Mobile Strategies and the Real Time Enterprise - Kevin Benedict June 2012


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Mobile Strategies and the Real Time Enterprise - Kevin Benedict June 2012

  1. 1. Enterprise  Mobile  Strategies   2012   Presenter:  Kevin  Benedict  p.  1   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover …•  Enterprise Mobility Priorities, Numbers and Predictions•  Perspectives on Mobility•  Mobile Strategies•  Recommendations•  Wrap-up 2
  3. 3. How  Important  Is  Mobility  to  Your   Future  Success?   Cri$cal   44%   Not  Important   Very   36%   Important  Somewhat  Important   Important   15%   Important   Series1   Somewhat   4%   Very  Important   Important   CriPcal   Not   1%   Important   0%   5%   10%   15%   20%   25%   30%   35%   40%   45%   50%   Netcentric  Strategies  Enterprise  Mobility   3 Survey  2011  
  4. 4. Where are the Expected ROIs?  Categories Response RatioIncrease productivity 79.1%Gain efficiencies 66.9%Improve customer interaction and service 48.6%Reduce costs 43.4%Improve visibility and accountability 42.6%Provide BI reports and data to the mobile workforce 42.6%Achieve competitive advantages 41.7%Improve employee interaction, education and collaboration 34.7%Increase sales with mobile CRM 33.9%Improve brand and sales via mobile marketing and retail apps 25.2% Netcentric  Strategies   4 Enterprise  Mobility  Survey   2011  
  5. 5. Reasons for Mobile Apps
  6. 6. Current  EffecPveness  of     Mobile  Strategies   51%  are  not  excited.  
  7. 7. Planned  Mobile  Apps   •  88%  are  implemenPng   •  32%  -­‐  5  or  more  apps     insiderRESEARCH  Special  Report   Mobile  Outlook  2012  7   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  8. 8. Top  Areas  for  Enterprises  to  Mobilize,  Survey  #1   1.  Field Services 2.  Sales/CRM 3.  Workflows – alerts, approvals and notifications 4.  BI – business intelligence reports 5.  Enterprise Asset Management 6.  Inspections and Surveys 7.  Proof of Delivery 8.  Supply Chain Management
  9. 9. Top Mobile Applications Today, Survey #2
  10. 10. What  Mobile  Devices?   insiderRESEARCH   Special  Report   Mobile  Outlook  2012  10   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  11. 11. Does  your  company  support  the  use  of   "personal"  smartphones  or  tablets  for   enterprise  mobility  applicaPons?     59%  Yes   41%  No    11   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  12. 12. M&A  in  Enterprise  Mobility   •  SAP  acquired  Sybase  for  $5.8  billion  (large   inventory  of  mobile  soluPons)   •  Symantec  acquired  Odyssey  (MDM)   •  Google  acquired  Motorola     •  IBM  acquired  Worklight   •  SAP  acquired  Syclo  12   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  13. 13. Mobile  Strategies  insiderResearch  Mobile  Outlook  2012  
  14. 14. Challenges  to  Developing  a  Mobile  Strategy   The  first  four  biggest  challenges:     1.  Developing  a  mobile  strategy   2.  IdenPfying  and  prioriPzing  business   cases   3.  Choosing  a  plaiorm  and  mobile   technologies   4.  BudgePng  14   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012   insiderResearch  Mobile   Outlook  2012  
  15. 15. Mobile Application Development Strategies
  16. 16. Customized  and  Integrated     Mobile  App  CombinaPons  ERP + CRM + EAM + Field Services + GPS Fleet Tracking+ Dynamic Scheduling + HCM + BI + M2M + ECM + SocialMedia + Knowledge Management + User Feedback + KPIs
  17. 17. In  the  crowd,  or  out  front?  
  18. 18. CompePPve  Advantages  and  the   Real  Time  Enterprise  1.  Connected workforce, assets and inventories2.  Tracking and managing assets, fleets and workforce3.  Work and task status visibility4.  Dynamic real time scheduling5.  Integrated back office systems and unified views6.  Real time analytics and dashboards7.  360 degree and 3D view of the operational area
  19. 19. What We’ll Cover …•  Enterprise Mobility Priorities, Numbers and Predictions•  Perspectives on Mobility•  Mobile Strategies•  Recommendations•  Wrap-up 19
  20. 20. Aberdeen Group on Mobility and the Real-Time EnterpriseGetting the right information, to the right people, sothey can make the right decisions is the driving forcebehind mobilizing the workforce. Aberdeen  Groups  Mobility  in   20 ERP  2011  Report  
  21. 21. Common  OperaPonal  Picture   Management at all echelons need to utilize the Common Operational to synchronize operational data to maintain maximum situational awareness and information superiority. This greatly increases an organizationʼs capabilities, and ensures project partners have the right information, at the right time, in the right place.# # ~US Army Geospatial Center #21   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  22. 22. Aberdeen Group on Mobility and SpeedWhy  is  there  demand  for  mobility?        “Much  of  it  is  related  to  vola$lity  -­‐  the  need  to  be  able  to  react  as  quickly  as  possible  to  issues  without  being  tethered  to  a  desktop.”   22
  23. 23. Aberdeen  Group’s     Mobility  in  ERP  2011  Report    Mobile  soluPons  should  provide  workers  with  informaPon  to  make  good  and  Pmely  decisions.   Aberdeen  Group’s  Mobility  in  23 ERP  2011  Report  
  24. 24. Real-­‐Time  Decision  Making  •  The key to your success is the speed with which you understand the need to change, change and adapt to change.•  How fast can you change from Plan A to Plan B to Plan C?
  25. 25. Disciplined  Data  Driven     Decision  Making   Military  Strategist  -­‐  John  Boyd   •  OODA  –  Observe,  Orient,  Decide  and  Act     1.  Receive  real-­‐Pme  data   2.  Understand  context  and  meaning  –  analyze   3.  Select  a  course  of  acPon   4.  Execute   5.  Repeat….    25   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  26. 26. Select  Your  CommunicaPon  and  Decision   Making  Strategies  26   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  27. 27. Mobility in ERP 2011 Report 
 – Aberdeen group#1.  Mobile solutions should provide front-line workers with information to make good decisions.#2.  Mobile solutions should enable timely decision making#3.  Mobile solutions should deliver process and KPI alerts#4.  Not only receive alerts, but the full capability to resolve problems.# Aberdeen  Group’s  Mobility  in   27 ERP  2011  Report  
  28. 28. Infonomics   InformaPon  should  be  considered  a  new  asset  class  in   that  it  has  measurable  economic  value—and  that  there   are  significant  strategic,  operaPonal  and  financial   reasons  for  doing  so.   ArPcle  by  Gartner  Inc.s  Douglas  Laney,  Ptled   Infonomics:  The  Prac1ce  of  Informa1on   Economics  28   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  29. 29. Infonomics,  the  Real-­‐Pme     Enterprise  and  Mobility  The  mobile  workforce  and  real-­‐Pme  informaPon:    •  LocaPon  •  Job  status  •  Skills  and  qualificaPons  •  Inventory  •  Equipment  needs  and  usage  •  Costs  (hourly  wage)    If  you  have  this  real-­‐Pme  informaPon,  then  you  can  opPmally  schedule  and  uPlize  your  workforce  –  without  you  cannot.  29   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  30. 30. Infonomics,  Mobility  and     CompePPve  Advantages   41.7%  idenPfy  compePPve   advantages  as  a  moPvaPon  for   implemenPng  mobile  soluPons.   Netcentric  Strategies   Enterprise  Mobility  Survey   2011  30   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  31. 31. Gartner’s 2012 and 2013 Expectations1.  In 2012, we will look for the social networking capabilities that field services management vendors integrate.2.  In 2012 we will look for the use of advanced analytics in field service processes.3.  Another disruptive element in mobile is HTML5 and the possibility to support disconnected field service applications without having to resort to native code development. Gartners  Magic  Quadrant  for   31 Field  Services  Sept  28,  2011  
  32. 32. Examples  of  Real-­‐Time   Conjecture   Real-­‐$me  Real  data   EsPmated  daily  schedules   Real-­‐Pme  drip  feed  schedules   EsPmated  drive  Pmes   Real-­‐Pme  drive  Pmes  based  on  fact   Planning  based  on  esPmates  and  average   Real-­‐Pme  planning  based  on  actual  events   job  Pme   on  the  ground   EsPmated  parts  and  material  inventory   Real-­‐Pme  inventory  adjustments  based  on   actual  jobs  and  inventory  usage  (nearest   real-­‐Pme  locaPon  of  parts)   Allocate  work  based  on  average  skills   Dispatch  work  based  on  real-­‐Pme  metrics   including  experience,  locaPon  and   qualificaPons   Any  job  given  to  any  available  service   Least  cost,  qualified  resource  allocated   technician   (in-­‐house  resources  or  contracted)     Average  KPIs   Real-­‐Pme  personalized  KPI  Monitoring  32   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  33. 33. 33   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  34. 34. Re-­‐Engineering  for  Mobility?  50% of survey respondents answered “NO”, their company hasnot re-engineered processes, workflows or tactics to takeadvantage of new mobile technologies.
  35. 35. PerspectiveMobile Technologies without Mobile Strategies is Wasted!
  36. 36. What We’ll Cover …•  Enterprise Mobility Priorities, Numbers and Predictions•  Perspectives on Mobility•  Mobile Strategies•  Recommendations•  Wrap-up 36
  37. 37. It  Is  Not  About  Mobile  Devices  Presentation, Data Collection, Integration, Query and Utility
  38. 38. Technology  and  TacPcs  Technologies  must  be  aligned  with  strategies.  
  39. 39. “Mobility is here for the rest of your career.”
  40. 40. Mobile  apps  have  a  beginning,  but  they  don’t  have  an  end.  40   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  41. 41. Rapid  Increases  in  Data  –  What  to  Do?  
  42. 42. Current Situation, Ideas and Strategies•  Less  than  50%  of  companies  have  a  strategic  enterprise   mobility  plan  in  place.  •  51.3%  have  no  mobility  policy  in  place.  •  78.6%  of  survey  respondents  will  be  integraPng  with   mulPple  back  end  systems.    •  73.7%  will  be  outsourcing  some  or  all  of  their  enterprise   mobile  applicaPon  development.   Netcentric  Strategies   42 Enterprise  Mobility  2011   Survey  
  43. 43. What  is  Required  in  the  Field?  43   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  44. 44. SituaPonal  Awareness   SituaPon  awareness  involves  being  aware  of  what  is   happening  in  the  vicinity  to  understand  how  informaPon,   events,  and  ones  own  acPons  will  impact  goals  and   objecPves,  both  immediately  and  in  the  near  future.  44   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  45. 45. Conjecture or Real Time Enterprise Mobility?Conjecture: An opinion or conclusion formed on the basisof incomplete information. How much of your businesstoday is based on conjecture?
  46. 46. Velocity – Real-Time Mobility Tactics•  Velocity: the speed and direction of an object•  The ability to quickly bring all required resources and assets to the point of need
  47. 47. Mobilizing  Objects  for  OpPmized   Performance  •  People   •  Jobsite  access  •  Schedules   •  Permissions/Permits/•  LocaPons   InspecPons/Approvals  •  Skill  sets  •  QualificaPons  •  Experience  •  Parts  •  Equipment  •  TransportaPon  •  Available  vendors  •  Available  subcontractors  
  48. 48. 4-Dimensional Field Services•  3D – length, width and height (GPS)•  4D – length, width, height and “TIME”•  GPS coordinates plus time (arrival, start time, job status, stop time, departure, drive time etc.)•  Intersection of objects, place and time•  Optimized Intersection + =
  49. 49. Optimized Intersections Think  thousands  of  “opPmized  intersecPons”  constantly  on  the  move   for  real-­‐Pme  resource  management  and  situaPonal  awareness.  49
  50. 50. Mobilizing ERPs and Business SolutionsExtending back office systems to mobile workers is a top priority.
  51. 51. Mobility  is  Transforming   Healthcare   •  30% of Physicians are using mobile devices to treat patients today.# •  Physicians monitor patientsʼ health with networked devices, ranging from wirelessly networked medicine bottle lids to worn or embedded sensors that report back on vital signs# •  Physicians coordinate care with the help of analytic tools in the cloud and a wealth of individual and collective patient data# •  Physicians and staff directly connect with patients over PCs or mobile devices for between-appointment follow-ups.#51   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  52. 52. Mobile  Knowledge  Management  and   the  Social  Enterprise  •  Convo•  Chatter•  Jive•  Yammer•  SAP StreamWork•  Google Docs
  53. 53. B2C – Business to ConsumerMobile consumer devices and appsare showing the enterprise how it isdone. 53
  54. 54. Mobile Augmented RealityExtra data to augment our reality is everywhere today and willcontinue to grow.
  55. 55. Ghost  Map  &  SpaPal  HumaniPes   John Snow and Henry Whitehouse
  56. 56. Mobile  BI   Command  and  Control  at  the  Point  of  Biggest  Impact  56   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  57. 57. M2M,  Remote  Sensors,  and  the   Internet  of  Things  Machine to Machine (M2M) systems that collect data wirelessly from smallembedded chips is changing many monitoring and tracking processes.
  58. 58. Remotely  Controlling  Equipment   DirectTV  on  iPads  and   iPhones  
  59. 59. Context Aware Applications •  Context Aware •  Location Aware •  Task Aware •  Situational Awareness •  Priority Aware •  Time AwareContext-­‐aware  apps  use  informaPon  about  a  person  to  understand  their  intenPons  and  needs  -­‐  and  then  to  proacPvely  serve  up  the  most  appropriate  content,  product  or  service.    
  60. 60. Maturity  Roadmap  for     Enterprise  Mobility   Context  Aware,  PredicPve,     360  view,  Integrated  SoluPons   Real-­‐Time  Dynamic    Scheduling,  BI,   Mobile  SFA,  CollaboraPon,  HCM   GPS  Tracking  –  Fleets,  Assets,  Workforce,  Mobile  Field   Services,  Mobile  EAM,  Mobile  CRM,  Mobile  Data   CollecPon   Email,  Mobile  Web,  Workflow  Alerts,  Mobile  Web  Portals  Voice,  SMS  
  61. 61. Change  Management  61   Netcentric  Strategies  -­‐  2012  
  62. 62. What We’ll Cover …•  Enterprise Mobility Priorities, Numbers and Predictions•  Perspectives on Mobility•  Mobile Strategies•  Recommendations•  Wrap-up 62
  63. 63. Mobile Frameworks, Infrastructures, and Platforms•  Mobile  architectural  frameworks  •  Mobile  infrastructure  and  integraPon  frameworks  •  Mobile  user  interface  and  experience  frameworks  •  Mobile  operaPng  systems  and  development  environments  •  Mobile  device  and  M2M  management  •  Common  OperaPonal  Picture  -­‐  Network  Centric  OperaPons    •  Mobile  applicaPon  management  •  Mobile  user  management  •  Mobile  security  management  •  Mobility  governance  •  Mobile  Workflows  •  Change  management  •  Wireless  network  communicaPons  
  64. 64. Mobile  ApplicaPon  Plaiorms   Connect   Consume   Eclipse Create  Apps   SAP ApplicationsExample     Databases MADP/MEAP   J2EE Connector Architecture Web Off  the  Shelf  Mobile  Apps   ServicesExample     Software Custom  Applica$ons   Applications Control Example     Files Control     MDM Mobile Apps, Users, Data Security Management
  65. 65. Donʼt Forget these 7#1.  Understand the scope of current and future mobility demand#2.  Understand the business must have a mobile strategy before the IT organization can#3.  Inventory mobile app demand and prioritize mobility projects#4.  Develop mobile apps that can be used on todayʼs devices and tomorrowʼs devices#5.  Use standardized mobile platforms, MDMs, development tools and methodologies whenever possible#6.  Bring in external resources and third party experts in the beginning#7.  Understand that mobility projects never end and will be here for the rest of your career, so build to manage and support long term# 65
  66. 66. What We’ll Cover …•  Enterprise Mobility Priorities, Numbers and Predictions•  Perspectives on Mobility•  Mobile Strategies•  Recommendations•  Wrap-up 66
  67. 67. 10 Key Points to Take Home1.  Endless  numbers  of  every  changing  devices  2.  Need  for  real-­‐Pme  visibility,  accountability,  compliance  and  KPI   monitoring  3.  Need  for  many  mobile  apps  and  mulPple  integrated  backend   systems  4.  Companies  will  re-­‐engineer  business  processes  to  support  real-­‐ Pme  interacPons  with  the  mobile  workforce  5.  Trend  towards  real-­‐Pme  visibility  and  management  6.  Networked  Field  OperaPons  7.  Rapid  applicaPon  development  environment  8.  Rapid  deployment  capabiliPes  9.  Standardized  mobile  middleware  plaiorm  10.  Standardized  integraPon  with  backend  systems  
  68. 68. Your Turn! Kevin.benedict@netcentric-strategies.com68