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Principles of Hate Crimes
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Principles of Hate Crimes


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Elements of hate crimes and ethnic intimidation are presented as well as a synopsis of current federal, state, and Michigan laws.

Elements of hate crimes and ethnic intimidation are presented as well as a synopsis of current federal, state, and Michigan laws.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Principles of Hate Crimes & Ethnic IntimidationPresenter: Clarence E. Goodlein, Director of Public Safety City of Wixom, Michigan
  • 2. What Is A Hate Crime?• Criminal Act Motivated By Prejudice.• Offense Committed Against Another Person With The Intent To Cause Harm To That Person Because of Their Age, Race, Gender, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Culture, Or Ethnic Origin.• Sometimes Referred To As Ethnoviolence.
  • 3. What Is Ethnic Intimidation?Malicious & With Intent To Intimidate OrHarass Another Person Because of TheirRace, Color, Religion, Gender, Or NationalOrigin:- Causes Physical Contact With Another Person.- Damages, Destroys, Or Defaces AnyProperty.- Threatens Another By A Word Or Act.(Michigan Definition; MCL 750.147b et seq.)
  • 4. Victims Of Ethnic Intimidation/Hate Crimes• African Americans (Most Often; About 45%).• Jews (About 15%).• Gays, Lesbians, & Transgendered (About 14%).• Hispanics (About 12%).
  • 5. Effects of Ethnic Intimidation & Hate Crimes• Increased Stress, Tension, and a Predisposition to Anger & Conflict.• Thoughts, Speech, Behaviors, and Feelings Consistent With Anxiety or Depression.• Acting-Out Behaviors Such As Increased Risk-Taking, Gambling, Promiscuity, Substance Abuse, And/Or Chemical Dependency.
  • 6. Federal Laws Prohibiting Ethnic Intimidation & Hate CrimesNo Federal Law Specifically ProhibitsHate Crimes Or Ethnic IntimidationOutside Of A Workplace Unless The Act IsRelated To Voting, Schools, orAccommodation/Housing. – Civil Rights Act Of 1964 (Schools) – Civil Rights Act of 1969 (Housing/Accommodation) – Civil Rights Act of 1991 (Workplace)
  • 7. State Laws Prohibiting Ethnic Intimidation & Hate Crimes• 42 States & The District of Columbia Have Enacted Laws Prohibiting Hate Crimes For Most Minority Groups (20 States Exclude Sexual Orientation From Victim Descriptions Involving Hate Crimes Or Crimes of Ethnic Intimidation).• 8 States Have No Laws Prohibiting Hate Crimes or Ethnic Intimidation.
  • 8. Michigan Law Prohibiting Ethnic Intimidation/Hate Crimes• Violation Is A Felony Punishable By Imprisonment of Not More Than Two Years And/Or A Fine Of $5000.• Enables And Authorizes Civil Actions By Victims And Provides For Relief And Damages of Three (3) Times Actual Damages As Well As Reasonable Attorney Fees. (MCL 750.147b et seq.; PA 371 of 1988)
  • 9. How Can You Prevent Hate Crimes & Ethnic Intimidation• Report Hate Crimes & Ethnic Intimidation Incidents.• Support Victims.• Promote Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness.• Educate Others.• Speak Up Against Acts Of Hate.• Lobby Elected Officials For Stronger Hate Crime Legislation.