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Product spec sheets.

Product spec sheets.

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  • 1. NU SURVIELLANCE 360 “ A revolutionary approach to surveillance.”
  • 2. What Is 360 degree Surveillance? 360 degree image taken from single a Mega –pixel IP camera * 1.3 Meg IP Camera images shown via remote monitoring Concept Overview: (Nail Salon) Paoli, Pa De-warped images of the entire scene (actual images)
  • 3. Key Benefits :
    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) number of cameras, installation, cabling, and maintenance needed.
    • Provides 360 degree view of the entire scene without any blind spots.
    • Real-time tracking of suspected event by point and click. No mechanical delay.
    • Increase camera and monitoring areas per monitor station. Lift limitation of browser monitoring.
    • Provides great advantage for surveillance solution design.
    • Preserves more information of the scene when event occurred.
    • Reduce network traffic load 2-3 times.
  • 4. Key Features :
    • Concurrently support Up to 64 live video streams.
    • 360 degrees of the entire scene from one camera and no mechanical Digital - PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) ** DPTZ **
    • Each viewer window is controlled independently.
    • Point and click to change viewing area and zoom size instantly.
    • Select cameras and video servers on the fly.
    • Remote monitoring based on standard TCP/IP protocol.
    • Unlimited cameras access via LAN / WAN / Internet.
    • High-Speed optimized de-warp engine embedded.
    • Supports multiple panoramic imaging methods.
    • High image quality by optimized post-processing.
    • DVR (Digital Video Recorder) module included.
    • Supports Remote storage for DVR recording.
  • 5. Many Uses
  • 6. Main Window Screen Shot
  • 7. Monitoring Control
    • Single mouse control for easy operation.
    • Digital zoom in , zoom out
    • Shift left, right, Up, down on specified focus
    • Point & Click tracking via mouse
    • Change camera
    • Control each viewing window individually
    • De-Warped image can be up to 135 degree HFOV (Horizontal Field of View), without wide-angle distortion
    • Monitoring screen is image digital via our proprietary software technology
    • ****** Optional Remote Controller via USB available *******
    Full Control VIA Keyboard & Mouse
  • 8. NDVR (Digital Video Recorder)
    • HQ, and HDTV quality images (VGA 640 X 480 and above)
    • Lossless imaging allows you to see what see is being recording or monitoring
    • Network drive storage and NAS supported.
    • Simultaneous recording and playback.
    • Timestamp recorded and display
    • Programmable recording cycles ** users configurable **
    • 3.5 ~ 10.0 GB for IP Camera and video server, per channel per day in Max Speed (Non Delay).
    • Max 12 Channel DVR recording.
    • Encoder and decoder without installing any drivers.
    • Network acceleration available.
    • Multi-level password protection.
    • External Hard Drive support: NAS, USB, CF, Flash drive
    ***** NAS or Hard Drive supported storage *****
  • 9. Typical System Architecture
    • PC, or Laptop + IP Camera + Panoramic lens - supports local LAN or wireless solutions
    TCP/IP (LAN / WAN/ Internet) Client PC (Local or Remote)
    • Easy to install
      • Multi OS support
      • Cost Effective
      • Add cameras on the fly
  • 10. Experience The Difference!
  • 11. Join Us
    • IP Camera/Video Server Integrator,
    • Security Equipment Wholesalers
    • Security & Surveillance Camera Manufacturers
    • Government Agencies
    • Technology Partners
    • Retailers (Home Security Integrators)
    • Please contact NU Surveillance Technologies :
    • International Sales Center
    • +1-888-818-0797 ext. 707
    • +1-404-254-6230 ext. 701
    • Email : [email_address]
    NU SURVEILLANCE 360 is a new revolutionary security and surveillance software, Come join the next generation 360º surveillance system. We welcome any system integrator, or security specialist to join us in exploring potential partnership possibilities.