Mountain Brook PPT Game for 1st Grade


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Mountain Brook PPT Game for 1st Grade

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Mountain Brook PPT Game for 1st Grade

  1. 1. Lesson 1 Welcome to Mountain Brook! This site will take you on a trip through Mountain Brook, AL. Get ready to learn about Mountain Brook through pictures, videos, facts and stories. When you complete your tour you will write a page about one of yourfavorite locations in Mountain Brook. Later we will put all of the pages together to make a class book. Have fun and enjoy your community!
  2. 2. What is a Community?A community is a group of people who live inthe same area, or the area in which they live. Mountain Brook is our community.
  3. 3. Where is Mountain Brook? Mountain Brook is a city in southeastern Jefferson County, Alabama and a suburb of Birmingham.Over 20,000 people call Mountain Brook home. Mountain Brook Children in Mountain Brook attend Mountain Brook Schools. The high school colors are green and gold. Mountain Brook is the home of the Spartans.
  4. 4. A Map of Mountain Brook Legend A = Belle Meade neighborhood B = Cherokee Bend Elementary School C = Euclid Avenue D = Crestline Village E = English Village F = Cahaba VillageH G = Mountain Brook High School H = Mountain Brook Village ____ = the Jemison Trail
  5. 5. A Little History Mountain Brook was originally developed in 1929 by local developer Robert Jemison. The city was designed with large lots located along winding roads and small shopping areas known as "villages".The three original "villages" are English Village, Mountain Brook Village and Crestline Village. A fourth village, Cahaba Village, has recently been added.
  6. 6. Lesson 2Popular Places in Mountain Brook Look at the pictures some of the popular places in Mountain Brook.After looking at all of the pictures you will go on a scavenger hunt and try to guess the location. Have fun and good luck! The fountain in English Village
  7. 7. City Hall Mountain Brook City Hall is located in Crestline Village. This is where the city officials, like the mayor, work.Have you ever played chess there?
  8. 8. The Clock Tower The Clock Tower is located in Crestline Village. It is near "The Pig" and La Paz. Can you tell what time it is?
  9. 9. Emmett O’Neal Library Emmett ONeal Library is located in Crestline. The library has a great selection for kids and lots of great books and fun activities offered throughout the year. What is your favorite thing to do at the library?
  10. 10. The Jemison Trail The Jemison Trail is named for Robert Jemison, founder of Mountain Brook. It is a walking trail that runs along Mountain Brook Parkway. Have you ever taken a walk along the Jemison Trail?
  11. 11. Steeple ArtsSteeple Arts is located in Crestline Village. It is a former church and is now used for dance classes and art shows. Have you ever taken a dance class at Steeple Arts?
  12. 12. Lesson 3 Scavenger Hunt Now that you have taken a look at some of the more popular places in Mountain Brookits time for a scavenger hunt. See if you can look at the first picture and guess which location it is. Take your time and look for clues. Good luck!!
  13. 13. Where will you find this
  14. 14. Steeple Arts Notice the steeple.It matches the clue. Good job!!
  15. 15. Where will you find this
  16. 16. The Jemison TrailDid you guess the Jemison Trail? Notice the path and the leaves from the clue.
  17. 17. Where could this be
  18. 18. Emmett O’Neal Library A great place to find answers to clues.
  19. 19. Where will you find this Time is almost up!
  20. 20. Crestline Clock Tower If you guessed the Clock Tower you are right. Great job!
  21. 21. Lesson 4Community Helpers Click on the play button to watch Firefighter Meyers video.
  22. 22. Click on the play button towatch Officer Wood’s video
  23. 23. Lesson 5 .You will be writing a book like this one with your class
  24. 24. The End
  25. 25. Lesson 6 Your Turn!Now your teacher will help you and your classmates write abook about Mountain Brook. You will choose a location andwrite something about it and then collage a picture for the book.Once completed your teacher will add it to your class web pageto share with your parents and the citizens of Mountain Brook.
  26. 26. Mountain Brook is a great place to grow up. I hope you have enjoyed the tour of your town. Always remember: