Using IBM Lotus Notes 8


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Using IBM Lotus Notes 8

  1. 1. Using IBM® Lotus Notes® 8 Open List Tabs row to access open documents Search Center Personalize the Welcome Page Standard Toolbar Sidebar Shortcuts in docked position Lotus Lotus Applications Productivity Tools Click to create a Open Sidebar Pane new entry Click to open the application Tip: Click More Buttons on any toolbar to see additional toolbar buttons or context-sensitive functions. User interface Shortcuts To… Do This… To… Do This … Customize your Home Page Restore Press Alt+F5. Start an application Click . Minimize Press Alt+F9. Type a keyword. Maximize Alt+F10. Stop operation Press Ctrl+Break. Find an application Switch windows Press Ctrl+F6. Move to next window Press Ctrl+Tab. Preview the selected document on the right side Open Search Press Shift+Alt+S. Click . or the bottom Close active window Press Esc. View thumbnail images of Dynamic help Press F1. open windows Click . Lock user ID Press F5. Click an application. Move to next pane Press F6. Toggle between Sidebar Open Menu bar Press F10. applications View next document Press Enter. View previous document Press Backspace. Edit a document Press Ctrl+E. Use the Search Center interface Click . Attach a file Press Alt+F+A. Customize application Import a file Press Alt+F+I. Click File Preferences. behavior Create a memo Press Ctrl+M. Mark a message read Press Shift+Tab. Find an application Click and then type a keyword. Selects several messages Press Ctrl+Click or Click View Advanced Press Shift+Click. Use Advanced menus Menus. Identify Action bar icons Hover over icons. T © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007
  2. 2. Using IBM® Lotus Notes® 8 Show Menu Action Bar Search Center Sametime Contacts Sidebar Plug-Ins Calendar Color-Coded Messages Appointment Follow Up Pane Meeting Preview Pane Working with mail Working with calendar To… Do This… To… Do This… Automatically Click Preferences Calendar and Use conversation Click , choose Conversations, process meetings To Do Autoprocessing. view and then click a twistie to view a discussion thread. Right-click the senders message, View recent Switch the number choose the sender’s name, and then collaborations of day you are click View Collaboration History. viewing Click a view option in the View Use type ahead pane. Clean up your Click , and then click Configure mail Calendar Calendar Cleanup. header Click . Create a reoccurring Click , and then the repeat View only unread Click , and then click Only invitation link from within the dialog box. messages Unread. Click the display menu and choose Working with contacts Display additional To… Do This… mail options Customize contact Click Contact form, click the options . information hyperlink, and adjust the field. Add a Follow up View business Click and choose flag to a message Click and choose Quick Flag. cards Business Cards. File messages into Click and drag the message into the Start a Chat or Hover over and then double- folders folder. Send an e-mail click the persons name. View only new Click the Show menu and select View by company messages Undread Only. Click . T © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007