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Advanced Internet Presence By Chad Barr for Pittsburgh January 2009
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Advanced Internet Presence By Chad Barr for Pittsburgh January 2009


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These are the slides from my presentation to Michael Couch's Pittsburgh group.

These are the slides from my presentation to Michael Couch's Pittsburgh group.

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  • 1. Advanced Internet Presence Create instant credibility on the web Leverage the web to deliver value Attract customers with Internet marketing gravity Blogs, bogs and fogs Presented to Attendees of Michael Couch’s Group Pittsburgh January 29, 2009 Chad Barr President CB Software Systems, Inc.
  • 2. Top 6 Web Sites Mistakes and examples of what not to do 1. Ineffective, non-engaging 2. Lack of trust and credibility 3. No one knows about you or your site 4. Poor navigation, design, flash and intrusive popups 5. Stagnant content and no perceived value 6. Lack of Testing
  • 3. Clear design and navigation BUT: Too much text on home no margins Not engaging No perceived value All pages “coming soon” Broken Links WIIFM?
  • 4. Coming soon example
  • 5. From Home page click on Search
  • 6. Intrusive popup
  • 7. How is it that I get no orders? Broken “Order Now” hyperlink. Poor Testing
  • 8. Anthony Robbins - Example of bad flash pages and Intrusive automatic music / sound
  • 9. Placing an order from a company specializing in security - See next slide
  • 10. And the page is not secured
  • 11. Have you Googled yourself? Do you Yahoo? I could not find some of the featured speakers while doing a Google search!
  • 12. Good example of Google alert letting me know that Linda Popky referenced one of my blog articles on her blog - Thank you Linda.
  • 13. Interesting articles I think I’ll click and read
  • 14. All article links from previous page are broken
  • 15. Avoid Under construction or Coming soon Most site I visit have these messages for weeks, months and sometimes years!
  • 16. Example of no alerts for PDF downloads
  • 17. Outdated content Featured event of 7/15/07 still displays on 3/8/08
  • 18. Are there people who are actually reading this stuff? But Wait! There is more.
  • 19. Why have a web site at all? What are your site key objectives? • Increase business and gain new clients • Improve your image, brand and credibility • Make it easier to do business with you • Create an easy way to deliver powerful content to your audience
  • 20. How to create instant credibility and deliver value
  • 21. Email Signature example
  • 22. Sample discussion with a prospect, asking about the elements of a successful web site and how to sell on the Internet. The next several slides are examples of how I deliver value, create credibility and take them through our web site in a matter of just a couple of minutes. I first ask if they have access to the Internet and then take them to my home page.
  • 23. On the previous page, I have them click on the “E-Newsletter & Article Archive” tab and when they are on this page I point their attention to 7th article from the top and the 6th article from the bottom.
  • 24. I have them click on both hyperlinks to display the articles in order to provide instant value and gain credibility.
  • 25. Sample of the second article.
  • 26. I then take them to our home page, and then have them click on the “read more testimonials” hyperlink on the bottom left. This screen then comes up which displays Patricia Fripp terrific video testimonial followed by our many clients’ written testimonials. My preferred method is to display the one or two most powerful lines from the testimonial and allow the visitor to click on “read the actual testimonial letter” which display the actual scanned letter from our clients. This adds tremendous credibility.
  • 27. I then have them click on the actual letter received from Alan Weiss to gain additional credibility.
  • 28. When clicking on the “About Us” tab, I have them click on “Typical Client Results” which displays this page. It not only displays the outcome and results our clients received by working with us, it also displays the actual testimonial sentence followed by the scanned letter hyperlink which substantiates and proves the claim. I then use another example by having them click on the bottom hyperlink to see Nancy MacKay scanned testimonial.
  • 29. Alcera Consulting home page BEFORE working with us.
  • 30. Alcera Consulting home page AFTER working with us.
  • 31. Kim Wilkerson home page BEFORE working with us.
  • 32. Kim Wilkerson home page AFTER working with us.
  • 33. HR Value home page BEFORE working with us.
  • 34. HR Value home page AFTER working with us.
  • 35. ManagementPro BEFORE working with us.
  • 36. After
  • 37. Bates Communications home page BEFORE working with us.
  • 38. Bates Communications home page AFTER working with us.
  • 39. Great use of effective video
  • 40. Alan Weiss - Summit Consulting before
  • 41. Alan Weiss - Summit Consulting after and in progress
  • 42. Alan & the Gang brand new site I am launching with Alan shortly
  • 43. And just before I finish my “Internet Tour” with the prospect to deliver value, gain credibility and answer questions, I take them to the page that allows them to get my free e-Book in PDF format.
  • 44. Skype Using Skype to communicate with clients domestically and internationally
  • 45. Using Skype for video chat between Chad in Ohio and Michael in Australia
  • 46. Using Sthe Flip Video to record clients’ video testimonials
  • 47. Components of a successful site “The web is the ultimate 1. “In your face” effective, clear design and repository of highly navigation with a strong value qualified content.” proposition / tag line. Highway billboard 2. Provide value / be useful - Articles, white Calls to action: papers, products ... 3. “Don’t make me think” • Contact us (call /email / fax) 4. Passive income products and services • Sign up today 5. Secured shopping • Click here (most popular) 6. Easy way to contact you • Join our mailing list 7. Strong calls to action on each page • Purchase product / service 8. Focus on clients’ results & successes • Get your copy today 9. Testimonials, Case studies • Learn more 10. Incentives and registration to your • Take survey newsletter • Join our online forum 11. Ability to search your own site • Download article / white 12. Highway billboard home page concept - paper / CD big Blocks and above the fold • Request consultation / 13. WIIFM? brochure 14. Less is more - reduce the blah factor • Refer site / article to a friend 15. Newsletters • Print friendly option 16. Evolution 17. And your email signature of course
  • 48. Examples of clean design Less is more Creative Engaging Strong calls to action
  • 49. Example of good use of the Value Proposition And good use of typical client results with matching testimonials for credibility Great video testimonial Big blocks promoting the most Less is more important and simple areas of focus and clear navigation
  • 50. Good example of providing value through articles with built-in search capability and articles organized by main topic areas.
  • 51. More examples of providing value
  • 52. Passive income products: Books, CDs, eBooks, TCs Videos, Audio, Checklists, Surveys, Forums ...
  • 53. Passive income and great value
  • 54. Good examples of providing services and utilizing testimonials Mentoring, coaching, consulting, workshops, speaking, retainers ...
  • 55. Example of good secured page URL starts with https:// and bottom right key lock symbol
  • 56. Example of good contact page Also, email is not open to spam
  • 57. Examples of prospects web inquiries submitted from our previous contact page
  • 58. Ability to register to free newsletter and special resources on all pages Good value proposition Calls to action all over the page Big blocks design concept Address at bottom of each page for easy contact Search capability and Sitemap Free value Articles testimonials
  • 59. Provide free value but capture their email address
  • 60. Creating a community Blogs and Online Forums
  • 61. Great example of providing value and utilizing podcasts online.
  • 62. Great example of providing value and utilizing videos online.
  • 63. More value.
  • 64. Using Flip Video to record content and immediately upload to the blog.
  • 65. Using podcasts to deliver value
  • 66. More examples of flip video used to record clients’ testimonials
  • 67. Example of the flip video client testimonial
  • 68. Share exciting stories and pictures on your blog
  • 69. Creating communities Strengthen your brand Passive income
  • 70. Deliver value and enable your clients to share
  • 71. Creating internet marketing gravity • Web site • Content - Articles, White papers, case studies, Testimonials, Surveys, Check lists • Products and Services • Search Engines Optimization (SEO) & Pay-Per-Click • Newsletters • Banners and links • Link exchange • Email signature, business card, voice mail, verbal, paperwork • Forums and message boards • e-commerce and e-business • Blogs • Search within your site • Press release • Podcast • Videos
  • 72. If you aren’t taking your site seriously, why should others?
  • 73. Touch the hearts of your audience
  • 74. The Fuel for My Business