day department roles in accounting, finance, tax and internal audit in order to free up your staff to focus on using the new ERP system. Alternatively, we can train your staff directly and help them to retain practical end user knowledge of a variety of large scale ERP systems. Corporate Tax Support Combined with the recent economic downturn, the continually increasing com- plexity and fee structures of public accounting firms are forcing finance executives to source cost effective alternatives for tax support. Etonien’s project and interim corporate tax resources come at a lower cost than the entry level point of the public accounting firms, and because of their experience make projects more efficient in terms of overall hours. Our project and interim tax resources join us with a minimum of 10 years combined public accounting and corporate department tax experience, posses a CPA and also hold advanced tax degrees. Our specific tax solutions include FASB ASC 740 (formerly FAS 109) calculations and process reviews FIN 48 reviews Assistance with tax regulatory audits Assistance with tax preparation for international, federal and state/local tax authority filings Review and documentation of internal tax controls Sales and use tax, property tax and associated tax filing issues support In addition to general support for your tax function, Etonien resources also offer you expertise in tax software implementations, tax due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and litigation support. That clients have challenges to be addressed, not job orders to be filled. We believe... “ 1817
  12. 12. Above all else, we believe that the success of our clients and people, will always precede and produce, our own success at Etonien. We believe... “ CFO Mentoring In the wake of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and the recent economic downturn the role of the CFO has changed considerably, shifting the position’s focus away from strategy to compliance. Increased professional and personal liability moved many CFOs to opt out of their careers, forcing many companies to invest in Etonien’s mentoring services. Etonien’s resources help evaluate, mentor, and train a client’s most valued asset, internal staff, in order to avoid the time and expense of replacing them through an external search. Clients investing in mentoring services also foster a culture committed to staff development, resulting in greater employee retention and productivity. Etonien CFOs can mentor newly promoted CFOs, advise management on stra- tegic matters, and even train leaders on effective communication. Etonien CFO Mentors also provide an unbiased, independent review of professionals within any level of your accounting and finance department. The review process pro- motes improvement in performance by identifying strengths and weaknesses to determine future areas of focus. ETONIEN 877 ETONIEN (386 6436) — Please contact us for any national inquiries to be connected to the appropriate local contact. { 19
  13. 13.