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    Compass Group Presentation Compass Group Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Foodservice Solutions
    • Agenda• Who is Gilbert’s Craft Sausages?• Manufacturing Process• Competitive Advantages• Flavor Varieties• Trends and Summary How can we help drive premium sausage and hot dog sales at your foodservice venues? 2
    • Who is Gilbert’s?• Gilbert’s Craft Sausages is the local, family-owned marriage of great sausage and the principles of the craft beer revolution  High quality ingredients without the chemicals  Foster brand loyalty and passion  Consumers refuse to go back to mainstream sausage and hot dog products Enjoying Gilbert’s beer brats Sheboygan-style : Two to a hard roll! 3
    • Gilbert’s Craft Sausages Vision Create and market high quality, flavorful, value-add sausages “Affordable Indulgence” Comfort food made with high quality, simple ingredients in convenient, responsible packaging 4
    • Manufacturing Process• Our unique manufacturing process is relatively new to the US, but has been popular in Europe for over 25 years• Industry-Best Collagen Co- Extrusion Process – Co-extruded beef collagen casing provides the best snap without the tough chewiness of a natural casing• Cooked-in-Package – Product is packaged and vacuum- sealed and then conveyed through a hot water cook tank to reach a minimum internal temperature of 160 degrees – Provides a Fresher Flavor due to oxidative stability, along with enhanced shelf life and food safety 5
    • Gilbert’s Competitive EdgeHow can we help enhance the perception of your foodservice / hospitality venues? Convenience & Quality & Flavor Safety & Shelf Life Value 6
    • Quality and Flavor• Quality and Flavor are our most important drivers• Many consumers object to sausage because they’re unsure about the quality of ingredients used  Our beef products use Beef Sirloin for consumer confidence, a firmer bite and slightly leaner nutrition profile  Our unique cook-in-package process provides oxidative stability for the Freshest Flavor  We don’t use MSG, Corn Syrup, Lactates, Diacetates, Erythorbate, or Sodium Nitrite• We offer unique and innovative flavors, as well as traditional items 7
    • Convenience & Value: Single-Serve or 8-ct Packaging• Single-Serve Links  We individually- wrap each link in quick-peel film, separated by a perforation – Vendors can tear off one link at a time, or open all 4 at once – The wrapping is microwave safe and safe in boiling water • Can steam in the package, in microwave (~25 seconds) or… • Hold in hot water indefinitely for fast service with zero flavor loss – Provides added convenience, eliminates leaky packages, and greatly reduces product waste due to spoilage and uncertainty about freshness• Higher volume applications can use 8/20 oz packaging in Quick-Peel film 8
    • Safety & Shelf Life In the US, between 2007 and 2010, more than 93 million pounds of meat, egg, and poultry products were recalled due to food safety issues.• Gilbert’s Craft Sausages provides safe product with an extended shelf life without using artificial preservatives – Cook-in-Package technology greatly reduces the risk of bacterial contamination (no need for inhibitors) – Our products carry a “Best if used by” refrigerated shelf life of 180 days. Never-frozen products provide better flavor and texture. – Individual links eliminate consumer worries about cross- contamination and spoilage of opened packages 9
    • Foodservice Flexibility• Sports & Entertainment – As S&E concession consumers become more discerning, our quality and simple ingredients will stand out. – Levy serves premium S&E venues that deserve premium products.• Education – Healthier options are replacing traditional “belly fillers” in school cafeterias. Our beef items contain 29% - 33% less fat than USDA standard. – Kids love hot dogs. Why not give them a frank without the sodium nitrite, MSG, and mechanically separated chicken?• Business & Industry – Professional cafeterias need a wide variety of products with a common denominator of high quality. 10
    • Flagship:Uncured Beef Smoked Sausage with Bleu Cheese• Unique flavor combination with bleu cheese and herbs• Made with Beef Sirloin• Gluten-Free, No MSG• No added Nitrites or Nitrates except those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder• 29% less fat than USDA standard• 23% less sodium than previous formulation 11
    • A Fine-Tuned Classic: The Froman – Uncured Beef Franks• Made with Beef Sirloin• Gluten-Free, No MSG• No added Nitrites or Nitrates except those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery juice powder• Firmer texture and better bite than typical hot dog products• 33% lower fat than USDA standard for hot dogs• 25% less sodium than previous formulation 12
    • Traditional with a Twist: Gluten-Free Pork Beer Bratwurst• The only Gluten-Free Beer Brat on the market • Gluten-Free category is expected to double in the next 4 years• Return to traditional bratwurst spice profile without the need for off-tasting lactates and diacetates• Made with Lakefront Brewery’s New Grist Gluten-Free Beer • We’re proud to use a great, local craft beer in our brats 13
    • Bold & Innovative:Smoked Sausage with Pork, Mozzarella, Chipotles and Lime• Gluten-Free, No MSG• No added Nitrites or Nitrates except those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder• Bold flavor combination that’s a big hit with consumers: • Smoky heat of Chipotle Peppers • Natural Mozzarella Cheese • Subtle Lime Zest to brighten the flavor 14
    • Hot New Flavor: Beef & Jalapeno Smoked Sausage with Lime• Gluten-Free, No MSG• No added Nitrites or Nitrates except those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder• Smoky beef with the heat of jalapenos balanced by the subtle brightness of lime zest 15
    • Gilbert’s: On Trend “Hot Dogs could not be any hotter. I believe this hot dog revival is catching a very nice tailwind of the better burger revival.” - Trend-watcher Nancy Kruse at the NRA show in May 2012• Hot Dogs and Sausages can be used as a “culinary blank slate” – Top with chef-inspired or region/culture-specific ingredients• Foodservice hot dogs and sausages should not be treated as commodities – When everyone uses the same products, differentiation in flavor and price is impossible. Why not use Gilbert’s instead? 16
    • Summary Gilbert’s provides high-quality products with great flavor that will enhance the perception of your foodservice venues.• High quality products with simple ingredients at competitive prices• Unique flavors• Packaging options based on application − Reduced food waste of single-serve links − Mass convenience of 8-ct packaging For more information, please visit us at: GilbertsSausages.com facebook.com/GilbertsCraftSausages 17