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An overview of how C. Grant & Company helps camps develop year-around relationships with campers and parents through electronic newsletters.

An overview of how C. Grant & Company helps camps develop year-around relationships with campers and parents through electronic newsletters.

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  • 1. C. GRANT AND COMPANY OVERVIEW Extending Your Year-Around Impact Through Electronic Newsletters Moving Camp from a Seasonal Event to an Ongoing Relationship THE RE-INVENTION OF THE CAMP NEWSLETTER It starts with a marketing question: How can we increase our contact with campers and their families throughout the year rather than communicating in seasonal bursts of promotion? It quickly leads to a bigger question: How can we extend our ministry as we" as marketing impact and provide two-way communication with our constituents on a regular basis? The answer: Use technology to provide regular communications that meets the real, everyday needs of campers and their parents. And use 20-30% of the content for targeted camp news and promotion. It works. And so an old camp standby--the print newsletter--becomes an interactive, electronic communication vehicle that is as tied to ministry and programming success as it was marketing. 1
  • 2. C. GRANT AND COMPANY OVERVIEW CGC provides a turnkey e-newsletter program for camps. Under your supervision, we write, design, and code your newsletters, manage subscriber lists, and handle distribution. You provide a contact person, collaborate on the editorial plan, provide leads for news and marketing content, and approve each newsletter before it goes out. That’s all there is to it. E-NEWSLETTER FEATURES AND BENEFITS Different versions provide age-appropriate Approximate Monthly Newsletter Cost content $8,000 Cost savings on printing and postage $7,000 Content can be forwarded by current campers to new prospects $6,000 Live links drive traffic to websites or other $5,000 locations including Facebook, MySpace, and $4,000 YouTube CGC provides a turnkey program that requires $3,000 little more than a regular flow of information and $2,000 approvals $1,000 Performance can be closely and accurately monitored $0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Ministry objectives can be extended through the year as newsletters reinforce and further Number of Monthly Newsletters develop camp curriculum Total per Month Technology allows for individually-customized Cost per Issue content based on recipient age, sex, location or other variables CGC HAS CONSISTENTLY For more detail, contact: MET OR EXCEEDED GOALS FOR EMAIL NEWSLETTER Chris Grant PERFORMANCE. WE C. Grant and Company GENERATE MONTHLY REPORTS ON KEY METRICS 630 248 0201 TO ENSURE ONGOING GOALS EFFECTIVENESS. Delivered Opened (of Click-Thru Unsubscribe Delivered) (of Opened) (of Opened) 90% 30-40% 25% >2% 2