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The Reproductive System

The Reproductive System






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    The Reproductive System The Reproductive System Presentation Transcript

    • TheReproductiveSystem
    • The Reproductive Systemalso known as “The Genital System”a system of organs within an organism which worktogether for the purpose of REPRODUCTION.appears to “slumber” until pubertycomposed of the “Gonads” and the “AccessoryReproductive Organs”
    • Gonads: Primary Sex Organs• produce gametes (sex cells)• secrete sex hormonesMale Gonads: Testes-produce male gamete (SPERM)Female Gonads: Ovaries-produce female gamete (OVUM)
    • Anatomy of the Female ReproductiveSystemOvaries – is an ovum-producing reproductive organ.– often found in pairsDuct System•Fallopian Tubes - also known as oviducts or uterinetubes.• it receives the ovulated oocyte and provides a sitewhere fertilization can occur.•Uterus - hollow organ that functions to receive, retain,and nourish a fertilized egg,•Vagina - a thin-walled tube often called thebirth canal.•passageway for the delivery of an infant and for themenstrual flow to leave the body.
    • Anatomy of the Female ReproductiveSystemExternal Genitalia (Vulva)MonsPubis• a fatty, rounded area overlying the pubic symphysisLabiaMajora.• functions in enclosing and offering protection to theother external female reproductive organsLabiaMinora• main function is to lubricate the skin around the genitalsand provide bactericidal secretions to help protectagainst infections
    • Anatomy of the Female ReproductiveSystemExternal Genitalia (Vulva)Clitoris• small organ that lies at the top of the vulva between thefolds of the labia minora.• most erotically sensitive part of the female genital area.UrethralOrifice• orifice through which urine is dischargedGreaterVestibularGlands• secretes fluid for vaginal lubrication during sexualinteraction
    • Anatomy of the Male Reproductive SystemTestes - the two male gonads that produce spermand testosteroneDuct System•Epididymis - tube in the back of the testes thattransports sperm.•Ductus Deferens - tube that connects the testes withthe urethra.•a coiled duct that conveys sperm from theepididymis to the ejaculatory duct and theurethra.•Urethra - is the conduit for semen during sexualintercourse.•serves as a passage for urine to flow.
    • Anatomy of the Male ReproductiveSystemAccessory Glands and SemenSeminalVesicles•secrete a significant proportion of the fluid that ultimatelybecomes semen.Prostate•secrete a slightly acidic fluid, milky or white in appearance, that usuallyconstitutes 20–30% of the volume of the semen alongwith spermatozoa and seminal vesicle fluid.Cowper’sGland•produces a clear, salty, viscous secretion known as pre-ejaculate duringsexual arousal.Semen•a milky white, somewhat sticky mixture of sperm and accessory glandsecretions
    • Anatomy of the Male ReproductiveSystemExternal GenitaliaPenis• male erectile organ of copulation bywhich urine and semen are dischargedfrom the bodyScrotum• sac (pouch) that contains and protectsthe testes
    • Gametogenesis• production of an ovumor egg cell, the femalegamete or sex cell.Oogenesis• process of sperm celldevelopment.Spermatogenesis
    • Hormone Production• produced by ovarian follicles inresponse to FSH.• stimulate development of femalesecondary sex characteristics.Estrogen• production begins in puberty inresponse to LH.• causes the appearance of malesecondary sex characteristics• necessary in sperm productionTestosterone