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Social Media For Your Non-Profit
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Social Media For Your Non-Profit


Published on

Presentation given during New England Givecamp 2012

Presentation given during New England Givecamp 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Places on the web where the main purpose is to connect, share, and have conversationsDifferent sites for different audiences, FB/Twitter more “consumer” focused, LinkedIn is much more “business” focused.ShareThis widget easily provides ability for visitors to share YOUR stuff in THEIR field
  • So what does this mean?Otherwise – you should be online with them
  • Some folks see Social Media as a megaphone, and it is to some extent. But it’s more than just a megaphone.
  • It’s a giant lever. A great equalizer. Twitter doesn’t care how much money you have in the bank, you’re still able to spread the word of your mission.
  • You can take social media to the rocket surgery level, but it doesn’t start there. Its super easy to get started.
  • We’re going to make a Facebook Page and Twitter account – in the next 3 minutes.
  • Go to In the top right, click Create Page. Select what fits you (most likely Local Business or Place, or Company, Organization, Institution), fill in the info it wants.You now have a Facebook page
  • Twitter is even easier. Go to Fill out the form on the homepage.Username is important, pick something short that matches your organization or mission. Don’t worry, you can easily change your name.
  • Listen - good relationships are give and take, SM is a relationship between you and your fans/followers, listen when they speakGet Involved - ask questions, engage other people, promote related organizations and linksGive Up Control - you will never own the conversation, just how your brand impacts the conversationBe Honest - SM is a no-spin zone. Be open, honest, and authentic. You will get caught cheating if you tryThink Long Term - marathon not a sprint, you don't make best friends in a minute
  • Here’s some ideas for where you can go next
  • BBBS – used video to amp up the Start Something Web Series, shed light on the impact that “bigs” have on “littles”. Encouraged user-generated content from volunteers, and published via BBBS’ YouTube channelMarch of Dimes – using blogs, video on YouTube, sharing on Facebook, status updates on Twitter, and user generated content to chronicle their 2012 national ambassadorBest Friends – developed an iOS and Android app to promote UGC and increase awareness of their core missionCharity: Water – empowered their staff to creatively thank their supporters for their 5 year anniversaryMaW – chronicles every single wish delivered via their website, sharing videos of many wishes via YouTube, and pushing content out to Facebook and Twitter.
  • There are tools to help track this. I’m partial to Google Analytics (free), and HubSpot (disclaimer, I own shares), but neither are going to easily cover all these metrics and will take some work to be able to track everything.
  • Couple ideas on how to increase your overall followers
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media for your Non-Profit Chris Haddad Inbound Marketing Enthusiast, Problem Solver @chris_haddad
    • 2. Obligatory “What Is Social Media”
    • 3. Obligatory “Why Its Important” 80% of all US internet users regularly visit social media sites 1 out of every 4 minutes of all time spent on the internet is on a social media site
    • 4. Your DonorsYour VolunteersYour AdvocatesAre All Online(A Lot)
    • 5. Getting Started
    • 6. Do These Two ThingsImmediately These Are The Bare Minimum In 2012
    • 7. Getting Started Start a Facebook Page
    • 8. Getting Started Start a Twitter Account
    • 9. Now What?5 Rules Listen Get Involved Give Up Control Be Honest Think Long Term
    • 10. …then what? Thank You Video Handwritten Thank You Notes Setup Google Alerts for key terms ( Create a master document with all your social media logins Start a blog (on your own domain) Check Out Marketing Blogs
    • 11. Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants BigBrothers Big Sisters March of Dimes Best Friends Charity: Water Make-a-Wish
    • 12. Gut CheckMetrics to Track Site Traffic Blog Traffic Email Subscribers Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Money Raised Online Volunteers Event Attendees
    • 13. Increasing Reach Donate Now button Facebook Like button Twitter Follow button Subscribe To Newsletter button Post-action Share –, Facebook Share button
    • 14. You’ve got Q’s (probably) I(most likely) have A’s
    • 15. Resources -marketing-non-profits/