Zeroboard training video sequence


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Zeroboard training video sequence

  1. 1. CIMT 543-301 1Running head: Module 9 HRD 543-301 Module 9: Instructional Video Chungil Chae Indiana State University
  2. 2. Chae Page 2 Module 9: Instructional VideoTarget LearnerIT department and maintenance department employees (Adult Learners)Subject areaInstall the eXpress engineMaking simple webpage with eXpress engineLearning ObjectivesLearner can understand how to install the integrated web applicationLearner can create simple webpage with eXpress engineModule 9
  3. 3. Chae Page 3ScriptSequence Time ScriptSignal video 00 : 30and audio Signal music and video / Video transition / Fade outGreeting Hello everyone. Good to see you again. I am Chad, your instructor. Video from camera, showing instructor’s faceIntroduction Last time when we met via audio instruction, we have learned about what is the integrated web application and express engine. Today we will try to install the express engine and create a simple web site with express engine Video from recorded desktop, showing sequenceInstallation1: Before you try to install the express engine, you need to preparePreparing the materials such as web account, express engine files and contents files. First you need a web account which is available to run PHP and MySQL. So when you decide web account you need to check the account support PHR and MySQL. First, download expressengine file from and extract the zip archive. Second, upload the files to your account Video from recorded desktop, showing sequenceInstallation2: Now it is the beginning of the installation.Module 9
  4. 4. Chae Page 4Server setting You can access your web account.And First select language you prefer.installation Second, eXpress engine will check your account is able to install the express engine Third, select database Fourth, input sql information and account information At, last put the administration information Now eXpress engine has installed on your web account Video from recorded desktop, showing sequenceWeb creation1: Before we start creating a webpage, we will look around thePreparing manus on express engine. Video from recorded desktop, showing sequenceWeb creation2: First we need to create and select layout.Manu, Layout, After creating a layout, you need to decide a Manu for yourBoard and website.Pages After set up all setting, we will create pages and boards. Video from recorded desktop, showing sequenceWeb creation3: After setting the pages and board, we need to put informationDesign, that we need on the pages and boardwidget, Video from recorded desktop, showing sequencedecorationGreeting: We have been looking around the functions of express engine. Even though today’s webpages that you create is very simple,Module 9
  5. 5. Chae Page 5 left of them is basically same. I wish that today’s lecture help you to improve your ability for integrated web application. Thanks Video from camera, showing instructor’s faceFinale /Closing Credits Images from lecture and credits, signal musicTotalModule 9